1. What is longlivedeathrecords.com?
    longlivedeathrecords.com is a free site for adult videos and pictures. We offer you totally free movie and picture hosting for all your adult files related to Sylvanas.
  2. What does it mean when a file is queued for processing?
    We want to offer true streaming movies to our visitors, that’s why we need to convert your moviefiles to Flash. In addition, we would have to review if it is in line with Sylvanas-themed adult website. Because this is a very resource intensive task, we’ve decided to put moviefiles in a processing queue and process them sequentially every 2-5 minutes.
  3. Why isn’t my movie file being processed?
    This could be due to several reasons. Report it to us.
  4. What is the maximum allowed filesize?
    The current maximum allowed filesize is 200MB, but feel free to upload moviefiles split up in multiple parts!
  5. My file upload has failed, how come?
    This could be due to several reasons. For one, your internet connection might be briefly interrupted by your ISP. If you see any server errors on our side do not hesistate to contact us!
  6. How long will my files stay online?
    As long as your files keep receiving visitors at least once every month, your files will stay up indefinitely! Older files with no pageviews or visitors for over a month get removed from our servers to save diskspace.
  7. How can I delete a file I’ve previously uploaded?
    You can contact us anytime if you want your video deleted.
  8. My file has been removed, why is that?
    Your file may have been removed because of a Terms of Service violation. Legally we’re obligated to remove any files that violate our Terms of Service. Your file may also have been using an excessive amount of bandwidth, seriously compromising the security of our servers or you tried to directly link to the file (so called hotlinking). If you think none of these is the case, just drop us a message through our contact form.
  9. Are there any restrictions on the content I can upload?
    In general, any Sylvanas adult-themed file that is in compliance with our Terms of Service can be uploaded and we’ll be happy to host it!
  10. How can I report files in violation of the Terms Of Service?
    You can send us a message and explain why exactly is this file violating our Terms of Service and we’ll take a look as soon as we can!