Sylvanas just murdered loads of innocent Night Elves and now World of Warcraft fans are in crisis

Major story developments in the World of Warcraft have seen one of its most famous characters destroy one of the game’s most famous locations – and reaction has been mixed to say the least.


War of the Thorns is an in-game event designed to set up expansion Battle for Azeroth. In it, the Alliance and the Horde clash once again – with Sylvanas in charge of team red.

Sylvanas was once a High elf before her soul was ripped out of her body by Arthas. Since then, she has led the Forsaken, an undead faction you can play as in World of Warcraft.

Now, she’s leading the Horde and seems hell-bent on starting a new war with the Alliance. To that end she’s invaded Northern Kalimdor and destroyed Teldrassil, the World Tree. This is a big deal for Warcraft lore nerds such as myself (I played a Night Elf priest in World of Warcraft, so Sylvanas has effectively burnt down my spiritual home).

This cataclysmic event was revealed in an animated short made by Blizzard and released yesterday called Warbringers: Sylvanas. In it, Sylvanas is depicted as a brutal, cold, evil person filled with hatred. She callously orders the destruction of the World Tree, murdering the innocent Night Elves who call it home. In short: Sylvanas has gone off the deep end.

World of Warcraft fans have always known Sylvanas would invade Teldrassil in the run up to Battle for Azeroth, but what they didn’t know was how she’d go about it. Sylvanas is considered by many to be one of Warcraft’s more interesting anti-heroes, a character who has suffered greatly and made many poor decisions as a result. Now, it looks like she’s become one-note – an evil villain who wants to murder just because.

Some Horde players feel they’ve seen all this before. In the run up to expansion Mists of Pandaria expansion, then Horde leader Garrosh Hellscream invaded and destroyed Theramore. Is this current Sylvanas story arc simply re-treading old ground? I’ve seen players call her Garrosh 2.0, which isn’t particularly flattering.

An additional critique revolves around the motivation of the Horde. While the Alliance and the Horde are at first glance Warcraft’s good and bad guys, it’s never been that simple. The Alliance has huge problems, while there is much to admire about the Horde. Warcraft’s universe is compelling because it is not black and white. Many races make up each side, and each is fundamentally flawed in their own way. Indeed the Alliance and the Horde have spent years as uneasy allies, coming together to fend off threats from other beings.

War of the Thorns positions the Horde as the aggressors and the Alliance as the defenders. The Horde invades an Alliance capital city to secure a precious resource. Of course the Alliance should defend themselves and strike back. The Alliance have the moral high ground, and that doesn’t make for a particularly interesting conflict.

This development has fuelled a negative – and in some places unnecessarily aggressive – reaction to World of Warcratf’s War of the Thorns pre-expansion event and Sylvanas in particular. The official Warbringers: Sylvanas video on YouTube has had 38,000 likes and 14,000 dislikes. While the likes outnumber the dislikes, the number of dislikes is huge for a World of Warcraft video.

While World of Warcraft fans are currently coming to terms with recent events, it’s worth pointing out there’s a lot more to come from the game’s story in the coming weeks, and Battle for Azeroth isn’t even out yet. Perhaps Sylvanas will see the light? Perhaps she has some hidden motivation for her murderous rampage?

Whatever the case, we now know for sure the World Tree is no more and, as a Night Elf till I die, this means war.

Blizzard: there’s more to Sylvanas than World of Warcraft cinematics suggest

World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth is still hot off the press (to find out more, be sure to check out Oli’s impressions), but fans are still in a bit of a flap over Sylvanas Windrunner and the direction Blizzard is taking her in as current leader of the Horde.

Earlier in August we reported on major story developments in the World of Warcraft universe that saw Sylvanas destroy one of the game’s most famous locations – murdering loads of Night Elves in the process.

Sylvanas’ seemingly nonsensical, relentless rampage has been criticised by many Horde players for a variety of reasons, but chief among them is Blizzard has turned her into a onenote villain, and the Horde World of Warcraft’s obvious bad guys. For many Horde players, this isn’t a particularly interesting story development, especially when you consider it apes the arc of previous Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream.

While Sylvanas’ story has yet to resolve, and Blizzard quite reasonably won’t spoil the plot, senior producer Michael Bybee told Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips at gamescom that crafting a story in World of Warcraft comes with its own set of challenges, because the story is spread across so many various types of media.

This means not all fans get the full picture when it comes to Warcraft’s ongoing plot. Take Sylvanas, for example. Most players reacted negatively to the fancy Blizzard animated short, titled Warbringers: Sylvanas, that depicted the Banshee Queen callously burning down the World Tree and slaughtering loads of Night Elves, saying it turned the once morally grey ruler of the Forsaken into a one-dimensional, maniacal supervillain.

But, Bybee stressed, there’s more to Sylvanas than that, which you might have picked up on if you’d read the book that leads into Battle for Azeroth, or the two short stories that were released for free online that depict the Burning of Teldrassil from the point of view of the Alliance (Elegy, by Christie Golden) and the Horde (A Good War, by Robert Brooks).

In short, World of Warcraft’s nature as this pop culture phenomenon, as this gargantuan cross-media franchise, means its story is not confined to the game itself.

“One of the things that’s really challenging about World of Warcraft is this game has a tremendous amount of story in it and surrounding the franchise,” Bybee admitted.

“One of the things which happened with Sylvanas is that many of the beats of that story were told in places not in the game.

“So, if you do the quests in the game you get parts of the story, and there’s a video that plays in the game that we posted on YouTube that tells other parts of the story. And then there was a novel, Before the Storm, and two short stories we published free online that give some additional elements of that story.

“I actually think Sylvanas has a depth of character but sometimes that’s missed because maybe people didn’t read some of those things. Cinematics are awesome and sexy and that’s what people want to see – but there’s more to the story. And there’s more coming.”

Unfortunately, some within the World of Warcraft community chose to harass a female member of Blizzard’s writing team – a particularly ugly byproduct of the backlash to Sylvanas’ development in the story.

While Blizzard did not issue an official response to the situation in its wake, Bybee gave us the following when asked about it:

Blizzard does not support harassment,” he said. “We don’t think harassing any member of the team is good. I personally didn’t hear about that at all – it wasn’t something that came up in discussions I heard.

“But I definitely think Blizzard does not support that kind of discussion towards any member of the team, male or female. It’s not cool – we want to work with people and make games for people that are having fun, and if people have feedback we love to hear it, but if people are just trying to hurt other people – that’s not something we think is awesome. We just want to make awesome games.”

On a lighter note, Bybee did offer an olive branch to shocked and stunned Alliance players who witnessed the destruction of their beloved World Tree at Sylvanas’ hands.

“It is a magical tree, and it’s not the first magical tree,” he said when we asked whether it would grow back.

“There’s more that can be done, but we’re not ready to talk about that future stuff.”

Getting Laid Wherever You Are

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Do you want to pick up girls in some easy ways? Well, it all depends on you, and you should be looking out for some better tips to have sex with any girl you want. This can help you in the long run, and if you want to have better sex with girl, then you should know how to make her crazy for you.

This can help you in a lot of ways, and all you need is some amazing tips that will make you a master at it. There are many websites like Sylvanas and other hot undead chicks enthusiast site that can help you with so many tricks.

1. Dress up your Best

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2. Talk Dirty to her

Talking dirty to her can help you a lot, and you should look out for the ways to talk to her in a dirty way. Take any topic that discusses love and sex and then makes long conversation with them to talk dirty to her. This can help you to get a long way up to the top, and all you need is to take any of the dirty topics and make some gestures that will tell her that you want to make love to her.

3. Touch her on Private Parts

You can check out the Sylvanas and other hot undead chicks enthusiast site and look for the tips. However, when you are in a conversation, then you should be looking out for the ways to touch her body and make her feel that. If she loves such things, then she will surely give you a better response.

Achieving the perfect cumshot with Ejaculating Dildos

Dildos are great to enjoy the pleasure of penetrative sex. But honestly, do these toys get you the exact feeling of being penetrated by your man? Yes, these toys are designed to get inside you and stimulate the clit but that’s not what penetrative sex is all about. When a man penetrates you, he also fills you with his warm fizz that takes the whole sensation to further heights. You miss out on that with a regular dildo. And this is where ejaculating dildo comes in. These are an advanced version of dildos that can ejaculate inside you.

A brief overview on ejaculating dildos

Also known as squirting dildos, these dildos are designed to ejaculate inside or on your body. These kind of dildos are great when you are flying solo and want the dildo play to feel as close as having real penetrative sex with a man. All you would need to do here is fill up the toy with your favorite lube and squirt at as you wish.

Design of ejaculating dildo

It’s to note here an ejaculating dildo follows a slightly different design compared to regular dildo for obvious reasons. The squirting dildos come with a nifty trigger and hand pump. As you fill up the toy with your preferred lube, you can then squeeze the pump and trigger the toy to let it ejaculate the lube on/inside the body. Ejaculating dildos with hand pump are manual versions. But, the modern versions of these toys even come with remote controlled pumps. This way, you won’t have to squeeze the pump manually and you can enjoy the squirt hands-free with just a few taps on the remote. Here are examples of ejaculating dildos that are available at LoveGasm.

It’s to note here remote controlled ejaculating dildos are best to be enjoyed with a partner. The remote will be with your partner and he will make the dildo cum inside you whenever he likes to through the remote control. A good idea here would be to pair up oral with ejaculating dildo. You will drown him in pleasure with a fascinating oral while he too will indulge you in bouts of orgasm through sudden dildo squirts through the remote control.

Don’t worry, the lube that is used for ejaculation is always body-safe. In fact, some dildos even come with unique semen recipe that you can make easily at home and try out for a new experience.

Benefits of using ejaculating dildo

If you need more inspiration on including ejaculating dildos in your adult toy arsenal, here is a brief on the pros of using them-

  • Kind of realistic penetrative sex

If you are missing out on the feel of semen during penetrative sex with a dildo, the ejaculating dildos will be all that you would need. Thanks to squirting dildos, you won’t always need a man to fulfill all your fantasies of penetrative sex. The best part is the ejaculating dildos assure the closest possible realistic penetrative sex.

  • Adds new fun to regular intimate sessions

Are you looking forward to try something different in your intimate sessions? Well, something new every now and then works wonders to spice up one’s love life and make things more interesting for both the partners. An ejaculating dildo will be a wonderful addition here to add more flavor to your sex life. You can use it to warm up your clit while giving an invigorating oral to your partner. Also, you two can engage in solid nip-play while you let your partner control the squirting dildo with remote control. There are plenty of ideas that you can try with ejaculating dildo to create more sizzling moments.

  • Opportunity to create customized squirt

Now, this is one of the most interesting aspects of ejaculating dildos today. Some of the leading squirting dildo toys today even offer customized semen recipe so that you can have special personalized experience. The whole idea is to make things really unique at almost every step possible so that you always have something new to try out in your intimate sessions. This way, your intimate sessions will never be boring and you will always enjoy a glorious love life.

  • Ability to be used as regular dildo

Ejaculating dildos demand solid cleanup routine for obvious reasons. But at times, you are too exhausted to go through a detailed cleaning routine and want just a little bit of dildo stimulation. In that case, you can also use the squirting dildo as a regular one. As there will be no ejaculation, there will be little mess and hence less cleanup.

Tips to buy ejaculating dildos

There is a wide variety of ejaculating dildos in the market today but not will be compatible for you. It’s best to take a comparative survey on 4-5 squirting dildos in the market before opting for the final one. Here are the pointers to keep in mind while looking for a suitable ejaculating dildo.

Mind the size

The first thing to check here is the size, especially if you are a beginner. If you haven’t used dildo before, your body is not acquainted with the toy. In that case, you can’t just shove in a 7” piece just like that. You will only end up getting hurt. So, find something small to start with. When you are a newbie, your chosen one should be no more than 5-6”.

Check the material

Be sure to go for a soft and comfortable material. Silicone will be a fantastic choice here as it’s comfortable and body-safe. It would be great if your toy features ridges and veiny textures as these will do wonders to heighten your sensations.

Be careful of the lube

Do not buy the squirting lube before you buy the dildo. It’s because not all lubes are compatible with every dildo material. You have to make sure your chosen lube is not only body-safe but also compatible with the material of the toy. For example, silicone lube is very popular among adult toy users. But you can use it if your dildo is made of silicone.

Dildo masturbation with hot undead chicks

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The Finest Vibrator Usages that makes you emit now

Many people wonder what exactly a vibrator is. The vibrator is a small device that continually shakes at different rates, which can be set by you according to your wishes. They come in different shapes and sizes, different colours and materials (some softer than others) and can run on batteries or electricity. Some of the more expensive ones come with accessories to different message parts of the body, and they can even apply heat for the relief of muscle aches.

Vibrators, just like they are good for relieving body aches, are also highly recommended for the female masturbation, since with them you can achieve higher intensity in the stimulation which is precisely what some women who are learning to obtain an orgasm need.

If you are afraid of becoming addicted to this toy sexual, or if you’re religious beliefs make it difficult for you to masturbate, you may feel very nervous if you have to use one. If so, the expert recommends talking with a sexual therapist about your fears and beliefs. Remember that you should never force yourself to do something that you fear or do not want, not only in sexual matters but every aspect of your life.

Women have been educated to please and care for others, but who cares for us? A golden rule to be happy and maintain mental health is to do nothing you do not want to do, much less if you are doing it “just to please another.” If you feel that no one cares about your pleasure, allow yourself the opportunity to discover if, in your case, this form of stimulation works and makes you feel better.

Vibrators are a special toy for women who are aware of their sexuality, who loves to masturbate. Last but not least, it can be a good choice for beautiful sex representatives who feel the need to sex sexually in the absence of a life partner. On the other hand, many couples find it very exciting to have sex toys in the bedroom.

There are women for whom sexual intercourse alone is not enough to reach orgasm, and for this reason, they use this sex toy. It is true that in some cases the vibrator can create a specific “addictive”, and the women who use it often say they cannot get to climax without it. But if you want to enjoy this beautiful sexual accessory and buy one you have to keep in mind some tips.

The material from which it is made

When you are determined to purchase a vibrator, it is essential to keep in mind the stuff from which it is made. For example, rubber or silicone sex toys are recommended for vaginal and anal penetration, while plastic ones for clitoral stimulation. When you want to enjoy the sensations a vibrator can give you, you have to keep in mind its shape and size.

Have speeds

There is no secret that some women get harder to orgasm. For this reason, it would be advisable to buy a vibrator to help them enjoy the climax. If this is the first time you use this toy, you have to choose one with gears to be sure you can use it regardless of the type of masturbation. And if your masturbation is a quieter one, those with low vibration are recommended.

Its shape and size are important

When you want to enjoy the sensations that a vibrator can give you, you have to keep in mind its shape and size. In the specialist stores, you will find a wide range of vibrators as needed.

The type of pleasure you want to offer

One of the best tips for choosing a vibrator is to know very well which area you want to stimulate. For example, vibrators are perfect for vaginal penetration. On the other hand, they can also produce satisfaction outside of the vagina, as they can stimulate the clitoris very well. For this type of pleasure, the latest generation or dual-action vibrators are also perfect. If you want to use it for anal penetration, you need a funnel-shaped vibrator.

The Vibrator and the Female Masturbation

You have the right to sexual pleasure, and you also have the right to seek the way to procure it freely. The vibrators, sex toys for couples to use while they make love, they are also artefacts for the female masturbation, that stimulates the genital area, and if you want to use one, here are some tips on what to do if you just come to this undulating relief.

• Never use the vibrator on wet skin or in water. While there are some manufactured precisely for use in water, this advantage is always specified.

• Walk your body with him, exploring several areas. It is essential to see how it tolerates the intensity of vibrations, especially in the vicinity of the clitoris. Try varying the pressure, movements and location of the vibrator. If it comes with different accessories, try them. Take your time, relax and start learning how your body reacts to that new stimulus and explore female masturbation.
• Always use a lubricant and clean your sexual object thoroughly before and after using it.
• The vibrator should be for personal use and should not be shared with other people, as though it can transmit HIV or other sexually transmitted infections.
• There are susceptible areas in the body on which it is not advisable to use the vibrator directly. These are almost always the clitoris and the breasts. If you are very sensitive in these areas, apply very slight touches, hard rubbing.
• It is advisable to start using the vibrator in the lateral areas of the vagina. Also, it is essential to keep the area lubricated. Otherwise, redness, irritation and stinging may occur.
• Do not use the vibrator on inflamed skin or if you have any rash in that area.
• Do not worry about the time you need to achieve pleasure. Remember that your body has the orgasmic capacity, you need to be stimulated and the female masturbation. It is a way to make it.
• Do not worry about the time you need to achieve pleasure

On the other hand, when women with orgasmic dysfunction (what was previously called frigidity) begin to work with the vibrator, they tend to concentrate all their interest on it, turning it into their centre of attention. This is understandable because the stimulation it provides is very intense; that is why you must remember that you will not have a relationship with the vibrator, but that you will use it to have a sexual experience and the ingredients of it include fantasy, sexual images, sensual stimulation (non-sexual) movement and accepting benefits of female masturbation.

Finally, it is good to remember that it is possible that the application of this strong stimulus, directly on sensitive areas, produces a certain momentary insensibility. Do not panic, change the type of touch and stimulate another city for a moment until this sensation disappears.

Hot undead chicks on sex tools

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Tips to use sex stool

The chaise longue, this invention worthy of the best holiday, is much more convenient than the sexual position that bears his name. But the pleasure felt, especially for the woman, goes well beyond expectations. How to try the experience of a difficult position but very intoxicating?

Attention, this deck chair does not reproduce the comfort of the seats arranged at the edge of the swimming pools of the luxurious hotels. Even if the bed is a nice support, this is another trip to which this sexual position invites those who want to indulge in the acrobatics of the erotic lounge chair.

It’s up to the woman to take the initiative. Lying on the bed, she gets up gently by leaning on cushions she has previously arranged behind his back. His partner places his legs on each side, thus surrounding the woman with his reassuring presence. She can put each of her thighs on the shoulders of her lover. He must take support on his hands. The lounge chair is installed.

Limited in his movements by such support, and the legs of his lover, the man can only move his pelvis from top to bottom. It is therefore up to his partner to direct the operations. It will perform the main movements back and forth, the man can, from time to time, participate in the action. Her limited role is to give momentum to her partner by lifting the pelvis at the same time as she performs enchanting movements.

Thus, mistress of the rules of the game, the woman decides the depth of the penetration and the speed of the waves. The sensations in the pubic area are increased tenfold, and the penis rubs the vaginal area that will cause the most pleasure to his partner. The woman will, if it has enough energy, touch her clit at the same time it lets itself deliciously penetrate. Orgasm, in this position of the deck chair, is within the reach of any energetic woman.

In this position that can be exhausting, a few minutes are enough to experience very quickly a rare pleasure. The man will then take things in hand, changing position, so that he, too, can enjoy as much satisfaction as his partner.

Make love. Everywhere, not the main thing in bed! With these sex tips for the whole apartment your love life will be much more exciting.

You can give your furniture a whole new function. Already Grandma’s favorite chair becomes a wavering love swing, the rattling washing machine becomes a giant vibrator and the worktop in the kitchen is an adventurous climb to the mountain. Who would have thought that your innocent furniture would make you love so well? With a bit of imagination and the right positions, you will soon be looking at your interior with completely different eyes.

Sex Furniture No. 1: Chair

The sexy piece of furniture: the chair in all conceivable styles and forms, be it kitchen chair, office chair, Louis Seize chair, flea market chair, swivel chair or bar stool.

The top position: He sits on the chair, leans back with his back comfortably against the back, his feet firmly on the floor. You sit down slowly with your face to him in the lap.

Where is the attraction? The chair position is tender and allows a direct eye contact. All hands remain free and can caress the partner’s body. You sit up and set the beat in captain’s style: Accelerate rhythm, slow down or determine the depth of penetration. Attention! Avoid chairs with a plaited seat – this can be painful. And ideally, the chair survives the sexy action.

Sex Furniture No. 2: Armchair

The sexy piece of furniture: Some have a thing for club chairs leather, others for the classic upholstered chair. Each as he likes! The main thing the armchair has comfortable armrests!
The top position: Your lover can easily fall into the chair; you sit forward on him and support you with your feet on the armrests. So you can pretend the movements and the rhythm.

Where is the attraction? In this position, you can eat your eyes and your lover has both hands free to pet you. Your inclination and your open leg position provide a deeper penetration that you can control yourself.

3 best poses for sex on the chair, and why the furniture should be strong

There was never a chair falling under you, or maybe you saw it? Be assured, this is a sad sight, especially when it happens at the wrong time. That is why, before you describe the sex posture on the chair, it should be durable. Just imagine what, for example, it would be if it collapsed under the pair in the 1st pose. Well, if only the leg of the chair breaks.

So, do not consider vulgarity, but there is a situation when you want to have sex, but there is no furniture beside the chair, or there is, but you want it on the chair. In order to help you have fun in the best possible way, know how to use sex stool.

1. Well, for example, such a scene in the office: cunnilingus colleague or boss. And why, it is asked, and no. After all, according to statistics, most of the intrigues start up at work. And so if this is so, let’s act correctly. This position is very convenient for men. Well, if the floor is carpeted, if not, it is worth putting something soft under his knees. Well, if the chair is on wheels, put it on a table or wall so that it does not roll back.

2. It is logical to go then to this position. Sit, so to speak, a little bit in a hug. Plunging into the vagina as deeply as possible and rubbing his pubic against the pubis, the man is very tightly pressed against the woman hugging him. If you are still not in the office, but at home, the vibrating ring on the member, which additionally stimulates the clitoris, will help to sharpen the sensations of a woman in this position.

3. If you want more passionate sex, you can go to this position. By raising the partner’s leg, the man increases the depth of penetration and changes the angle of entry of the penis into the vagina. The sensations of a woman vary greatly. To the chair did not move during sex, the man holds his free hand, pulling his partner to him with each push. If you press the chair back against the wall, you can forget about this problem and completely surrender to passion in such an interesting pose.

4. If the initiator of sex is a woman, you can start with a blowjob in a position where the man is sitting on a chair.

In the case of home sex, you can arrange a “threesome” with the help of a dildo on the sucker, fixed behind the woman. This erotic fantasy is very common in the “weak” sex.

Butt plugs on hot undead chicks

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How to enjoy sex with Butt Plugs and is it safe

The anal plug is one of the best options for those who are curious to experiment with anal sex and do not dare and also for those who enjoy it and do not lose the opportunity to play and stimulate in solitude or company. If you have no idea how to use this sex toy, sexologists give you all the keys to guide you about this small but pleasant ally.

Steps to follow:

1. Thin tip of butt plug allows a soft penetration by slowly inserting it. The butt plug helps to widen the anal to obtain greater pleasure. Normally they are small toys, with a diameter of up to 4 centimeters, although they can also be found in longer and thicker presentations.
2. The anal plug can be used in solo masturbation or to play with your partner, is suitable for women and men who enjoy anal stimulation.
3. Remember that no matter what level of desire you experience, the anus does not lubricate, so it is important to use a water-based lubricant to make the game more pleasant.
4. You should be stress free to enjoy sex with butt plug. If you are doing it for the first time with you your partner you will enjoy a lot. Once lubricated, insert the tip first and then the rest of the plug slowly.
5. This is not the only design in which you can find the anal plugs, there are also with spheres that remember the appearance of anal beads and offer great pleasure. It always prefers silicone or jelly toys, much softer and easier to maintain.
6. Once you finish using the anal plug remember to wash it with warm water and neutral soap again and store it in a case to preserve it better. It is advisable not to share this toy with sporadic partners to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, if you do use condoms.

Safety, first of all

First of all you must know that your sex toy is going to enter an area with a bad sanitary reputation. That is why it is absolutely necessary that you clean your sex toys well before and after each sexual session with them. The reasons should be obvious, but if they are not we will tell you that it is because they are contaminated with extreme ease and introducing a sex toy contaminated with bacteria can have very bad consequences.

The cleaning of your sex toy is done based on the material of it. However, in most cases it is best to always do it with warm water and neutral soap to drag the dirt, and ending with an antibacterial gel based on alcohol, the sterilizer by nature. No matter how well saved you has the anal plug, it will always be necessary to clean and sterilize it before use to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Another important recommendation on hygiene is to use an anal shower about 45 minutes before using the anal toys, to make sure that there are no remains inside the rectum that can be passed to the toy. It is advisable to fill the rubber or enema pear with warm water, first checking that it is not too hot, and slowly introduce water into the anus through the cannula, repeating as many times as necessary until the water comes out clean.

If you are one of the people who like strong emotions, that’s fine! However, you must be aware of your capabilities. If you are a novice in this anal sex, it is best to start with a small size and with the practice to increase the size little by little.

In addition to this, you also recommend that the toy you choose has a flange or wider base, thus preventing the sex toy from completely entering and remaining there as an astronaut lost in space. In case this happens, you can crouch and force yourself to come out naturally, or if you have gotten very inward, your salvation is the emergency room, but if you listen to our advice you will surely avoid this unpleasant experience.

Here are other safety tips you should keep in mind:

Always use lubricant: always use lubricant since the anus is an area that does not lubricate naturally in large quantities.
Control the intensity: you should not start the penetration at maximum speed; you should go smoothly and increase the intensity with moderation.
Use a condom: if you are going to share your toy with someone else, it is best to put a condom on, since many sexually transmitted diseases can be infected with the exchange of sex toys. Expert also recommend it as a basic hygiene measure, if you put a condom on it then it will be much easier to clean.
Eye with the thickness: in no way should we cross the line of 4 centimeters in diameter if you are beginners, since this is the limit of the natural opening of the anus, exceed this limit would deform it if you have no previous experience. Then with practice you see that the limit is much higher.

Pros and Cons of Having Sex Through the Back Door

Anal sex is a stigma for many women and a pleasure for men. It is true that they are always asking for it, but women do not want it. Actually, it is something very pleasant if you know how to do it. But for that you must first know the pros and cons of anal sex.

Pro: It’s safe

Anal sex is as safe as vaginal sex, but makes it clear that you should use a condom. Why? It can still be a way of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. If you had anal sex, and then you go to the vaginal, remember to change the condom.

Against: Diseases

Anal sex can be a very easy form of sexual transmission, and although it is not possible to cause pregnancy, it can cause infections.

Pro: Greater pleasure

The anal area is one of the most erogenous in the body, that’s why men like it a lot. But also women manage to enjoy it, it is best to go little by little so that both enjoy it.

Against: I do not want to!

Many times men look for a way for their partner to accept to do it, but they do not want to. If both are curious, it is best to train the body. You can start playing with your fingers. An important part is to use lubricant so that it is not so painful, since there is no lubrication like that of the vagina.

So considering all these points anal sex is a very sensitive matter and if you do it with butt plugs then you should be more careful and follow all the safety rules. In this case you ask is it safe to share butt plugs with your partner, the answer from the experts will be primarily no. It can cause various diseases so you should be much more careful about this. More info over at loveplugs.

Hot undead chicks using sex toys

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History of sex toys: How our ancestors were having fun

Now the shelves of sex shops are full of an abundance of all sorts of toys for adults. Here you can find BDSM sets, role-playing games, vibrators and faloimitators of various sizes and shapes, butt plugs, strap-ons and much more. Do you know where the famous sex toys came from and how they were used initially? Let’s have a look at the fascinating history of sex toys.

Stone dildo (age – at least 28 thousand years)

The first world-famous dildo found in Germany. It was a 20 cm long stone dildo. In fact, throughout the earth, they often found objects in shape and size similar to the penis. They were made of stone, clay, bronze and other materials and were intended for sexual satisfaction.
Many scholars believe that objects resembling a dildo were used in religious rituals, but opinions, as always, are divided. For example, Peruvian archaeologists discovered an entire arsenal of devices for the sexual comfort of ancient Indians, including a phaloimitator and penis rings, at the excavations, so the assumption can be considered accurate.

Steam Vibrator (1869 CE)

The history of the origin of this toy was fun and exciting. Previously, when a vibrator close to the modern was not invented yet, women were often satisfied with their hands. Do not be surprised, because in this way female tantrums were once treated. The procedure was popular until the 19th century, but then the idea came to mechanise the process, as the doctor quickly got tired of it.

Initially, hydrotherapy was invented (the direction of the jet of water on the patient’s genitals), which lasted about an hour, and then a steam vibrator was created, which brought the woman to orgasm in 10 minutes. Most interestingly, male masturbation was strictly forbidden, and only in 1899 was the patented vibrator for men.

Inflatable Doll (1904 AD)

Already in the 17th century, women began to look for a replacement. The French began to use Lady for travel – something that looks like a girl only for those who have not seen it for a long time. After that, interest in artificial women subsided and re-emerged in the 30s of the XX century. According to some sources, the author of the idea was Adolf Hitler, and the performer was Danish doctor Olen Hannussen.

The fascist leader wanted to help the soldiers in their sexual needs and prevent the races from mixing. Dolls for men appeared on sale in Germany in the mid-1950s of the 20th century and looked like a blue-eyed, white-skinned woman with a big breast. At first, sex dolls were made of vinyl or rubber and were toxic, and then latex was used. Since then, women’s substitutes have been improved, supplemented and actively used by men around the world.

Vaginal balls (500 AD)

Vaginal balls were found with bronze dildos in 206. Where they exactly came from is unknown, but the shots were first intended for men and were called differently. Then the women realised what was happening, and also began to use the new product actively. The toy was useful for complementing a couple’s sex, and for masturbation.

Ring for penis (1200 AD)

In their time, the Chinese aristocrats had to satisfy and fertilise their wife, mistresses and concubines to precisely leaving behind him an heir. Not only that the rich coped with assassination attempts and numerous seizures, but it was also necessary to engage in sex almost around the clock.

It is logical that the man could not always get what he wanted, and it was for this that a ring was invented to maintain an erection. He was made of century goats, which allowed a very long time to try to conceive a child.

As you can see, our ancestors knew how to have fun and even then realised how vital sexual satisfaction is for human health. Find out some more details about the ancient erotic pleasure.

Once upon a time – a thousand years before our era

It is not known precisely when the first vibrator appeared. It most likely dates from the Paleolithic. Archaeologists have discovered many phallic objects at that time and have called them “sticks”.

A particular case caught the attention of specialists. It is supposed to be 28,000 years old and was discovered in a cave in Germany. The dimensions of the object lead to the vibrators of today. Long, 20 centimetres, this object could very well be used for sexual stimulation.

Representations are suggesting the use of rudimentary vibrators can also be found on the Greek art facts of the 6th century before our era. Images of single women or even companions who use various objects to meet sexual needs appear on such artefacts. Also during this period, a kind of vibrator, called “olisbos”, was invented in Greece. This kind of object was known in the Mediterranean, where the vibratory trade had gained momentum.

Olive oil has been the first lubricant in history and has been promoted as an effective contraceptive used since the year 350 before our era. Balls for strengthening vaginal muscles, called “ben wa balls”, appeared around the year 500 en. Initially, they were invented to enhance the man’s pleasure during sexual intercourse. Over time, they were found to be useful for strengthening pelvic muscles, which is why women are increasingly used for this purpose.

Between 1000 and 1800 – the masculine pleasure period

The rings or sleeves for prolonging the male erection occurred around 1200 in China. They were made of leather from the eyelids of goats, with genes with everything. Are you wondering why the genes were kept? It was thought to amplify sexual pleasure.

The term “dildo” appeared around 1400. There are two theories about the origins of this word. It is supposed to come either from the Latin “dilatation”, meaning “delight” or “caressing”. During this time, sex toys were made of wood or stone and were wrapped in leather or other similar materials. The distinct disadvantage of these vibrators was the fact that their use requires the abundant use of the lubricant.

By 1600, men’s rings had evolved, meaning they did not look the same as the original Chinese rings. On their surface could be seen ornaments, usually in the form of dragons. These ornaments have evolved, ultimately ending up representing only the language of the dragon extending into the ring extension, giving women pleasure during sexual intercourse. They sang quite a lot with the current vibrating rings, used to enhance the enjoyment of both partners. Another version of the vibrator appeared in 1734 and was equipped with a crank.

After 1800 – Sex Toys Cure Hysteria

There is not much to know about the history of anal toys. In the Victorian era, some doctors recommended that male patients introduce a wooden egg into the anus because it was believed that pressure applied to the prostate would guide sperm back from where it came, thus preventing premature ejaculation.

1869 was a crucial year in the history of sex toys. For a long time, doctors treated women suffering from what was thought to be “hysteria” through a pelvic massage session that caused a state of “paroxysm of hysteria.” In other words, they would induce orgasms for the patients.
This treatment was done using a steam-based machine called the “manipulator.” The device was hidden by the eyes of the patients; for fear that they would not refuse “treatment” at the sight of the large device.

The “manipulator” was replaced in 1882 by the first electro-mechanical vibrator, invented by a British physician named Joseph Mortimer Granville. The instrument worked on batteries and was provided with various interchangeable extensions to vary the stimulation.

Interestingly, Granville had not designed the appliance for women, but for a specific type of massage for men. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Once out of the hands of the one who invented it, the vibrator started on its way to meet women.

Hot undead chicks as sex dolls

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Sex Dolls: The Bright Part of Sex Toy Industry

If there is something that distinguishes our societies from the so-called traditional ones, it is to have given up finding each individual a spouse. Where ancient societies spent as much energy as needed to marry each, we are the first society in history to tolerate such a high rate of celibacy. The increasing liberalization of the conjugal framework seems to have benefited only the majority of haves who not only live in couples but can now choose between marriage, Pacs and concubinage. The others must be content to look through a window the happiness of those who love themselves as they wish, without even sexual orientation hindering them now. While they, the others, those who remain alone,

It is perhaps for them that Western societies seem to have built a curious device in recent years: the real dolls, of which Elisabeth Alexandre tells us in a recent book, Dolls and Men, Investigating Artificial Love (The Musardine). The impact that these beautiful silicone creatures have had on the lives of thousands of men around the world is quite singular. Built by a Californian company since 1995 these dolls are 1.65 meters, weigh about 40 kilos, and have an internal device that simulates the vaginal reaction during a sexual penetration, all contributing to their striking likelihood.

Nothing to do with the coarse and purely sexual inflatable dolls whose only use is masturbatory. The real dolls are beautiful and delicate, they are dedicated above all to “be loved” and, apart from the fact that it is necessary to heat them with special sheets so as not to have the impression that one caresses a corpse, they have led to the appearance of a conjugality of a new type.

We eat, we sleep, and we watch TV with his doll. They are treated as paralyzed women whom we love and care for, with which we establish a kind of reciprocity, in particular because of the daily washes they require and meticulous repairs which they must regularly undergo. To erase the scars that result from the desire they arouse. Disappointed by sad, alone, skeptical relationships with organic women, their bearers are often convinced that they have finally found the solution to their love problems. Certainly, their testimonies have a pathetic aspect.

When talking about their “relationships” with dolls, we feel that the loneliness and misery that they seek to fill with them only by redoubling themselves by staging this conjugality. The longer it is extended, the more intense this loneliness is and insists in reality, revealing not all that they have, but all that they lack. But some may well prefer nothing to the emptiness of everything, what do we have to say about it?

Yet, far from arousing understanding and tenderness, even pity, lovers of real dolls are subject to certain mistrust when it is not a frank animosity. We even make movies and novels in which real dolls become terrible enemies of women. Far from being considered as a social orthopedic for the problems of conjugality, they are attributed with evil powers. Women who look after the happiness of women think that dolls will take their place, that men will take advantage of them to do without them. So think: with, in addition, the artificial uterus, what use will we have for them? They will end up exterminating us, without any profit, no compensation for so many centuries of exploitation. Others think, on the contrary, not that dolls will take the place of women, but the opposite, that women will “dollify”, that dolls show us our future. Do not they have that immovable perfection of eternal youth and beauty to which we all aspire? Obedient and always ready for sex! Do not we risk, after so many cosmetic surgeries, to become ourselves a piece of motionless silicone?

But the poor long-term unemployed of love who spend months and years trying to collect the money these dolls cost seem to be quite indifferent to these invectives. They do not hurt “nobody”, anybody, anyway, and this is their fundamental problem. Because, if they could hurt someone, they could also do good to him and they would not need their friends in silicone.
Nevertheless, if these mixed couples were to become general, it is quite likely that America prohibits with great pomp the manufacture and importation of real dolls. Like pornography and prostitution the use of these dolls could be considered a “school of rape” and “male dominance” in a society like ours, where the relations between the sexes tend to over-invest the symbols to the detriment reality. In this, certainly, they embody the status of women today.

The new Real doll knows all about her partner, like her favorite movies and dishes, as well as her fantasies. It is actually a robot designed to create a new generation of more futuristic sex dolls.

The new generation sex dolls look great. You can choose hers as a real girl: physical, personality everything is there. You can tell him everything you like videos, food, and which is cool all your fantasies. There is a “personality” app to modify it at will: adjust to your desires of the moment, no need to wait for the good will of the other, always there when you need it, in short the girlfriend dreams for you it’s the future.

But many people thank that a robot is automation not very fun or glamorous. You must be very quickly in the repetition and routine. You change beautiful program, there is not a lot of respondents in front of you. Some people show interest in the relationship with a being of flesh and blood with whom they like to curl up and purr like a tiny cat, a person who always remains a little mysterious unpredictable who evolves with the years but with whom they feel in harmony and happy in a living relationship.

You do not think experts can make hot robots at 37 ° with the same feel to the touch as your man. You talk about a relationship it would be dehumanized all that for experts what matters is the unique link with little darling with all five senses: touch, caress him, hear his sweet words and see his looks, taste his presence, feel it with a robot none of that.

Yet there are days when it would be easier to live with a robot at his boot that would do everything and nothing that is asked of him. You would feel quickly alone, a machine that would not bring you comfort, no tenderness, no laugh. It would be a virtual and unreal company; in any case you cannot imagine vibrating at the unison with a robot.

But still with the increasing busy and mechanical lifestyle the experts claim that the future of sex dolls will be brighter than now, the demand will increase day by day.

Hot undead chicks urethral play

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Sexual intercourse by the urinary orifice: The Things to Know

Many couple worried about not being able to conceive a baby. After examination, the doctors found that the gentleman penetrated Madam by the urethral meatus and not by the vagina.

Female urethral play is a cause of infertility for the least strange. As explained by the experts the two partners, in their thirties, in good health, high socio-professional environment, consulted a gynecologist after many attempts to have a baby, without success. The sperm gram was normal, knowing that the spouse had a penis erect with a length of about 10 cm. In examining the wife, the specialist finds that the hymen is still present and that it is cribriform type (pierced with multiple small holes), while the urinary orifice (urethral meatus) is dilated (3 cm).

Both thought they had normal sex, with vaginal penetration but this was clearly not the case. They were unable to distinguish vaginal intercourse from urethral intercourse. Madam had felt pain and discomfort during the first sexual intercourse, but had not worried too much about it. The doctors made an incision of the hymen, which allowed vaginal penetration, and the couple managed to conceive a few months later.

The researchers conclude, although this phenomenon is rare, urethral coitus must be suspected in a woman who consults for infertility and has a dilated urethral orifice. The urethra is the urinary tract that allows urine to escape from the bladder to the outside. Its function is different according to sex. In humans, the urethra is the conduit for bladder urine and sperm.
In women, only urine is discharged through the urethra.

4 tips to get them to have an orgasm

For many men the female orgasm is almost a myth, but it is not so difficult to find it, some areas are taken into account that should not be overlooked. It is difficult to determine what kind of lover you are: active and explorers or lazy and easy going?

Although many times it depends more on the day, the desire or the accumulated fatigue that of the much or little idea that they have on how to move on the ground, it is easy to become a lover of ten if you take into account some areas that you do not have to be overlooked to get – at least try – that she reaches orgasm.

Each woman can respond differently to the stimuli on their erogenous zones – many more than those that, in general, they try to excite – but the important thing is to know where to find them until you find out if you are touching the perfect key. The important thing is to know where to find the erogenous zones until you find out if you are touching the perfect key.

If you also take into account that the hours of the day more prone to practice sex also vary between sexes -although recently a study talked about the time to eat as the ideal time for both- and that in the case of women the concentration and the power of the mind plays a very important role, you will have more chances of getting her to reach orgasm and have much more pleasant sexual relationships.

In general, women value the effort and the willingness to explore and please – without appearing that they will lose their turn in a game of the game operation, something of security is also appreciated – but it is worth knowing the four tips that can lead you to climax.

1. Calling the clitoris

How to find the famous on button? As per the experts, if you do not know where the button is, do not despair. There are even many women who do not know exactly how to stimulate and caress the most famous erogenous zone. Who knows if exploring as a team you find the so-called “button” that starts the game. The anal area can lead to orgasm if it starts by exciting the perineum and goes to the sphincter.

Putting your finger between the vaginal lips and sliding down to the area of the entrance of the vagina, you feel a small bump that, to be stimulating correctly, you will perceive how hard it gets. Stroke it gently around with your fingertip finding the rhythm and friction that you like. It is important to listen to you and talk so that she can tell you if she has not gotten out of hand -never better said- and you are caressing where she likes.

2. The perineum or perineum: area that you should explore

Best known for naming the male erogenous zone most shunned by many men, it is also exciting and pleasurable for them. It is located between the anus and the geniuses and is an area where numerous nerve endings converge, so touching and touching it can awaken exciting and surprising sensations.

The area of the anus can lead to orgasm if it starts by exciting the perineum and gradually goes to the sphincter, where the nerve endings that produce greater arousal accumulate. Of course, as in the case of them, keep in mind that not all women like games in these areas.

3. The U point: why excite the urethra area

This female erogenous point is found in the urethra, between the space of the clitoris and the beginning of the vagina. It is an area that is surrounded by erectile tissue so caressing it over or under gently can lead the woman to orgasm. Like an earthquake, a woman has an epicenter.

It is not too common to excite this area but, if you do it right, without the sensation of urination distracts attention from it and gets excited while working other erogenous zones, you can get a much more complete pleasure. As expert explains, in America, men are taught how to caress them gently with the tips of their penises to stimulate them.

4. Know and find point A

Although it is not taken too much into account, it is another female erogenous point that lies between the G- spot and the cervix, near the anterior fornix. Like an earthquake, a woman has an epicenter. It is considered the equivalent of the male prostate and is located between the end of the vaginal canal and the cervix.

If it is stimulated without care, it can lead to violent vaginal contractions, which is why it is recommended to gently do so by stroking the anterior vaginal wall – the front part – with a hook in the shape of a hook. Learn more about Lust Plugs here.