How Sex Toys Can Save Your Marriage

When you first tied the knot, it all seemed like your dreams came true. But years have passed, you got kids, house chores and work keep you busy, and you realized you don’t spend enough time with your chosen one.

That also means you stopped having sex often enough. Maybe your sex life now looks like doing one more task, or it doesn’t exist at all. And you’re not the only one — this situation is quite usual. Some people would even say it’s completely normal to stop taking care of your sex life at one point.

But no matter what age you reached and how long you’re married, you shouldn’t treat your sex life as a chore, or an occasional hobby, or something irrelevant. A lack of sex can hurt your mood, relationship you have with your loved one, and even your health!

Maybe you overthink things. But there’s a simple solution for making your sex life exciting once again — you can get sex toys! These can help you get into the mood more easily and explore your sexualities with more care. So, here’s what benefits you’ll gain from playing with sex toys.

Good for Sexless Marriage

In case you haven’t enjoyed sex for a long, long time, you’ll possibly need some help to get you interested again. The thing is, the longer you abstain from sex, the libido gets lower. And if you have a lot of great sex, you’ll want to do it more often.

Sometimes, low libido is a sign of physical or psychological issues or an unhealthy lifestyle. So, if you use too much alcohol, are depressed, have a reduced hormonal level, or a similar problem, you should definitely consider getting medical help.

But in case both you and your partner want to try to work it out and need something to make a good start, sex toys are a perfect solution. And you have plenty of options, depending on what you want to try first — a variety of vibrators, anal toys, male masturbators, etc. You’ll see that favourite sex toy and marriage go well together!

You Can Use Them Both for Solo Play and Sex

The best part about having sex toys is that you can use them when you’re alone too! Solo play isn’t just for partnerless people. On the contrary, everyone should explore their bodies and sexualities in private now and then.

If you learn what you like and what sensations you find most pleasurable, it’ll be easy to communicate with your spouse. That way, your partner will know what to do to fulfill your needs and desires.

And don’t forget that married couples too can do things that are exciting in an unusual way. For example, if your spouse is on a business trip, you can try phone or skype sex while using toys. Or, you can prepare for sex on your own just before your partner gets home from work. The whole point is to get creative and to explore different possibilities sex toys offer you!

Sex Toys Work Better Than Body Parts Sometimes

There’s a great variety of sex toys on the market that can provide you with amazing experiences and mind-blowing orgasms. Some of them can give you a bit more than your partner’s body parts can. And there’s nothing wrong or bad about this. That’s one of the reasons sex toys were made in the first place!So, it’s easier to explore the potentials of human sexuality once you’ve got a perfect sex toy. For instance, nothing will give you such an amazing clitoral stimulation like a perfect vibrato, especially vibrators that look like robots. These can help you reach a beautiful orgasm much quicker than a penis, fingers, or even tongue.

That doesn’t mean having sex with an actual person is unnecessary! Using toys designed to provide you with something you can’t get in any other way is beneficial for your sex life. However, it can’t replace physical contact, intimacy, and love.

The point is, there’s nothing wrong with using toys that can give you stronger stimulations than your partner can. These can help you explore different sensations and ways your body responds to them. And no matter if you’re solo or married, sex toys can make your whole life a lot more pleasurable.

Rediscovering Each Other’s Fetishes Together

Being a husband and wife doesn’t mean you can’t get kinky now and then. Many people are curious about some unconventional sexual activities, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t explore those parts of yourselves. Moreover, it will definitely bring some heath under the sheets!

And sex toys can be of great help on that journey. For instance, if you want to do an animal role-play, you can use tail butt plugs. In case you’re curious about power play, a vibrator is a perfect tool for edging. And if you want to add sadomasochistic elements to your sex life, you should definitely get a whip.

The best part is that you never know what you’ll discover while trying out various things. Maybe you’ll find out that dirty talking really turns you on, or that anal sex is the most amazing thing ever. But don’t forget that getting toys for marriage isn’t enough — you still need to get creative!






Why You Should Do Kegel Exercise

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Have you ever felt like you had to go, but you couldn’t reach the toilet in time, so you had to hold it? Congratulations! You’ve been doing Kegel exercises. In this particular context, maybe it’s not that beneficial to practice that. But how about we show you other benefits of Kegels and why you should definitely start (or keep) doing them? After all, who doesn’t want to operate like an airtight (or in this case, liquid-tight) box?

The Purpose of Pelvic Floor Muscles

Now, we know what you’re thinking — yet another set of muscles you’ve probably never heard of before that you suddenly need to work on. But would it surprise you if we told you that you’ve been subconsciously using them all this time? And you didn’t even have to visit the gym!

Admittedly, it is not surprising that we all regularly use our muscles, some more than others. But let’s get down to explaining what these particular muscles do.

The position of pelvic floor muscles is clear, but why are they there? They support the pelvic organs — the bladder, bowel, and prostate in men and bladder, bowel and uterus in women. If these muscles are strong, you’ll have excellent control of your bladder and bowel movements. However, if they’re weak, that means you’ll have leakage of urine, feces, and flatus.

When Do You Need to Perform Kegel Exercise?

Listen — urinary incontinence (a bit of leakage) is nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to all of us at one point or another in our lives, and it can happen at most random moments — when you sneeze, cough, or even laugh a little harder than you should at a joke that’s not that funny (but your crush probably said it, so it’s justified). A little fake laughter never killed anybody. Luckily, you can easily solve this medical issue. If you notice you’re leaking urine regularly, that’s when Kegel exercise comes into play.

Doing Kegels after giving birth is also recommended. Carrying a baby means that your pelvic muscles have to support more weight, which will weaken them over time. Doing these exercises after pregnancy will speed up perineal healing and help you regain bladder control. Just because your baby has accidents doesn’t mean you need to have them too!

And last but definitely not least, does the idea of more intense orgasms sound appealing to you? We bet it does! Well, Kegels increase sexual arousal, making it easier to reach an orgasm, so we guess this idea of exercising doesn’t sound so bad after anymore, does it?

Benefits of Kegel Exercise

We’ve already mentioned several advantages of Kegel exercises, but to reiterate them, here are the most obvious ones:

  • Better support of your internal organs (especially since they can start to “fall” with age)
  • Improved control over your bladder and bowel movement (you can say goodbye to any accidents or constipation problems. Note that the latter can also cause some other medical issues you don’t even want to know about!)
  • Faster healing and recovery after pregnancy
  • Out-of-this-world orgasms that you can reach faster than ever before.

So you get the gist — breathtaking sex, no accidents, and feeling great.

However, you don’t have to do those exercises “alone,” so to speak. Lo and behold Kegel balls and Yoni eggs! “But how can these help me exercise?” you may ask. It’s simple, really. Both of these act as tiny weights you insert into your vagina, and they’re supposed to help you build your pelvic muscle strength. OK, but what are the differences between the two?

The answer to that question is straightforward — Yoni eggs are more for spiritually inclined women. These eggs are made of semi-precious stones, such as jade. Some people believe that different semi-precious stones provide different spiritual benefits, so the same applies to Yoni eggs. But aside from that, both Kegel balls and these eggs have identical purposes. They enhance your Kegel exercises and help provide results quicker!

On the other hand, if you are a guy and you plan to give your partner a gift, Ben WA Balls for girlfriends may be the most romantic and unique present you could ever give. Besides, this will also benefit you, if you know what I mean.

How Do Kegel Balls Help?

Most of you probably know what “carrying a weight inside your vagina” might feel like. It’s like something is stuck there, and you have to hold onto it for dear life so that it doesn’t fall out and cause a scene. Nobody wants to be told, “Hey, you dropped something” in this kind of context.

However, by doing this, you build your pelvic floor muscle strength. That, as we’ve already mentioned, is what helps you with things such as urinary incontinence, post-childbirth recovery, and enhancing your orgasms!

Do keep in mind that not all vaginal balls weigh the same amount. That’s why it’s crucial you choose what’s best suited for you. So don’t forget to always check with your doctor whether you’re the right candidate for these first.

This topic, though, isn’t all heavy (pun intended). What if we told you that there are more fun ways of using Kegel balls? Obviously, their primary “job” is to aid you and provide a challenge during your regular Kegel exercises. But did you know that you can also use them as sneaky sex toys during your solo performances? That also applies to the sexy time with your partner if he’s up for it! So not only can Kegel balls help with things like bladder control, but they can also make you never want to go back to good old vanilla sex. We assure you that you won’t regret it!


Whether you want to have more control over your pelvic muscles because you’re a control freak or you want to improve your sex life because you’re a different type of freak (wink, wink), or you simply don’t want your internal organs to somehow “fall through,” the benefits of Kegel exercises are clear.

But the best part about them is probably that all these benefits come in one package. That is just how fantastic these exercises are! So what are you waiting for? We urge you to give Kegels a shot! You can definitely get more information at loveballs about yoni eggs and kegel balls

Choosing Your First Yoni Egg

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Yoni eggs are unique gemstones intended for vaginal insertion. They contain healing and energizing properties. The practice of using Yoni eggs is said to have originated several thousands of years ago in Ancient China. These egg-shaped gemstones are similar to kegel balls, and women can insert them into their vaginal canals. With regular use, the eggs can increase the intensity of orgasms, strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, and many believe they contain numerous healing and spiritual powers.

Generally, any woman can use a Yoni egg to build up a stronger core and eventually get more intense orgasms. Moreover, “Yoni” refers to the female vagina in Sanskrit. The word also translates to “sacred space,” so it’s symbolic of the creative and sexual power found in the female body. However, these eggs are incredibly personal items, and if you’re looking to use one for the first time, you may not know how to pick the best one for you. Take a look below for a full guide on choosing your first Yoni egg!

Yoni Eggs for Kegel Exercises

Yoni eggs are used for basic or more advanced Kegel exercises. Since they are made out of stone, they are heavier than a regular Kegel ball. Therefore, they require a little more effort due to their added resistance and weight.

Simply push the egg inside your vagina to start using one. It should always enter the vagina on the larger-end side. When you push the egg in, your internal muscles will contract. That will hold and keep the egg in place, and then, you’ll be ready to start the Kegel exercises. It’s worth noting that beginners can simply keep the egg in without doing any workouts.

Kegel exercises require you to tighten your pelvic muscles in short intervals. For example, beginners should try doing that and holding the egg in for five seconds. After that, they should relax their vaginal muscles for a few moments before tightening them again. A session can last around five minutes. Then, when your muscles get stronger, you can increase the contraction time to 10 to 15 seconds and more.

Different Semi-Precious Stones Have Different Effects

If you’re looking for a vagina egg, pay attention to the gemstone materials. They can be handcrafted from various exotic gemstones. According to traditional Taoist teachings, jade, rose quartz, and black obsidian are the three most common Yoni egg stones. Each of these contains specific healing properties and helps a particular need.


The jade egg, for instance, nurtures confidence, stability, and strength. It’s the most common Yoni stone, and it can also attract healing energy. It’s said that the energy of this gem can set you on the right path to reaching your full potential. This stone is non-porous, and it is incredibly durable. It is also highly conductive, meaning that your body will not waste a lot of energy to heat it.

Black Obsidian

The black obsidian stone can absorb and eliminate negative energy. It connects to the root chakra and keeps you grounded. This stone can also boost your strength and cleanse your emotions. It is especially effective in relieving sexual tension. A black obsidian egg can help you connect to your emotions and needs.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz can attract emotions, passion, and enhance your compassion. The stone emits feminine energy, and it can unlock the Heart chakra. This egg can reawaken your heart. It can attract love in various forms — from platonic, self, sexual, or maternal love.

Large Yoni Eggs Are for Beginners

There are three different sizes of these unique crystal eggs. They range from small (around 25×35 mm) and medium (30×43 mm) to large (35×50 mm). And contrary to what you may think, it’s best to start with a large egg. Beginners should use a bigger egg because it is much easier for the body to hold it in. Namely, the untrained muscles will get a better grip on it if it is larger. However, the size makes the egg quite heavy, so it can be challenging to use it for long sessions. That is why beginners should start with short sessions (up to 20 minutes at first). It’s even smart to lie down while exercising.

Medium Eggs Are for Experienced Users

It takes a few weeks (three to eight) of practice with a Yoni egg to switch from the larger to the medium ones. Also, women who have never given birth should start with the medium eggs. These feel incredibly comfortable to those who have built up their muscles with Kegels or with a large egg. In fact, this size will help you tone your muscles even further. As your muscles get tighter, your sensitivity will increase. That means you’ll be able to feel some new sensations that you’ve never experienced before.

Experienced users will also be able to use their muscles to grip the egg inside them. What’s more, the medium-sized Yoni eggs offer an incredibly subtle sensation. Once you get used to it, it will be incredibly easy to hold them inside. The muscles of your vagina will get stronger, which means they’ll increase your internal grip during penetration.

Smaller Eggs Are for Skilled Users

The smallest eggs are the most difficult to hold inside because they require excellent muscle awareness. Sometimes, you can also use a pair of small eggs together. As the size of the eggs gets smaller, you will need more muscle dexterity to hold them inside. That is why only skilled users should try this type of Yoni egg. Women who have fantastic control over their vaginal muscles should use these — they can strengthen the internal muscles even further. If you’ve mastered the large and the medium eggs, your vagina will be ready for the small ones!

Moreover, small eggs can also benefit women with excessive vaginal tightness. In this case, they can help relieve tension.


Overall, these crystal eggs are part of a spiritual practice that goes much deeper than Kegel exercises. As you have seen today, various Yoni egg types and sizes can strengthen you both physically and emotionally. So try one out today and good luck!

The Perfect Sex Swings for Beginners

Many people are somewhat intimidated by sex swings, and that’s entirely understandable due to their look and setup. However, this type of sex furniture is becoming incredibly popular in recent years, and the truth is that you don’t need to be a porn star to enjoy one!

Swings can spice up your sex life immensely, and you can use them to try out all sorts of positions for oral or penetrative sex, along with numerous other kinks. But before you decide to purchase one and strap your loved one in, there are some things that you’ll need to know. The setup can be a bit tricky at first, and it’s essential to pick the perfect swing for your needs. Luckily, you’ll find all the answers you need in our article! Check out this guide on choosing the ideal sex swings for beginners!

Door-Mounted Sex Swings

Love swings come in various types, and before buying one, you’ll have to think about where you can fit it. The easiest choice for any bedroom (or a secret sex dungeon!) is a swing that can mount on your doorway.

This type doesn’t require additional hardware, and you’ll only need a door. These swings have straps that you can hang on the top side of the door. Additionally, the straps have metal stoppers that connect to the door and hold the swing securely. Once strapped in (arms and legs), your partner’s back will sit straight against the door. Door sex swings will hang suspended and will be ready for mid-air oral, vaginal, and anal. This swing is by far the easiest to set up, but it does have some downsides.

Firstly, the door frame you hang it on has to be stable and secure. A typical door can handle a weight of around 400 pounds. However, you shouldn’t use one if your door is sensitive or flimsy. Another downside of this harness is that the door restricts you from actually swinging back and forth while having sex. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic choice for beginners.

Sex Swings That Can Be Mounted on the Ceiling

This type of swing is fully suspended. You can mount it directly from the ceiling. However, to install it, you’ll need a mounting point. A tiedown anchor or an eye hook will be enough, but you will need to drill your ceiling to install one of these. The tiedown anchor may be a better choice because it is much more durable and can support more weight. Additionally, your ceilings will need to be reasonably high. Moreover, you’ll have to mount and install the hardware in the middle of the sturdy ceiling joist. That will give you the strongest support. Avoid drilling into drywall as it will not be able to support the swing.

These types of swings have straps for legs and arms, as well as a seat. Since they hang in mid-air, couples can use them for oral and penetrative sex. Also, the harness can allow the couple to sway up and down, as well as left and right.

Sex Swings With Stands

These types of swings are the best alternative to ceiling-mounted products. The basic concept is the same, but rather than hanging from the ceiling, they hang from a dedicated stand. The stand is made of metal, most likely steel.

That means you won’t have to drill holes in your ceiling and will be able to pack the swing away when you’re not using it. The swing stand takes around ten minutes to set up and holds about 400 pounds. The drawback of this harness is that it requires around 12′ x 13′ of space. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly easy to fold and store it to save space. The stand can also support any type of swing that hangs. That means you can purchase various swings and straps separately and use them on the stand. You can even put your adult swing in a playground just outside your home for some outdoor thrill.

Choose Sex Swings With Paddings for More Comfort

Many swings also have paddings on the seat and straps. These foam paddings will suit your skin better compared to materials like nylon or leather. They can also be installed on the foot straps for better support.

So if you’re planning to experiment with the swing while seated, it’s clever to go for the product that has pads. Their soft construction will allow you to use the swing for longer. Moreover, it’s always crucial to follow any safety instructions included with your swing. Also, always inspect the device before using it and never try to adjust it during sex. It’s also smart to choose a swing with a spring for additional support. Of course, before buying, make sure that it can support the weight of one or both partners.

Don’t Forget to Explore and Experiment

As always with sex, there are no limits! Make sure that you and your partner are comfortable with what you’re doing and never forget to experiment. Adult swings can offer you tons of kinky and fun things to do, and the only limit will be your imagination! You can use sex swings to give and receive oral sex. Plus, you can worship or dominate your partner, try vaginal or anal in all sorts of unique sex positions, and experiment with threesomes or similar. You can also explore some roleplay scenarios, try out various sex toys, fetish fantasies, and so much more. Check out some sex swing porn for inspiration, but remember to stay safe and follow the weight limitations or other product rules!


Now that we’ve covered the best types of swings and the naughtiest things you can use them for, feel free to get one today and have fun!



Hot undead chicks can help with male chastity

The chastity belts for men extend to possible attacks

A striking case of a woman who cut off her husband’s penis as revenge for infidelity has served as inspiration for a downtown sex toy store. From their window, a naked mannequin with a metal shell that locks his genitals are displayed. It is the new chastity belt for men that have begun to be marketed under the pretext of protecting Americans from their jealous women.

The incident inspired the owner of this establishment, who, with a few metal plates and a large padlock, found a system to protect the male genitals against possible violent outbursts of their wives.

At the moment, only about eight people have approached the store to be interested in this unique device worth 1,200 shillings, about 10 dollars, although they have not yet sold any.

It is tailored to the client. Since the chastity belt appeared in the shop window, it has not left anyone indifferent, and the opinions on it are very diverse. The passers-by are left speechless and watch this astonishment that seems to be taken from the Middle Ages. Some think that it is a good idea for disgusted women and others wonder if it is a joke or is indeed for sale. It is also helpful for the gay members.

The success of this invention is still doubtful, as it seems unlikely that the incident will become a real and widespread concern among Americans. Also, it is difficult to imagine a man moving without difficulty with this rigid and heavy contraption. Nonetheless, Boniface defends this creation and insists that “when it comes to security, comfort does not matter”.

Modern Chastity Belt

Stories about the use of chastity belts reach us from the time of the knights. Allegedly they, going to war, put on similar belts on their wives. Indeed, such gizmos were used, but in the days of the Renaissance, and not as often as it is now given to us. Nevertheless, these remnants of antiquity became suddenly in demand in our time. Request generates supply, and therefore, modern chastity belts are being manufactured.

Chastity belts have been known for a very long time, but not as much as the story tells. It was first mentioned several times during the XV century. These simple devices make sexual intercourse physically impossible. Previously, they were used to prevent boys from masturbating, because in some countries it was believed that masturbation causes various diseases like insanity or blindness.

The new belt of fidelity performs several other functions. Today, this belt is called differently – the chastity belt. It’s something that many would not want to wear, and if you wear this belt on, then you have to refrain from sexual relations. Such belts for women also play the role of protection against rape. But more often they are used for sex games.

The use of the chastity belts for various purposes allowed manufacturers adjust their production and boost their sales. Moreover, healthy chastity cage for men have a rather large selection of models, materials from which the belt is made. When creating modern chastity belts, much attention is paid to the hygienic properties of these belts. And it is right. And an insufficient number of models for women are compensated by the presence of many accessories like hoops on the arms, legs, hips, neck. For example, there was also a steel bra on sale. Sometimes even belts are decorated as a work of art, for example, with various designs, and sometimes with precious stones. Therefore, everyone will be satisfied.

Men’s chastity belt: wearing an application

The chastity belt, although it is an invention of our ancestors, which had long since lost its relevance in the 21st century, still takes place in the bedrooms of modern lovers. Today a whole cult has developed around this BDSM device, its fans write stories, share experiences and even tries to make a chastity belt with their own hands. Male and female products are sold in sex shops and specialty stores. Most often, they are bought by lovers of BDSM. This item is perfect for people who tried searching for thrills using chastity in bed.

What is the chastity belt for Now?

The new belt of fidelity has partially lost its former purpose: A cage to prevent infidelity. Today it is used more often for intimate games with female domination; they are session-based or long-lasting when the device is worn from several weeks to a month. The male counterpart of the chastity belt is an erection limiter. It does not allow the penis to grow and become elastic at the moments of arousal. Such physical restraint is capable of delivering psychological pleasure, which is the purpose of wearing.

Types of chastity belts

First of all, men’s chastity belts differ in the way they are worn depending on the variant. The most popular model is the ones that can directly be worn on the penis. This is popular in athletes caging their cocks for their big games. The kit includes rings on the scrotum of various sizes, anatomically shaped body, locking pins and a lock with keys. It is suitable for both short-termed and and prolonged wearing, depending on the model. Some devices may be completely invisible under clothes.

Men’s belts of fidelity with fixation at the waist – the most practical and reliable: They completely exclude access to the penis, and consequently, the sex itself, as well as they cannot be removed by themselves without a key. They have a wide range of regulation along the waist and the back-belly line. One of the varieties is a device for female domination, which completely denies access to the genitals. Such belts are suitable for both session and long-term use, depending on the model.

Metallic: Stainless steel is suitable for long-term contact with skin and mucous membranes, which ensures extended and safe use of the device in any conditions. Metal products are perfectly polished, which provides ease of use and attractive appearance.

Plastic: The material is durable and comfortable to wear. It is lightweight, hypoallergenic, long-lasting and durable, suitable for both session games and permanent wear. In the shops, you can find plastic belts of fidelity in various colours, as well as transparent models with the colours “camouflage” or “under the tree”. The big advantage of using a polymer device is stealth for metal detectors, but only if the kit does not include metal parts, and the lock used is also made of plastic.

Silicone: Models of this material are more comfortable for extended wearing due to the flexible body, but they give a slightly smaller feeling of being locked. The device of the highest quality silicone can provide complete comfort and safety of wearing. Also, like plastic belts, it is not noticeable for metal detectors. The use of silicone-based lubricants can lead to the destruction of the material. Aside from Silicone, you can also look for other materials of male cock cages at lockthecock.

Why Some Women Enjoy Forced Chastity on Men

It’s no secret that a quality orgasm can get in the way of everything else. Males all around the globe can’t go through a day without masturbating at least once. This need for sexual satisfaction can, therefore, lead to a lack of interest in other important aspects of their lives. Whether it’s their job, their family, or everyday mundane chores, it can all be held back.

In cases like these, their female partners tend to react by proposing them to tame their oversexed lives by wearing a stainless steel penis cage. Enforcing a chastity cage, women get to be in control of their sexual needs. That implies that they can concentrate on other stuff in their lives, making them servile when their women desire them to be.

Another aspect of male chastity belts is the submission and degradation of traditional strong male stereotypes. Reversing their classic roles, girls finally get all the power they crave. They lock the cock, the symbol of male dominance, and possess the key over their hubbies and degraded partners.

This role-reversing lifestyle leads to a new way of intercourse for both partners. Since they can no longer provide penetrative sex to their ladies, the guys get pegged from behind with strap-on dildos. Hence, chastity devices resemble emblems of femdom and female supremacy to which many ladies aspire. They’d like to return the favor for long-overdue male domination, and a penis lock is their way of saying enough is enough.

The Reasons Some People Tend to Do Permanent Chastity

Different people have different reasons for the actions they take, but when it comes to permanent male chastity, the list is shorter than you’d think. Switching the power dynamic in their hetero relationships isn’t the only basis for their suppressed genitals. Yes, sure enough, some guys like to get pegged in the ass while their dick’s locked in a steel device. But it’s not the only cause for actions such as these.

Some males notice that their need for sex starts to affect their lives in different ways. They feel more and more inclined to reach an orgasm, no matter what it takes. The sense of masculinity is everywhere, and long term male chastity device lock-up can prove to be an antidote.

To avoid sexual pleasure, men begin locking their downstairs belongings, thinking that this will leave them more focused on other important stuff. And strangely, at first, they begin to enjoy the challenge of not getting an erection for once. They can start enjoying their work, their families, and life in general, without the need to ejaculate all over the place.

How Is Ejaculation Different When You Are Wearing a Chastity Cage?

You could say that cumming while wearing a chastity device is a ruined orgasm, but most people wearing these contraptions would argue differently. Their submissive nature appreciates not being allowed to get fully erect. Therefore, cumming can be viewed as forbidden.

Well, not forbidden, but it’s not what they want. So letting their partners tease and deny them at the same time creates the feeling of torture. They shouldn’t get the opportunity to feel the full potential of their climax. Chastity cum should feel bad in a good way.

Again, this is a mindset that thrives on being humiliated. And there’s nothing more humiliating for a male than his penis not to get erect or not to be able to cum gloriously. Cock cages alter the perception of the male orgasm completely.

Is It Possible to Make Your Own Chastity Belt?

Frankly, it’s possible to make your own penis cage. But is it worth it? Unless you own a 3D printer or are the master of metalwork, your safe bet is to get a pre-existing one. Order online if you’re shy going into the sex shop and asking for a chastity device.

A homemade chastity belt can be a bit tricky to make. Also, add to this that you’d need to sanitize the materials you find for health reasons, and you’ve got yourself a bit of a pickle here. Again, it’s possible, but is it worth it? We’d argue it’s best to buy one online!


How To Give a Prostate Massage

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We all know that men and only men (gender privilege!) have prostates. If you’re a guy, then like all other men, you’ve spent your life dreading going to a doctor’s for a prostate check. You’ve also heard of something called prostate stimulation, and you’ve wondered what it would be like. Does it just make ejaculation better, or do you experience multiple orgasms? Without further ado, let’s go over it, starting with the purpose of the gland itself.

What’s It For?

If you want to know more better tips to have sex, then make sure to read up. The prostate is a gland the size of a walnut. It sits between your penis and your bladder. It’s a reproductive part of your body, meaning that its whole purpose is to make you capable in the sack. Normally, your urethra connects your bladder to the tip of your penis so you can urinate. However, when you have sex, the prostate contracts and blocks the bladder’s passage. Then, your testes start spitting their contents, and you receive a receipt for your sexual pleasure.

And that’s not all, folks! Additionally, the prostate also secretes something called, quite unoriginally, prostate fluid. That gives your sperm a protective cover, allowing your Michael Phelpses to survive long enough to fertilize the egg.

Prostate Massage Therapy

The prostate itself connects to other reproductive parts of a man’s body via a prostatic duct. If that duct is not clean enough, it can cause quite a few problems for your body. For instance, you can feel pain during ejaculation, as your prostate gland swells. You can also have prostatitis if the gland gets inflamed, potentially disrupting the urine flow (i.e., you can’t pee). If you don’t seek out therapy on time, men’s biggest enemy will knock on your door — the diabolical genius called Erectile Dysfunction! In severe cases, some men have developed prostate cancer.

All of these (except, perhaps, for the last one) can be easily fixed if you go for prostate massage therapy on time. Think of it as involving kinky prostate play, except that the doctor is making you feel good for once. As they massage your prostate (called prostate milking in less sterile environments), the gland starts producing its fluid. The fluid then goes through the duct mentioned above and clears it from inside. As you can see, it’s a simple procedure with a clear-cut outcome. Thanks to its position (just behind your rectum), the doctor approaches it anally. But how would you do it to your partner (or yourself)?

How to Perform Prostate Massage

Now this section of the article is the fun section. We take it that you want to do this to experience the prostate orgasm feel, not to clear your duct. If the latter is the case, don’t be silly, go to a professional. You can do it with a friend (wink, wink), but it can also be a DIY thing.

First of all, get your soldier interested in the whole action. When erect (even rocking a decent semi will do), your prostate slightly repositions upwards. This way, you can approach it easier. Basically, prepare yourself for anal play. Wash your hands, and if necessary, you can clear your canal with anal douche. Then apply lube to your a-hole and your sex toy of choice (in this case, it’ll be your finger).

While masturbating, move your index finger in and out until there’s enough room for the whole finger to go inside. Reapply lube during this process if needs be. Once it’s fully in, massage the prostate by either anal penetration or with a circular motion. You can also apply pressure to it up to ten seconds.

Prostate Orgasm

Being aroused when you start looking for it will help you, as the prostate becomes bigger when we have an erection. Not to mention, of course, how an erection if you want to orgasm (duh!). Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t feel anything different at first and if what you thought would be a full-body orgasm felt the same as always. It takes some practice to find your perfect P-spot, and there’s no medical research about prostate orgasm. As a result, it’s unclear whether all prostates can give an orgasm, but once you achieve it, just do more of the same.

So, how will you know if you’ve done it? The prostate orgasm gives you a more wholesome feel. It’s more intense, and that satisfaction you feel in your penis spreads throughout your body. Some men have experienced what you’d call a super orgasm when they had a stream of multiple orgasms shivering their entire body. Sometimes when you have an orgasm this way, you may not even ejaculate (although you can release prostate fluid).


How Prostate Massagers Help Achieve Prostate Orgasm

Once you’ve got the whole finger thing figured out, you can switch it up and go for a prostate massager. It’s also easier this way if you’re flying solo, as you can approach it and control the pressure more conveniently. An anal massager vibrates, and the vibration will help you stimulate the prostate even further.

As you come closer to the finish line, play with vibration speeds, and find your sweet spot. You will get to come intensely, and you’ll be doing your body a favor by cleaning the duct. A perfect win-win situation!

Finally, do not settle with just one type of prostate massagers. There is a ton of models with different colors, sizes, and features, just like what is being offered by Purchase one or two, then enjoy!

Why Latex Suit Is Perfect for Bondage

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So, you’re into BDSM and looking for a way to step your game up? Maybe you’re someone who enjoys vanilla sex but is still curious? Whoever you may be, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find all the answers to your bondage-related questions. Well, at least those concerning latex suits. Maybe you’ll even discover whether you’re a dom or a sub. Relax and dive into the BDSM world.

How Are Latex Suits Used in Bondage?

We’re sure you’ve come across latex porn at least once while you were browsing for what you wanted to watch. But what about latex BDSM?

Latex is a stretchy and very form-fitting material. You can actually tear it quite easily, but if you don’t attempt that, it’s quite durable. Wearing anything latex can make you feel really confident and sexy. Suits usually come in black or red and can be in the form of catsuits or unitards. However, that’s less common than your typical bondage suit.

A typical bondage suit is a tight-fitting suit, usually worn by the submissive. It covers your entire body from head to toe. Yes, it covers absolutely everything. Even your head and face, if the suit has a hood attached. In the BDSM world, dominants can wear latex catsuits as well. But when it comes to latex bondage, only submissives wear them.

The purpose of the suit can be manifold since they come in different variations. It can visually make a statement saying who the dom and who the sub is. They have additional attachments that make bondage easier. And a lot of accessories can be added to spice things up, of course.

The Design of a Latex Suit Makes It Perfect for Submissive

So, we already know what a latex suit looks like. It covers you entirely until you’re looking like a black latex human. It’s so tight it basically becomes a part of you. So, maybe don’t engage in this kind of play if you’re claustrophobic.

But why is this kind of suit perfect for submission? It has two sides. Psychological and physical. To understand that, we first have to understand the dom/sub culture. It probably sounds like a no-brainer, but doms are people in power. Subs are, well, technically their “slaves.” What’s most important, however, is that the relationship between them has to be consensual. Everyone knows their role.

During latex bondage, or generally any BDSM play, doms decide what happens. They do things to their subs and ask them to do things too. But doms aren’t some heartless people who will injure their subs and just leave them. If things get too much for the sub to bear, there’s a safe word that will put an end to whatever’s happening.

But how does the suit fit into all that? What is the physical aspect of all this? We know the suit hugs your body very tightly. However, there are more to suits than just suits. They can have hoods that cover your entire face, hence inducing sensory deprivation play. They also have very convenient zippers that are placed in just as equally convenient places. Places that can and need to be easily accessed. Such as breasts, genitals, anuses, and mouths.

Suits also have metal rings, also known as anchor points, that make restraining easier. But that’s still not all. Other accessories can be added to the suit to make BDSM play more interesting or complicated, depending on what you like.

What About Vanilla Couples?

These suits don’t have to be used in BDSM strictly. If you like bondage and you like to feel sexy, these suits are for you as well. If you have a partner with whom you want to spice things up, you can try them out. Engaging in this type of play isn’t only for hardcore doms and subs in BDSM dungeons. You can playfully assert your dominance too, even if you don’t usually identify as a dom. Make it fun.

Other Accessories That Go With Latex Suits

There are so many accessories you can add to your latex suit. Whether you want to make things more fun or more intricate, there are options for everything.

If you’re into catsuit bondage, you can find a hood or a mask with kitty ears. Nothing screams “kitty” like cat ears. We know suits have metal rings for easier bondage, but why not add more? You can add a harness that has more anchor points, depending on how much you want to be restrained. Add face hoods or masks if your suit doesn’t have them. There’s a variety of these, with zippers and whatnot. Some real fun stuff.

You can also add nipple clamps, collars, or belts. On their own, latex suits are typically simple — they are suits that hug your body closely. So you can add whatever comes to mind to them. If you’re a dom and want to wear a latex catsuit, the same applies. Try whips, corsets, the highest stilettos. The simplicity of design is what makes latex suits so versatile. All it takes is the right creative mind to take everything to a whole new level.

If regular latex suits seem boring to you, explore and add some fun things.


A blonde dominatrix in a vinyl catsuit.

What you can take away from this is not everything has to be so serious. Even vanilla couples can try some BDSM play. It’s perfectly safe. All you have to do is set some boundaries in place.

Latex suits and all they entail can help you with that. They’ll help you feel more confident or more submissive, depending on the role you wish to take on. Either way, let it change your sex life forever.