[This was made by TheBananaSlug]

It was the later years of the undead rule of Lordaeron, before the rebellion of the Forsaken, when it was still ruled by the then Death Knight and champion of the Scourge, Arthas Menethil. Said Death Knight was in his Necropolis, sitting on his dark massive throne as he looked at the shining steel, the blade’s tip stabbing at the granite floor as he slightly twirled it.

From the doors, came Kel’Thuzad, Arthas’ faithful lich, bowing before the death knight. “Prince Arthas, Sylvanas has arrived for your…entertainment,” announced the lich, swaying his hands slightly.

“Where is she?” asked Arthas, still looking at his sword with a slight boredom.

“Getting ready, sire,” revealed Kel’Thuzad with a chuckle, “She didn’t want to get her outfit stained in any way.”

Arthas smirked at that remark. He gripped his sword and sat back on his throne, ordering the lich to leave at once. Kel’Thuzad bowed and hovered from the death knight’s throne room.

The death knight sighed and stabbed Frostmourne into the floor, laughing as he cracked his neck. From the side of his room, with a purple drape covering it was a walkway as the cloth was pushed away.

Arthas looked and saw Sylvanas posing in front of the opening, wearing nothing but her hood and her belt. Her breasts large and plump, her hands caressing her waist, and her rear soft and round.

“You wanted me, death knight,” cooed Sylvanas, walking toward Arthas slowly with her hips slightly swaying.

“Indeed, Sylvanas,” sighed Arthas with a dark grin, spreading his legs as the elf made her way to him, pressing her hand on her hip impatiently.

“You can’t keep away from this body, eh Death Knight?” inquired Sylvanas, getting down on her knees and removing some of the armor in front of his crotch. She pulled out his flaccid cock and slowly began rubbing it.

“A little quick, aren’t we, elf?” interrogated the calm Arthas, rubbing her wrist as she jerked him.

“I would think that you’d want to start it off as quick as possible, my lord,” replied Sylvanas, getting his penis fully erect due to her fast rubbing. With that, she gave the underside of his penis a long lick from the bottom to the tip.

She got up and pressed her hands on her thighs before she turned around with her plump rear facing the cock of the future Lich King.

Sylvanas whipped her hair slightly, then began descending her rear down slowly. She whimpered as she felt the cockhead press against the lips, then yelping when she felt the shaft slide against the walls of her sex. The elf grunted as she felt her rear rest on his lap, laying her back against his metal chest.

“Naughty little elf,” chuckled Arthas, pressing his cold gloved hands on her undead breasts, much to her pleasure. She grunted at the feeling of the cold steel on her nipples, biting her lower lip.

“Arthas…” she moaned out. She gasped when she felt his cock shove up into her, followed by more thrusts upwards as she bounced on his lap. She closed her eyes and panted heavily as she was screwed by the Death Knight, his hands gripping her breasts.

She was stiff as a board as she looked down, her body being used by Arthas. He grunted sensually with a grin on his face, pounding faster into her slit. Her fluids dripped down the shaft of his cock as she was bouncing on him.

“Arthas…too fast…” she moaned out, “It…is too good! Nuh!”

“I’m not slowing down for you, elf!” growled Arthas, running his hands down her breasts and squeezed her sides. Sylvanas pressed her hands on her legs as her right one began to tremble wildly. Her body bent down as her hair drooped down, her breasts shaking with every hard pound.

“Yes Arthas! Yes!” she yelled, her body trembling from the forced pleasure, “Aaaaah! It’s! Oh! So big…Ah! Harder!”

Arthas complied and rammed harder, her asscheeks quaking with every upward thrust. She panted tiredly as she couldn’t keep her leg from trembling with pleasure, she arched her back as she came close to release. Her teeth trembled as she got closer and closer, her hair getting in the way of her eyes.

Finally, Sylvanas let out a loud and ecstatic moan as more of her juices flowed down his cock, her own body helping the pleasure by thrusting downwards. Arthas slowed down until he stopped, caressing the elf’s sides.

“Wait…why did you stop, Death Knight?” groaned Sylvanas, looking at him as she parted the hair from her eyes.

“I tire of this position, elf,” sighed Arthas, “I desire a new one. Turn around and lift your legs.”

“Excuse me?” she grunted in confusion.

“Just do it, witch,” growled Arthas in frustration.

“Fine, lecher,” hissed Sylvanas. She moved her body and lifted her legs to her master. He grabbed one of them and rested it against his shoulders, doing the same with the other leg. He grabbed her sides and looked down at her body, her breasts inviting and heaving.

“Ready, elf?” he laughed in a dark tone.

“Wait…I…” she moaned, before it was silent by Arthas’ sharp, hard, and slow thrusts. She grunted and winced as she felt the pleasure rush through her body, his sharp rams into her sex too much.

Her right foot began rubbing against his shoulder as she was screwed, moaning like an animal. She ran her fingers through her hair and squeezed her breasts together with her arms.

The pleasure increased when Arthas began increasing his speed, pounding rapidly into her sex. She moaned loud and hard, closing her eyes and grinding her teeth. He only did this for two minutes, then returning to his slow speed.

She opened her eyes in surprise, looking up at him with confusion. It was still enjoyable, yet she liked the speed and passion. The Dark Ranger got her wish when he thrusted wildly again, he body shaking with pleasure as she moaned vehemently.

“Arthas! Yes! Ah!” she would moan out, “Nnnh! Uh! Yes! Yes! …Damn it!”

She groaned with annoyance as he slowed down again, causing Arthas to laugh at her mockingly.

“What is your deal, you bastard!” growled Sylvanas, still being fucked by the Death Knight.

“I see you want me to fuck you like a harlot, witch!” growled Arthas tauntingly, “You’ll have to beg me to go faster.”

“Never!” she hissed, and much to her displeasure, he began going slower and slower, “Arthas! You heartless wretch.”

“Beg,” demanded Arthas. She growled and looked away, trying to stall for time. However, he was going slower and slower.

Finally, she caved in. “Damn…Arthas! Please, faster! Fuck me…fuck me now!” she moaned out.

“Better,” he said, thrusting faster, “But I think we can have some more emotion from you.”

“Arthas! I’m your slave! Nh! Make me want it!” she moaned to her displeasure, “I want you to make me your harlot! Damn! Ah! Fuck me!”

She gasped as she was wildly ravaged, her slit pounded faster and faster by his cold cock. Arthas chuckled and said, “Amazing, Sylvanas, your begging sounded actually legit.”

Sylvanas cursed silently, cursed at herself for this degradation. She whipped her hair let her breasts bounce for him, tilting her head up and letting her locks hang down. She did her best not to acknowledge him.

Much later, she was off the throne, yet on her knees and hands as Arthas was kneeling behind her, screwing her on all fours. She panted heavily, her breasts shaking as her body was used by this man she hated.

“Feels good, witch?” sneered Arthas.

“Yuh…Yes,” she admitted, moaning slightly.

“Good,” laughed Arthas, pounding faster into her soft body. She winced and yelped in ecstasy.

“Arthas! Uh!” she yelled, his hand pressed against her neck and massaged it. She groaned in pleasure at this feeling, with his thrusting getting more erratic and strong.

He grunted as he pounded into her sex faster and faster. With a growl, he released his semen into her. She panted at the feeling of his cold seed in her, she felt nauseous with the fact small pieces of him were swimming inside her. She thanked the stars she couldn’t bear children.

“On your rear, elf,” sighed Arthas, “Fondle yourself for me.”

She groaned and crawled away, panting with relief as she pulled off his cold cock. She sat down in front of him, who stood above her as he tucked his limp penis back in.

The ranger spread her legs, arching them as she rubbed her thighs in front of him. She winced as she pressed her hand against her sex lips, rubbing them slowly.

She bit her lower lip as she grabbed her right breasts, massaging it as she masturbated. “Like this, lecher?” she asked in both vehemently and with disdain.

“Don’t stop until you release,” ordered Arthas, looking down at her with a dark grin. She only glared at him as she rubbed herself faster, panting calmly as she massaged her breasts and slit. To be frank, she preferred to play with herself than be forced to directly pleasure the Death Knight himself and degrade herself for his amusement. She groaned and grunted as she touched herself, tilting her head up and rubbing faster.

Her rear on the cold concrete floor seemed to excite her, as well as the echoes of her moans from the halls. Her foot trembled again as she came closer and closer of releasing herself.

She fell on her back and gave cracked moans as she rubbed faster and faster, squeezing her thighs together on her hand and finally reached the reaching point. She grunted as her body went limp, she would rest now if it were not for the fact Arthas was still there. She didn’t want him the satisfaction of raping her unconscious body.

“You made a fine performance, elf,” taunted Arthas, Sylvanas slowly getting to her knees as she panted loudly. Arthas sighed and said with careless rudeness, “You may leave, you were more than satisfactory this day.”

She watches him leave the room in cold heart, causing her to sigh in contempt. She grunted spitefully, getting up slowly and brushing off the dust on her legs. She hissed under her breath, swiping the hair from her face.


Many years later, Sylvanas Windrunner, Leader of the Forsaken, remembered this degrading part of her enslaved life with a scowl. She sat on her throne as her fingers digging against the stone arms of her seat.

She sat there in furious remembrance as a Forsaken apothecary entered her throne room. The Witch Queen glared at him and demanded, “What do you want, wretch!”

“Lady Sylvanas, Varimathras has arrived for your…entertainment,” announced the servant slowly.

“Good, I grow tired of waiting,” sighed Sylvanas, she then swayed her hand, telling the servant to leave. He bowed and quickly darted out.

She sighed once more, only to realize something as she sat there waiting for Varimathras.

She realized the irony of the situation…