[Applause] is it sure so they’re orcs what right so that’s Sylvanas you know who that is that’s Sylvanas Windrunner she’s a banshee we spit naked who’s fucking her and it’s like eight booms going on much of that is like a giant penis I don’t know six bucks decided to make porn about and that’s the point you just saw [Applause] Oh but that was pretty much a gang it was like ten fucking pork ten males fucking a Shrek gang bukkake right yeah yeah okay would you guys ever do a bukkake would you do a bukkake ever Rosenbaum a lot of guys are incident we do bukkake user what celebrity do you find most attractive would you get fucked by five Channing Tatum’s at once [Applause] what if it was all the same [Applause] when I was doing the Dix of straight my penis goes to the fucking left yeah administrate is that a good thing or a bad thing I’m here but does it get them you’re a bad thing it’s gonna have a good question sir you’ve got a penis I know I think it’s a black thing honestly the maximum not gonna do is six I calculated so I’ve got two feet if you had two malahide peanuts less six more than that I don’t know what the fuck I’ve do the rest there’s too much I’ve got like 10 fingers so how many good I’ve got 10 fingers so like if you want 10 men what’s up what’s up I do a lot with what in your mouth 12 everyone [Applause] [Music]




so basically Cerrito he asked me who is my favorite rifle in where Warcraft or basically just World of Warcraft story Lord in general right I don’t I literally don’t know if this is gonna be like a top 10 or top 5 but I’m just gonna mention like the female characters that I see as a waifu basically who is like the hottest female characters in the Warcraft so the first one is Jaina Proudmoore and like a sip before I start recording can a problem or in her young edition cuz she got gray hair and all that stuff now and she’s literally just acting like a bitch she’s just angry all the time and she’s just gonna you know she always want to have revenge against the Horde I don’t like that Jaina problem I like the blonde hair young Jaina Proudmoore and she’s also attractive in her younger age right she’s attractive Tyrande Whisperwind assumption I mean she’s the leader of the night off um and she’s pretty strong obviously pretty strong but yeah Tyrande Whisperwind is definitely one she is definitely like ooh so Jaina Proudmoore and Tyrande Whisperwind which win whisper whisper win whisper and I can’t even out the fuck niggas going on why am I doing this do you know why you’re making me do this it’s the cat whoa uncle spy okay fine go die now don’t I know hey go just fly over there and be cool they go so I would definitely say um Sylvanas Windrunner before I shoot before she died and all that stuff before she died you know Sylvanas the undead banshee queen of the Horde right literally also the war chief now she is the war chief of the board and I mean a lot of people don’t like her you know her being I mean lower wise I’m talking about lower wise in the story a lot of people don’t like her right but she’s like undead and most people don’t you know they just see her that’s another scourge or some shit right as another lich king of some shit right but I mean let’s be honest she look good she looks good even for an undead he looks good I’ve heard I heard from a lot of my friends they even said you know what tips she’s basic to rope your play s in hearthstone the lira there you go the lira uh sank sanguine are I think that’s how you pronounce her last name the lira um was mostly in the World of Warcraft comic the comic books I have basically all the comics because I love like I said I love with Warcraft the Lord story all that stuff um but yeah the lira she was in that story in the comic once so that’s why I’m saying she wasn’t like in the major story but she was there she did play a certain part in the story but she was like a huge major character ish right she did help she did help ovarian become king again definitely valeera sexy as fuck to be honest sexy okay literally sexy why the fuck am i talking about this shit ah very known one and it’s actually basically she’s gonna be in this rate that I’m about to go into spoilers is dragon souls you know with the definitely one cuz I’m gonna get the mount dragon queen obviously already hinted it right there I even spoiled it alexstrasza an extra in my opinion is the most one of the most attractive females in the game so far indie game period Alex Russell she’s the queen of all dragon she looks really really attractive really attractive let’s just say this a lot of all it’s all fan art it’s all a fan out of her a shit ton of fan or strong as fuck which makes her even more badass and even more attractive cuz now we know she’s the main bitch she’s the main bitch hey she’s literally the main bitch if you’re gonna make babies were you better be good right you got you got you got show what you got we got another one that actually is friends with extras oh and works for Alexstrasza oh she is a direct link in or like you know have humanoid half-track and stuff as well zero is that how you pronounce it you you zero I mean it’s pretty much I have the same same opinion for you Sharon like I have with us Russell they’re both very attractive there’s been a lot of fine art fine art of those two certain characters and um they’re real powerful Spock does basically all the female characters so far that I can um mention that I have that I have on my on my mind right now you know if I had to like if I have to think of a female attractive Harrison what a walk up those character would be the characters I would mention you you