What Are Dragon Dildos and Why You Should Try Them!

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Dragons can be beautiful, majestic, scary, and huge. That is why the popularity of dragon fetish is only rising. Many brands focus on creating adult toys based on fictional characters that will allow people to enjoy their unique fetish. These toys are high-quality and can offer you a rather exciting change from vanilla sex. At least if you dare to try to ride a dragon!

Sexual Fetish Toward Fictional Characters

One of the most obvious reasons people love dragon dildos is because they offer something new, unique, and kinky. Since it is quite hard to have sex with a real dragon due to the fact that they don’t exist, dragon dildos can do a terrific job as a replacement. You’d be surprised how many people have unusual fetishes and how popular fictional characters can be. 

Fictiophilia is a popular term for lovers of fictional characters. Whether we’re talking about video games, comics, cartoons, or similar, one is likely to find fantasy dildos that represent their favorite character’s penis. 

You can find fantasy toys in a variety of sizes. On top of that, you can come across tentacles, unicorns, and many other mythical creatures you can imagine. There are even dildos that glow in the dark!

Masculinity and Femininity of Fictional Characters

Since fictional characters can be quite unrealistic, with body parts that defy physics and logic, it can be quite exciting imagining their private parts. The characters in stories, movies, and video games can be a bit over the top. Male ones are unbelievably strong, while females possess incredible beauty and femininity.

You can imagine why many enjoy having this type of fantasy — because you can get unrealistically perfect specimens. One of the popular characters from Marvel comics — the Hulk — is eight feet tall, and many enjoy lusting over what hides in his purple pants. 

Similarly, female characters are often gorgeous, with unrealistic body proportions, which had been the object of many fantasies for decades. 

Dragons Are Portrayed as Strong, Mighty, and Beautiful

In mythology, there are so many types of dragons. Stories usually depict them as majestic, strong, and beautiful creatures. They can soar through the skies and defeat entire armies protecting their belongings and possessions. 

But don’t think that the sexualization of dragons arrived with Game of Thrones and Daenerys. Dragons have been part of fantasies for centuries. In Japan, some paintings on woodblocks, known as Ukiyo-e, show ladies having sex with creatures with tentacles. 

According to many mythologies, dragons used to capture princesses and virgins, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that their beauty and strength quickly became fetishized. In Slavic mythology, dragons often had sex with beautiful women, and those who experienced it were described as pale. Due to the dragon’s potency, the girl would usually lose interest in men. However, dragons were still majestic, strong, and caring, and they would remain invisible to the rest of humanity but the girl they fell in love with. 

Dragon Dildos Satisfy This Fetish

Since dragons either don’t fall in love, stay invisible, or are non-existent, people had to find a different means of having sex with them. Dragon dildos are an excellent way to satisfy this fetish! 

By having fun with a dragon dildo, you can be the next Targaryen and ride a dragon to your next orgasm. Bad Dragon dildos are one of the most recent additions to the sex toy repertoire, and the popularity of this brand skyrocketed. 

They offer almost any type of dildo you can imagine, and you can choose anything from color to firmness. However, just because you are into dragons doesn’t mean that you are ready for a 17-inch toy. You can find smaller models that are around five inches and build your way up. 

Dragon Dildo Description

Based on your level of experience, you can find mini or XL toys. The mini ones are usually around five inches, while the large ones can be well over thirteen. Furthermore, most dildos come with a suction cup on their base that allows you to attach them to nearly any surface easily. Most people aim for 7.5 inches or 8.5 inches, but you can settle for other sizes as well if you are feeling particularly adventurous. 

When it comes to the shape, these dildos don’t have a standard shape. The idea behind them was to create something unique that was to represent the dragon’s genitalia, and not many stories revolve around the shape of a dragon’s penis. That means the designers had to be extra creative to deliver something unique and exciting. 

Colors of these sex toys can vary. Usually, dildos come in either single- or multi-colored form. You can also find ones made from various materials and with different textures. Needless to say, all of these adult toys use body-safe materials, and the only concern you should have is allergies (if you have any). 

You can also find an ejaculating dragon dildo, which may prove even more exciting. That way, you can enjoy yourself fully and fill up the toy with your favorite fluid. 

You can also get smooth ones, ribbed, veiny, scaly, or anything else you can imagine. Some brands will even offer you the option to order and design custom hand-made dildos of your dreams. 


Dragons used to be rulers of the sky, at least according to mythology. These serpentine creatures used to kidnap princesses, steal gold, and fight brave knights. But they used to do something else as well. Dragons often had sex with beautiful ladies. So if you are looking for your dragon, you should know that there are brands that create dragon dildos. 

These toys come in all shapes and sizes and (hypothetically) mimic a dragon’s penis. So if you’ve ever dreamed of riding a dragon in a naughty way, now is the perfect opportunity!