Should You Buy a Console or Build a PC?

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The question that baffles everyone — should you get a console or build a PC? It all depends on your tastes and needs. Do you like to sit in front of a TV with friends and play video games, or to play games competitively, be able to do other stuff like work and surf the web? Let’s get into it!

The Long-Standing Debate 

If you were thinking about getting into gaming, you probably asked yourself what’s better — a PC or a console. Well, you’re not the only one that has that question. If you aren’t in the loop, it’s actually a huge debate that has been going on for a while now. And we still can’t seem to find an answer. That is mostly because the tech keeps advancing to where one or the other has an edge here and there, whether it be better software, hardware, or accessibility and its features. 

On older consoles, you couldn’t do much besides play games. That is what they were originally made for, after all. But, now everyone wants everything to be able to do everything, including gaming, browsing the web, or even doing small work. Well, in simple terms, everything can actually do almost everything nowadays. 

Consoles have evolved to the point where they are practically PCs. While they are still missing a feature here and there, they do come with their own features that you might overlook or don’t notice that are missing on an actual PC. Well, my friend, you are in luck! We will go through everything you need to know about both, so you can make, so to say, an educated decision.  


When it comes to games, both consoles and PC have their fair share of libraries to choose from, but each has its own exclusives. Now when it comes to exclusives, some of it is more and some less “exclusive.” Games that are mainly exclusive to PlayStation are strictly available there. But when it comes to Xbox, they have their own exclusive games that recently have mostly become accessible to PC owners, though it’s through their subscription service. 

However, if you own a game, you most likely won’t have to purchase it again or subscribe to play it. But, that does depend on whether the game is on the list of available games on their site. So be sure to check that out.

When it comes to exclusives, PC has the biggest catalog of games than any other platform. Games also tend to be easier to acquire at lower prices. Also, there are more cheap games such as countless indie titles, MMOs, and MOBAs available on PC. Unlike games for consoles, games for PC are one fit, meaning that almost any PC can run most of the games, and the only limitation being their hardware specs. However, it’s good to note that there are plenty of games that have cross-platform options, but not all of them.

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The difference in performance between PCs and consoles used to be huge. But with the arrival of newer generations of consoles, things have changed a bit. Because the tech had time to grow since last-gen systems, the newest consoles now have a chance to compete with PCs. Though there are also a few things to keep in mind, like upgradability and how much money are you willing to spend. If you plan on spending thousands of dollars on a PC, of course, it will perform miles better than any console currently on the market.

Sometimes, it might be more beneficial for you to buy a console simply because you wouldn’t have to worry about upgrading it for at least a few years until a new one comes out. And with that, you won’t have to worry whether the newest game will run on your system, while that might be the case with PC. Again, with PCs, it all depends on how much money you spent on the hardware.

However, if you ever wish to upgrade your console, you are highly limited. Namely, you will be able to upgrade only the storage. With a PC, you can change any part at any time and not worry about the warranty.


This is where PCs reign supreme and where upgradability comes into play. With the ability to freely upgrade any piece of your computer at any time, you can go from regular HD to ultra-wide 4K with the highest possible settings and enjoy your favorite games in all their glory. Also, let’s not forget the fun of building a PC. 

But, yes, we know — that does cost quite a buck. Is it worth it, though? We’d say yes. Now, we’re not saying that consoles have bad graphics. On the contrary! With the newest and best gaming console, you can almost go shoulder to shoulder with modern PCs. But not entirely. Again it comes to that PCs have the freedom to upgrade. Maybe eventually, in the future, we’ll see more and easily upgradable consoles. 

It is good to remember that none of this matters if you aren’t properly equipped everywhere. If you don’t have a good monitor or a TV (if you are on a console), you won’t really see much of a difference that either being performance or the graphics. You have to account for a good monitor in your budget, too, else all the money you spend on high-end specs won’t matter.

Control Methods 

So, how many and what are your options when it comes to what you can play games? Now, this comes to personal preference. Some games deliver a better experience when played on a controller and some on a keyboard and mouse. However, you can add a controller to a PC and a keyboard and mouse to a console. Although the support for keyboard and mouse isn’t the best on consoles, it solely depends on the game and how well the software is made for it. You can still manage to do it, but it’s best to leave that for the PC.

If you count VR as a controller option, then you don’t have to worry about that since both consoles and PC support this fully. Well, there have even been people who beat multiple games on a Rock Band guitar. So, just pick your poison and go with it.


The main concern of almost any buyer, how much will that cost me? Well, if you are shooting for the beefiest of PCs, be ready to spend at least two thousand dollars. And that’s without including peripherals such as mouse and keyboard, headphones, and monitor. You can find on youtube many videos of people who spend that much money and more to see for yourself if it’s really worth it. 

And for consoles, if you decide to get a PS5, it will cost you a minimum of $400 for the digital version and $500 for the standard. And for about the same amount, you can get Xbox Series S.

Final Verdict 

As we discussed, each has its own purpose. Consoles tend to be better for casual gaming. On the other hand, a PC isn’t just a gaming device. It is also majorly used for many different tasks, such as but not solely for work. Nonetheless, in the end, it tends to be the best video game platform

There are many more advantages to gaming on a PC. Besides being upgradable, you can mod it and tweak it to your liking. The software might not be on par with consoles, but at least you can try and make the best out of it, and if you are tech-savvy, you can even try out other options of operating systems. 

And to sum it up, gaming on PC has its own pros and cons, such as being better in performance, having cooler graphics, and games being cheaper and more accessible. As far as cons go, PCs tend to be more expensive when you try to future-proof them. Consoles then to be more affordable and easiest to set up though they also lack the backward compatibility of many video games. Also, lots of titles are quite expensive now. 

In the end, it’s very subjective. If you like consoles, go for it. If not, a PC is always there. At least now you have a better understanding of both, and hopefully, you can decide easier. 

Do Video Game Ratings Really Work? Yes, They Can — But…

How Video Game Ratings Can Help You As a Parent 

The argument that video games and violence go hand-in-hand has been raging since “Pong.” So much so that video game ratings systems were established and are being used to this day. But do these ratings work? And what more do you as a parent do?

Are Video Games to Blame?

Video games cover a vast range of themes, styles, genres, and stories. Some of them may include crude humor, strong language, suggestive themes, and intense violence. The last two points could be linked to aggressive behavior, according to a study conducted by Professor Russell Laczniak from Iowa State University in 2017. This study examined households with boys ages 8–12. 

But, violence could have to do with the number of hours a child plays the games that are outside of their age range, rather than with the themes themselves. Hence, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Blaming video games seems to be more of an indication of lack of parenting since parents should be aware of and understand what their children are doing.  

However, many people, to this day, still view the effects of video games as linking to violence and bad behavior. But, there could be other factors leading to aggression in children outside of gaming. 

For example, it is true that there are a few real-life events where video games were said to influence real-world children to attempt murder, such as the Slenderman Stabbing of 2014. But something that we often overlook is that the two who did the stabbing suffered from a mental illness that influenced their behavior.  

The short answer is that no — video games are often not to blame for violence in children. But, it can be a complicated subject. Parents do have to be aware of what goes on.  

Video Game Ratings

Playing video games should be about escapism, regardless of age. However, some games are not suitable for certain age groups. Hence, the ESRB. This non-profit organization came into being in 1994 with the goal of educating the parents about the content in games by using a rating system. They are one of the leading rating systems in the USA, if not the rest of the world. Therefore, if you as a parent see a “rated by the ESRB” you know that the game has gone through their three-part rating system. This system looks at: 

  • Rating Categories to see which age the game is more suited to;
  • Content Descriptors to tell parents what is in the game;
  • Interactive Elements to let them know about sharing certain information such as location, user interactions, purchases, as well as unrestricted internet access.

The Ratings

Thus, the ESRB can weed out which games are more suited for each age group. This is more for the parents to know what their children are playing. The ratings go as follow:

  • E — Everyone, with often extremely mild violence and mild language. Such as “Animal Crossing New Horizons.” 
  • E 10+ — Everyone aged 10 or above. These types of games have more mild violence and/or language as well as minimal suggestive themes. “Gang Beasts” is an example.
  • T — Teen, or 13 years old and older. These games are like “Bendy and the Ink Machine,” with crude humor, minimal blood, some use of strong language, suggestive themes, and ideas of gambling. 
  • M — Mature, or 17 years old or older. Games that have intense violence, blood, sexual content, and strong language. “Persona 4 Golden” has an M rating.
  • AO — Adults, 18 or over 18 years of age. The intense violence in these types of games are elongated, and the games could have sexual content that is graphic, and real money gambling. “Ef — A Fairy Tale of the Two” fits this rating.
  • RP — Rating Pending. The games have not been rated by the ESRB yet. 

The ratings can tell the parents what is in the games regardless of the cover art.

The Parents’ Role

Not all games do have a rating from the ESRB. There can be other rating systems such as player’s reviews. Steam can also indicate the types of games with the use of tags such as Psychological Horror, etc. For example, the “Doki Doki Literature Club” trailer begins with a warning about how disturbing the game is. Parents should research the games before making a purchase or try them out themselves before letting their children play.  

According to the Iowa State University study, parents should not only be aware of what their children play, but for how many hours they do it. Their research suggests that the number of hours a child spends with any video game, even some that are not violent action video games, can be proportional to the increase in negative behavior. The solution that is suggested is that parents should know and understand the content of the games by using rating systems. And that they should monitor how long their children should play. 

While the latter may be more difficult, especially with handheld devices such as the Nintendo Switch, it can be possible. Parents have managed to do it with Television consummation. Plus, limiting the amount of gameplay time could also make some parents acknowledge whether their children are video game addicts. 

The latter would need understanding on why they feel the need to be wrapped up for 8 to 12 hours in gaming, often neglecting their other activities such as health, sleep, schoolwork, etc. Gaming can suppress negative emotions such as getting a bad grade or even being bullied. If your child is an addict, speak to them, and help them.  

Final Stage 

The rating system does work, but parents have to be more active. They have to understand what the ratings mean and what to expect from the games. Researching, understanding, and limiting game playtime is a good method to help make sure that the children do not develop negative habits. However, it is also important to acknowledge that there could be other causes for negative behavior outside or that have nothing to do with video games.

From Pong to Donkey Kong: Evolution of Video Games

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When you see an elderly gentleman, chances are he is younger than the first video game. Video games have been around for 70 years. Pacman has been popping pills for 40 years straight, and Mario is 38, and they are not the oldest! There had been a whole decade of popular games before them!

Video games have been a cultural phenomenon from the beginning. If you think the recent hype — about console wars, game developers shifting consoles, PC versions of games changing the game, improvements and downgrades in graphics, cult followings, and geekdom — are all things of the 21st century, think again.

Where It All Began

Computers didn’t use to be such ubiquitous household items. As is the case with many technological advancements, their development was confined to labs. These early models were a far cry from what we use today. They were huge and bulky and had limited capabilities. On such a computer, the first video game was born.

It’s difficult to pinpoint how video games started, but as early as the 1950s, scientists fiddled with their computers to create entertainment. Bertie the Brain was one such example. It was a game of tic-tac-toe that people could play against an AI with punching cards. The game was made for the 1950 science fair but sparked no special interest.

The game system Nimrod followed in 1951, and you could play a tactical game of Nim on it. Throughout the decade, scientists and students experimented and produced similar gaming technologies. Universities like MIT were the primordial technological cradle of video games.

In 1962, a game called Spacewar! came to be, and it was a combat game. You could play it on a small old screen and shoot at blinking dots. Another revolutionary thing about it was that students could exchange codes, so they could install the game at different locations. Soon, the game spread among the students of various colleges. See the story  of how Spacewar came about.

The Evolution of the Consoles

The 1960s were exciting times for the forerunners of gamers, but games were still mostly made by nerdy engineerig students. Scientists soon recognized the entertainment value of their project and saw the lucrative potential behind it. The ’70s were the era when video games entered the world in great style.

First Generation and the ’70s

In 1971, the first arcade game — Computer Space — emerged, and it was inspired by the decade-old Spacewar! The next year gave people the first game console, Magnavox Odyssey. The thing itself didn’t last on the market, but many of its games were influential.

However, in 1972, a more prominent title came to the market — Pong. The game showed two paddles bouncing off a ball like in tennis. It had a two-player option, and it became a smashing hit that launched the company behind it, Atari, into prominence. Their console dominated the decade, and there was a Pong craze across the nation.

Many titles that established future genres followed one another in the ’70s, but it was Space Invaders from 1978 that made the biggest impact and still remains culturally relevant. Two of the reasons for its popularity were that it incorporated extra lives that you could win in the game and keeping high scores.

The ’80s — Golden Age of Arcades

The following several years were the shining era of arcade games. In 1981, Pacman and Ms. Pacman appeared. The following year, Donkey Kong gave us the character of Mario. This was also a period that console makers saw the need to mix it up. The public wanted more, so console makers installed a system of cartridges thanks to which people could change games.

This was the second generation of consoles, and it flooded the market. In the early ’80s, these games suffered from oversaturation and constant churning out of low-quality titles. This was also a time when home computer games started appearing as tech-nerds started copying game codes among each other.


After the crash, the evolution of video games continued. The 8-bit era of games came to be, and it dominated the ’80s with the third generation of consoles and NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). We got such cultural behemoths as Super Mario games, Zelda, and Metroid. Nintendo also introduced the concept of a hand-held console with their Game Boy.

16-Bit and Console Wars

However, in 1990, Sega emerged and launched its 16-bit console. It sparked the 4th generation of consoles. With their Sonic the Hedgehog, they immediately conquered the market. Nintendo soon followed with its Super NES, and the first real console war erupted. The companies were fighting for players with better and better game titles and experiences.

The 5th generation of consoles introduced 32- and 64-bit animation, but it was the introduction of 3D polygon gaming that made the real difference. At the end of the decade, Sony appeared, and they knocked the ball right out the park with their PlayStation console. This ushered the age of true gaming we live in to this day.

Kinds of Video Games Played

With several decades in development and constant need for new experiences for demanding gamers, a huge number of different game types came into existence. What are the kinds of video games we have today? It would take books to categorize them all, so we’ll name a few of the most relevant ones.


These are your Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog type of games. You have a colorful character who runs around the world, jumping from one platform to another. Typically, they move from one direction to the other (left to right) and pass changing levels with various enemies. The gameplay is easy to understand, but it can get complex to master.


You go around and shoot everything that moves. You’re usually in a spacecraft blasting aliens, but there are many quirky variations. These games usually involve button smashing and frantic avoidance of bullet hell that zooms towards you.


This is a huge umbrella term for games that generally don’t rely on action but are more mental and abstract. You are presented with a problem, and you need to solve it. They can be as easy as Tetris and Angry Birds, but they can also be so challenging that they make your brain hurt.


Though a great portion of these role-playing games has fantasy elements, that’s not always the case. In these games, you control characters that have unique personalities, and you get to explore worlds by going through an engaging story. In the meantime, you get lots of action and a chance to upgrade your character.

The Video Game Industry in Dollars

How big is the video game industry? Enormous! In 2020, experts estimate that the gaming industry is to generate approximately $150 billion, and this figure will continue to grow in the future. Consoles and PC games have shown an increase in revenue, but it’s the mobile games that have the biggest rise in cash flow.

From the beginning, games were cash winners. In 1980, the arcade niche of North America garnered $2.8 billion. The most successful console of all time — Sony Playstation 2 — sold over 150 million copies worldwide. Furthermore, the smashing hit Angry Birds earned about $200 million in 2017.

Developers constantly find new ways to attract new customers. The newest big thing on the horizon are Virtual Reality (VR) games with Oculus Rift technology. This is not the first tango we’ve had with VR, but it’s the newest one. Technologies like Microsoft’s Kinect seem revolutionary but may fizzle out.

Games have been with us for three-quarters of a century, and they have gone through the Cambrian era of creativity and development. Like a true form of art and ingenuity, they have come a long way, and it seems the sky’s the limit.

“All Your Base Are Belong to Us:” The Rise of Electronic Sports

It all started a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… No, not really, but it did start some time ago. And it has grown insanely over time!

e-sports is essentially just a bunch of people competing in multiple categories of video games. It’s usually multiplayer games, but you can find contests where people compete by trying to finish a certain singleplayer title the fastest, like “Mario,” for example. We call those attempts speedruns. But, no matter how entertaining speedruns are, with their innovative ways of completing different games, they sadly aren’t today’s topic. Instead, we’ll talk about multiplayer games such as “Counter Strike,” “Call of Duty,” “World of Warcraft,” “Fortnite,” “Overwatch,” “League of Legends,” and many others.

The Beginning

Decades ago, someone thought to themselves, “You know what would be fun? Competing at this cool video game!” Well, that’s the reason why the first-ever competition took place at Stanford University, where people played “Spacewar.” At the time, students were invited to attend the “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics,” as they called it. The first place reward was a one-year subscription for “Rolling Stone.” Together with the competition held by Atari for its game “Space Invaders,” this contest was the precursor to the e-gaming industry. It’s essentially how e-sports started.

Arcade games were next. Billy Mitchell’s world records in “Pac-Man” and “Donkey Kong” made arcade games rather popular in the public eye. That was one of the reasons why video games came to television, with game shows such as “Starcade” appearing in the U.S. and “First Class” in the U.K. In these shows, players competed against each other for the highest scores.

It was beneficial for many games, especially those on the PC, that internet availability had soon begun to increase worldwide. The game “Netrek,” for instance, was an online game for up to 16 players. It was among the first-ever internet teamplay games, and it used meta servers to find other open-game servers. Also, it was the first to have permanent user info.

The Build-Up

“All your base are belong to us” is a pop culture reference from an old game “Zero Wing.” It probably has one of the funniest and worst translations ever, making it a meme.

Competitive gaming became mainstream when Atari organized its first “Space Invaders” Championship in 1980. Over ten thousand players attended the event, which definitely helped gaming become a big thing today.

The evolution of gaming and gaming consoles consoles is what actually made the trend grow so much, with consoles like Sega, Playstation, and Xbox being so widely available to anyone with a TV. Just the fact you could have such leisure in your living room and play something so new and innovative at the time was amazing.

No one would have ever thought that it would have turned into competitive gaming. Well, at the time, the internet wasn’t really such a big thing. When the internet became a standard in the 2000s, gamers around the world could come together a whole lot easier, which was but a dream less than a decade before.

Gaming vs. E-sports

This might be confusing for some. Gaming vs. e-sports — what’s the difference? Well, gaming, as one would probably assume, is usually recreational. It is just playing games for fun, outside of the organized competitions. e-sports, on the other hand, are organized competitions in multiplayer games.

These competitions often offer large prize money sums. Some popular games that have the biggest prize pools are “Dota 2” with $34 million, “Fortnite” with $15million, and “League of Legends” with $6 million. And these numbers are just per tournament. The overall amount of money paid out is much, much bigger.

While the category of gaming includes competitive games, it does not mean that all games allow for such skirmishes. If you were to browse Twitch, for example, you would see that all of those people who play games there fall under the category of gaming, but they are not all necessarily competitive players. Usually, they are just entertainers, playing games for the fans. And no matter how good they are, that doesn’t make them esport athletes. Certainly, almost any game can be competitive, but most of them are just casual fun.

Team Sports

The top professional e-sports teams usually comprise players who are either scouted by managers of major teams, like Fnatic, FaZe, or TSM, or, if they are at the highest rankings, they can apply for a position in a team. Teams figure out what positions they need to fill and voila — they’re in.

There are a lot of teams, all in different categories of games, be it a shooter, MMO, MOBA, or something else. For example, the top LoL team that won the most championships would be TSM with seven wins. Next up is Team Liquid, with four wins, and the third-best would be C9, with three wins. These teams and many others have different groups of players competing in different games. For example, there is Team Liquid, a team that competes in “Dota 2” that has won a championship as well.

With video game competitions being held in so many different genres, it would really be hard to say who are the top e-sports players out there. But, according to their earnings, you can get a gist of it. For instance, N0tail, aka Johan Sundstein, is one of the most paid “Dota 2” players in the world. People would think that for “Fortnite” it would be Ninja, but nope — it’s Bugha, aka Kyle Giersdorf.


It’s quite insane how the internet changed the gaming industry in the past years. And it will only keep on growing. It really is unpredictable what will happen with gaming and e-sports. Now, everybody is focusing on the next big thing — VR. Maybe soon we will be able to lay in our beds with headgear and enjoy playing games and perhaps even competing in a world championship e-sports tournament!

Porn Games: How Do They Work?

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Pornography is an important part of our lives and culture, so it’s no surprise it made its way into gaming. Recently, companies started offering games with high-quality content focusing on sex and relationships. There are many people who enjoy dating simulators and virtual sex, so this might seem like a dream come true. 

Here, we will take a look at the history of porn, what makes it so special, and how it managed to affect the gaming industry. 

Evolution of Porn

Pornography has been around since humanity itself, and it has been evolving with us. In prehistory, pornography was simple. It was either drawing on the cave or some primitive sculpture (nude, of course). Come on — the nude form has been the center of almost every art form in existence! 

In the Renaissance, the most common figures were Aphrodite (Venus) or David. And yes, both of them were nudies. In Japan, for example, Ukiyo-e was popular between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. This artform involved erotic images painted on a wooden block, and it was one of the first forms of tentacle porn. 

But it wasn’t until photography as we know it was invented that pornography started to increase in quality and quantity. During the nineteenth century, photography was often used in erotic images. Photography eventually became erotic magazines. 

At the same time, erotic videos became popular, and it led to one of the first movies in 1896. For those curious, it was a striptease video. Over the years, the interest in pornography grew, and it became both legal and popular. During the nineties, the internet opened the door to a whole new world of pornography. 

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There are numerous porn websites, games on the internet with pornographic themes and content, and gaming sites where you can find anything from dating to sex simulator. Needless to say, some of these games are free to play, while others will require a credit card. The nature and type of these adult sex games can vary from simple puzzle games to role-playing adventures. 

Naturally, we can assume that you can find an adult video or a game regardless of the kink you have. 

Porn Games

So, what is a porn game? Any type of game that has sex or pornography as the primary theme can be considered a porn game. That doesn’t mean that every game with sex scenes is porn. Think of video games as movies. You can encounter sex scenes in comedies, action movies, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and anywhere else. But porn is just sex scenes and nothing more. Yes, there are porns with incredible stories where a step-sibling gets stuck, but that doesn’t change the fact that sex is still the primary focus of the movie. 

The same principle applies to video games. You can find numerous games online that have sex as the primary goal or theme. Some of these games are free, but to play others, you might need to buy them first. As you can probably guess already, porn games are available on almost every platform. You can play them on a PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and even on your smartphone.

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of video games (especially porn ones) is control. When you watch a movie, the only thing you can see is the predetermined story recorded by the director. With video games, you often have a degree of control. For example, you can pick a brunette over a blonde girl, or you can find the one with the biggest tits, longest hair, or whatever floats your boat. 

And the element of choice makes a world of difference, which is why the gaming industry keeps growing. 

How Does Porn Game Work?

Probably the most common questions are how does a porn game work and how to play a porn game. Unfortunately, you won’t be sticking your pee-pee anywhere. The technology is not yet as advanced (although it’s quite close) to allow you to have virtual sex. 

The earliest forms of porn video games were rather simple. The player will get a task or a challenge before them, and if they manage to solve it, they will get a nudie. The task was either to reach the score in a Tetris-like game or solve a puzzle. It offered a certain degree of fun, but the reward was a still image you could’ve found on the internet in half a second. 

That leads us to visual erotic novels. One of the games in this category is “Hardcoded.” The game is a story about a trans girl that is also an android in a cyberpunk world. If this is not enough for you to try the game, you should know that there is also a virus that makes everyone horny. “Hardcoded” is excellent for those looking for a bit deeper story with erotic elements instead of a simple sex simulator. 

Here are the Top 7 Best Adult Visual Novel Game

On the other hand, there are games like “Monster Girl Island” that offer a bare minimum of gameplay and plot, and the majority of the game is focused on sex. The plot of the game is simple. You will take the role of the human boy that ends up on the island filled with different girls, and yes, they are horny. 

Finally, we should mention the recent improvements in the world of VR. As technology progresses, so does pornography. Many companies are already combing VR sets with sex toys as a way of designing VR porn games that people could try out. 

Final Words

If one thing is certain, it is the future of porn. People love it, and there is a reason why there are so many porn websites online. And the same thing applies to video games. Many people are lonely and unwilling to bother with real humans. They want quick relief. And porn video games can offer just that. It won’t be long before we are able to visit virtual worlds and combine VR sets with sex toys to try to fulfill our fantasies. 

It seems that Joytoys from “Cyberpunk 2077” might be closer than we expected. 

Is It Normal to Be Sexually Aroused by Video Game Characters?

Many admit that they are attracted to a character from a video game. But why do some people have this fantasy fetish? What is the reason they are into a fictional character?

Teens Playing Video Games

Video games have been around for decades, and they appeal to people of all ages. However, that doesn’t mean that anyone can play every game. After all, some games are more mature than others. Today, many kids start playing video games from an early age and continue doing so in their teens.

Naturally, they will progress through different genres and themes. Video games designed for kids will be fun, promote thinking, and puzzle-solving, and there won’t be any violence. But once we get to games for teens, the content becomes more mature. That can involve blood, strong language, violence, suggestive themes, and others. At least according to ESRB ratings for “Teen.”

Finally, mature content proper is for people over seventeen. Now we are talking about sexual content, blood, gore, language, and a lot more. But each rating and video game will have their dedicated audience, and the content you’ll find in it will target a certain group.

There is no doubt that video games are popular among teens. According to a recent survey, 97% of all children in the U.S. between twelve and seventeen play video games.

Sexualization of Video Game Characters

Sexualization of characters in video games is nothing new. Sometimes it is a part of story, design, or anything else, and it is usually targeting mature players. The main reason for this is obvious — sex sells. People enjoy seeing pretty characters, and them being sexy is just a bonus. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is the only way to sell a video game.

But sexualization doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Being sexy is more than looks — there are also personality, attitude, and other traits that make a character hot. One of the best examples is Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. Everyone will agree that she is sexy. But the main reason for that is in the overall character design. Namely, she is a successful, educated archaeologist and a badass. That’s what being sexy means. Sexualization, on the other hand, is something the audience will do and how they will perceive the character.

And that’s where Bayonetta comes to light. The character is, without a doubt, overly sexualized. But at the same time, she is completely in control of it, which is part of her personality and charm. That, as a result, makes her sexy.

But, many people forget that video games are just fantasy. People are not looking for realism, and playing games is a way to escape from everyday reality, problems, or anything else.

Is It Normal to Be Sexually Aroused by Video Game Characters?

Many teens reportedly have a crush on a video game character in the same way that they would have a crush on someone from a movie or TV show. And that’s completely normal. Characters are designed to be appealing (or opposite), and their design will help writers and developers tell a story.

But being a teen can be confusing. Once you have reached a certain age, you will go through puberty and start discovering things about yourself. Thus, seeing someone attractive can be arousing for many. Furthermore, with graphics in today’s games, rendering a super-realistic character is something that many expect. And this allows companies to create beautiful characters.

Your kid having a crush on Bayonetta, Lara Croft, Kratos, Geralt, or anyone else is not so different from you having a crush on Kimberly from the Power Rangers back in the ‘90s. None of them are real, but they have a story, characteristics, personality, and appearance designed to keep you playing (or watching). And this is what makes them relatable and loveable.

How Does It Affect Your Life?

Devs often design characters to be perfect. And that’s the idea behind it. You play a video game as a part of escapism, and their goal is for you to enjoy, similarly to how fashion brands will use beautiful people to show their products. People play video games to have fun. You might have had a rough day and want to relax. So, you turn on your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or whatever and start playing your favorite game.

You might want to be a turtle, Italian plumber, or sexy Umbra Witch, but the idea is the same. And while many people make a fuss about it, in reality, it doesn’t mean a thing.

It is entirely normal to be attracted to these characters since the majority of them are developed to be attractive. Of course, if it starts taking over your life and negatively affecting you, then it might be a problem. That is quite rare, though, and many people just have a simple crush.

What About Video Game Characters That Look Like Monsters?

We mentioned characters like Bayonetta, Geralt from the Witcher, Lara Croft, and others. But what happens if you are heads over heels in love with non-human characters and find them arousing?

As you are probably aware, being into a person or a character is usually about a lot more than physical appearance. For example, monster-like characters arouse some people. But this might show something deeper.

Attraction toward monsters might be, in fact, attraction to their attitude or dominance. People who feel this way toward strong characters are often on the submissive side in their relationships.

Once again, this video game fetish it is entirely normal. Humans are one very horny species, and characters that look like monsters just might show you that you enjoy being dominated. See these video games targeted for people with specific sexual fetishes.

Why You Should Play Video Games With Your Partner

Wait, couples play video games together? Yup, they sure do! Don’t let the internet make you think that if one partner plays games, it means the other gets neglected. Sure, that can happen, but it doesn’t need to.

Playing games together is fun. It has a plethora of benefits, and we have compiled a list including just some of them. Take a good look and dive deep into the world of gaming. With your partner, of course.

The Benefits of Playing Video Games

Yes, you did read that correctly. There are actual studies done on the benefits of gaming. We’re not sure why everyone is still surprised by that.

When designing first games, we’re sure that game developers had only one thing in mind — fun! However, it turns out that gaming can benefit you in many other ways, and the video game industry has realized that too. We need to make something very clear, though. When we talk about games, we include all games in the conversation: puzzle games, adventure games, kids games.

With that in mind, did you know that games can slow the aging process? That’s right! They can also help you make new friends or teach you some actual leadership skills. Gaming can help reduce stress and ease the pain. Seriously! It’s a simple matter of having your attention on something else.

So, we suggest you think twice the next time you think something bad about gaming. Try it instead.

Disadvantages of Playing Video Games When You Have a Partner

Here we come to some slight disadvantages. Having a partner is a wonderful thing. But being a gamer and having a partner that doesn’t play or understand gaming can be a bit difficult. How so? Well, your partner gets left out of all the fun.

However, if you turn gaming into a couple’s activity, it’s benefits galore! Yes, couples do play video games. They make some amazing teams as well. So, do try to get your partner to warm up to it. There are so many games out there to play! There’s bound to be something that catches their attention.

Quality Time

Let’s start with some benefits, then, shall we? One of them is that you get to spend quality time together, even if you’re in a long-distance relationship! There are some pretty good online games out there.

Sometimes you get tired of doing the same thing over and over. Either you go to the movies, grab a coffee, or take a walk. Things can get a little repetitive. Not with gaming! You can play whatever game you find appealing and bond over it. We promise you’ll never find yourselves bored again.

To make things fair, take turns picking games to play.

Improve Communication

Just like sex, video games require communication even if you play those games for little kids. You know, the dress-up kind of games. They still require communication. You have to be able to agree on which color the dress should be, duh!

It’s similar for all other games, especially strategies and shooter games. We’ll be honest, though — games can often cause arguments between partners. One of them always has to know better. The other one gets angry because nothing is going right.

In situations like that, you have to be able to diffuse. That’s how you learn to communicate way better.

Brings You Closer Together

This one should be obvious. Spending time together, in general, brings you closer together. Gaming together does the same. That’s what working towards a common goal usually does.

Gaming can significantly improve your relationship altogether. It just needs a little bit of work. You won’t be great at every single game, and neither will you enjoy all games. It’s important to find something that suits you both. That way, you won’t run into any issues with one partner secretly being mad that you’re not playing something they want.

Work As a Team

Having a common goal brings us to yet another benefit — working as a team. You have to be close already for something like this. You also have to have your communication all worked out. Otherwise, your team won’t work as it should.

Games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, or Guild Wars require some serious collaboration. Not just between you and your partner, but between other players too. However, you and your sweetheart can ensure that you can show these other teams how it’s done! How do you do that? With lots of practice, of course. Practice makes perfect.

Having Each Other’s Back

Caring for each other is a natural part of every relationship. So is having each other’s backs. They kind of go hand in hand.

In games, though, that has to be amplified, especially if you’re playing games that require you to form teams, like aforementioned. You have to make sure the enemy doesn’t come after your beloved! And if they do, it’s revenge time.

Things like that can be really cute. They can show how much your partner cares, even if it’s just a game.

Fun Memories Together

After all, having fun is the main reason people play games. That should be your main reason, too. It just has many benefits, is all that we’re saying.

There are some quite silly games out there. So, what does that mean for you and your partner? Lots of laughter! Soon you’ll be remembering that time you laughed so hard you almost peed. Or that time you had so much trouble finishing a mission before you finally did it.

Those are memories worth creating. Gaming is not childish, and even if people think it is, it’s fun when you have someone to be childish with.


So, did we change your mind? Playing video games on your own is fun enough. But playing with a loved one? Double the fun!

You can learn a lot while gaming with your partner. Mainly, you can discover what they’re like as a person and as a team player, as well as the things they’re good at. You can learn what makes them annoyed or angry, and your communication drastically improves.

Isn’t that something every couple should want?

Cosplaying Characters Into Your Heart

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Cosplaying isn’t something new, but it is always relevant. Whether you like it or not, it is growing and spreading around the globe. Are you wondering, “What is cosplaying, anyway?” It essentially means putting on the costumes and makeup of fictional characters that people love and fantasize about.

Usually, when people talk about cosplay, they think of anime and manga enthusiasts who dress up as their favorite characters. This is true, but since it has spread to the Western culture, it now involves anyone who dresses as a character from TV shows, movies, comics, video games — you name it. These days anyone can become a cosplayer. All it takes is a bit of dedication and of course, some money.

How Cosplay Started

When looking into how to become a cosplayer, you should first learn about how cosplay started.

You might think that cosplay is something new, that it erupted all of a sudden out of nowhere. However, its roots date back to 1908, when Mr. and Mrs. William Fell dressed up as their favorite characters from the newspaper comic — Mr. Skygack and Miss Pickles.

As it was referred to at the time as “costuming,” it did not really catch on and become mainstream up until 1975 when the famous musical comedy horror film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was first premiered. The show was famous for its unique costumes for both female and male characters.

Japan caught up to this later on in 1984 when Nobuyuki Takahashi first visited the World Science Fiction Convention — Worldcon in LA. He was so amazed by the masquerade that he reported about it in Japan in “My Anime” magazine and coined the term kosupure. Later on, it spread around Japan through various magazines.

It might have started outside Japan with people dressing up for movies and series fandoms, but now, whenever someone thinks of cosplay, they relate it to Japan. Today, it’s one of the biggest industries in Japan, with thousands of people dressing up and cosplaying as their favorite characters.

The Huge Cosplay Industry

If it wasn’t evident by now, cosplaying is a huge industry for costume making and marketing of movies and video games. Some major companies even hire cosplayers to advertise their new upcoming products by wearing costumes from their game or a movie during a convention.

Certain major conventions like Gamescom and especially Comic-Con have truly helped the rise and popularity of the industry. One of the recent Comic-Con conventions has had a whopping number of 130,000 cosplayers attend it. Think about how much money that is per person for tickets. You can see how and why the industry grows so fast.

The cosplay industry has grown immensely over the past few years, and its earnings have never been higher, mostly because of social media and streaming services, such as Twitch. The industry is worth more than 45 billion dollars. With so many people joining in all over the world, it is not that big of a surprise. See why it is an industry with huge potential.

Top Cosplayers, Events, and Competitions

We’ve mentioned already a few events where cosplayers can show off their hard work, dedication, craft, and talent. However, there are many more of them. The first-ever convention was held in NYC in 1939, and it was called the “1st World Science Fiction Convention.” At the time, this whole thing was just starting out, so it wasn’t as big and glamorous as it is today. As of today’s conventions, almost every country has its own major event. Several of the most popular ones are PaxPrime, WonderCon, Tokyo Game Show, Japan Expo (which is actually not held in Japan), etc.

We’ve talked about all these events, but we didn’t cover the most important thing about them — the cosplayers themselves. Some of them are quite popular worldwide. We’ll name a few top cosplayers if you want to check them out and see their amazing work.

One that almost everyone has heard of has got to be Jessica Nigri. Yaya Han is another great cosplayer. While some cosplayers buy their costumes from designers, Yaya Han makes her own outfits. This is not the case with every model or cosplayer out there. But some of them do this since it’s part of their hobby.

Issues That Cosplayers Face

Sadly, even this wholesome industry faces the problem of discrimination and harassment.

More and more people come out saying how they have been discriminated against or harassed by creeps. It’s not just women that are victims by these people — men are too. Discrimination comes in different shapes and forms, but it’s mostly sexual, racist, or any other kind. It is a huge problem, and conventions are trying their best to fight against it and keep everyone safe and happy.

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There is even a movement called “Cosplay is Not Consent.” It exists mostly because, for some reason, people feel like, just because someone is dressed provocatively, it’s an open invitation to be either touched or taken a picture off without cosplayers’ permission. Of course, this is far from the truth. Just as you wouldn’t touch any stranger on the street, you shouldn’t do that on these events either.

That’s not the only problem though. Cosplayers are generally discriminated against for who or what they are dressed as. For example, there have been cases of guys and girls being harassed because they are cosplaying as a character of the opposite gender. Because of that, these cosplayers usually have to wear zentai or stylized masks to hide their identity.


Cosplaying has quite a long history, dating back even before Mr. and Mrs. William Fell first dressed up — that is, if you consider masquerading cosplay. You can even say it all started in the 16th century. Nonetheless, cosplaying is a great pastime for some and more than a hobby for others, no matter whether they like to dress up or admire the amazing skills of cosplayers.

If You Love Cosplay, You Are Going to Love Cosplay Sex

If your sex life needs a boost, it may be time to introduce some fantasy into the bedroom. Sometimes, what helps us unleash our true selves is a mask. Why not become a sexy pizza delivery guy for an hour and serve a hot slice to an unsuspecting French maid?

What Is Cosplay?

Let’s face it — we all like masquerading as someone else. Most people are tired of seeing the same person over and over again in the mirror. Self-love and self-acceptance are great and all, but jumping out of your skin to embody someone else for a while is a lot of fun. That’s why we all love costume parties.

Cosplay means dressing up as a fictional character of your choice. Serious cosplayers usually pick their alternate personas from anime, comics, movies, novels, video games, and other works of fantasy or fiction. They often invest a lot of time and money in their costumes and overall looks. They even go to various conventions where they engage in roleplay with other cosplayers.

People’s obsession with their favorite fictional characters can sneak into many aspects of their everyday lives. For them, real life and imagination often merge, and their elaborate costumes help them make a fantasy come to life.

What Is Fantasy Fetish?

All fetishes involve a dose of imagination and sexual fantasy — that’s what makes them so exciting. Whatever your kink is, it originates in your mind. Roleplay sex, toe sucking, and bondage all fulfill some deep-rooted desires unrelated to our day-to-day lives. Even though many of us like to be spanked in the bedroom, we would be appalled if our boss did the same to us for poorly done work.

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However, fantasy fetish takes erotic imagination to a whole new level. Those who have it are often turned on by specific fantasy worlds or mythical creatures from them. The latter can entail incorporating various sex toys in their bedroom play, such as dragon dildos.

Fantasy fetishists are full of roleplay ideas set in a mythical universe of their liking. They like to act out intricate scenarios with their partners (if they are lucky to find like-minded lovers) as foreplay. That is similar to roleplay but more complex.

What Is Cosplay Sex?

If you are fond of roleplaying different scenarios in the bedroom, why not spice them up with costumes? Cosplay fuck is like roleplay sex with costumes. But the primary difference is that it refers only to dressing up as specific characters from various works of fiction. The biggest fans of this kink are mostly serious fantasy geeks who incorporate cosplay in other aspects of their lives as well.

However, there’s no rulebook telling you how you should get off. If there is one — burn it! Even average Joes can enjoy costumed sex. You can dress up as whoever (or whatever) you like, be it Princess Leia in a golden bikini or a sexy, however generic, yoga instructor.

There are numerous ways to use cosplay in sex. Some people like to watch their partners in costume, while others prefer to dress up as fictional characters themselves. Most often, both partners engage in the dress-up. If you’ve always had the hots for a movie character, don’t be afraid to ask your partner to play them for a night. They might find it enjoyable themselves.

Cosplaying can be a prelude to the main act, or you can remain in character throughout the sexual activity. As we’ve said, there are no rules.

Cosplay Porn

If you’d like to get some ideas or see how other people do it, you should check out a few cosplay porn videos. This porn category is not as popular as some others are, but it’s still available on all major sites as there’s definitely an audience for it.

The majority of cosplay sex scenes portrayed on the mainstream sites feature petite Japanese girls with colorful hair, cat ears, furry tails, and the like. However, as cosplay is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, this porn category is beginning to branch out as well. Now, you can find some more creative videos featuring unusual props, exaggerated sex positions, and even spooky makeup.

If that is not kinky enough for you, you may draw inspiration from hentai videos and even various Japanese sex games you can easily find online. Many of them allow you to dress up (or down) your characters however you like.

Is Cosplay Sex for You?

Many people associate cosplay exclusively with anime and manga. If they are not into these themselves, they may never even consider cosplay sex. These people mistakenly believe that only “geeks” wear costumes in the bedroom. As we’ve seen, that is far from the truth. Anyone can create their own kind of fantasy to enhance theirs and their partner’s sexual pleasure.

Perhaps cosplay porn is helping this stereotype solidify. Most of these videos fit one mold. When we think about cosplay, a lot of us immediately imagine cute tiny anime girls, video game characters, and even some cringeworthy fails circulating the internet.

However, there’s much more to cosplay than what meets the eye. You or your partner don’t have to dress as a kawaii anime character. You can be a scary demon witch if that’s your thing. Cosplay also opens up the possibility of gender-bending. You may find that cross-dressing to portray your favorite character excites you more than having your partner dress up as them.

Free Your Mind, and the Clothes Will Follow

As you can see, cosplay comes with a sea of possibilities you can try out in the bedroom. If you’re open enough with your partner, you can go on wild sexual adventures together by putting on different costumes and playing your favorite fictional characters. When you run out of ideas, check out some related porn, or draw inspiration from a movie you’ve seen recently. You may even decide to go for a real-life person — your imagination is your only limit.

Nudity in Video Games

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Nudity is part of our everyday lives, and it is also quite present in video games. Whether we are talking about sexy costumes or full-frontal nudity, nearly every game today has something like this to offer. 

Reasons for Explicit Nudity in Video Games

Nudity has been a topic of controversy for decades, and many ask what the reason for explicit nudity in video games is. It is not rare to find a game that offers full-frontal nudity and even sex scenes. Since the gaming industry is rapidly growing, it seems reasonable that some titles will have a wide variety of audiences. 

Similarly to movies, each game will have an audience rating where the person buying it can see if there are profanities, nudity, violence, and such. Sometimes, sex scenes can be a reward, while in other games, they follow the story, and, let’s be honest, improve it. 

Older video games based on puzzles had nudies as a reward for completing a level, for example. In other games, like the GTA series, it serves to make the story more realistic and add a degree of freedom. 

Female Characters Usually Wear Sexy Costumes

If you’ve ever played an RPG (role-playing game), you’ve probably noticed how female armor seems a lot less protective. Women in video games often wear sexy costumes, and whether it is to complement the story or follow the source material, sometimes, it isn’t really PG-13. 

Whenever you have the option of customizing your character, the choices can be interesting. Moreover, most female armors show curves and can be a lot more revealing than male ones. 

Batman Arkham series games, for example, allow you to play as Catwoman, who is known for her tight, sexy catsuit. Furthermore, everyone knows (and loves) Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games for her tight-fitting clothes. Even though new games seem more family-friendly, everyone still remembers those triangular breasts that were the object of many fantasies during the nineties. 

And even if you don’t have the option to pick your own clothes, female characters in games can be quite provocative. One of the popular examples is Bayonetta from the series of the same name, whose clothes are also her hairstyle. Bayonetta is entirely naked, but her hair covers her body, so you can only catch a glimpse of what’s underneath. 

Sex Scenes in Video Games

Besides an occasional flash of nudity, some games offer a lot of sex scenes. Naturally, we should first mention adult video games that range from sex to dating simulators. To no one’s surprise, these have sex scenes in them. Leisure Suit Larry is just one of the examples of adult-themed games where the player can enjoy nudity and sex.

But there are also examples of titles where you can find sex scenes in otherwise not sexual games. The God of War series offered the player the chance to meet a lot of topless women and have a romance with them. Similarly, in the Witcher series, the player can visit several brothels in the game’s world. Aside from that, you can even enter a romantic relationship that can lead to sex with characters from the video game’s story. 

In these games, sex is not the primary purpose, but it serves to deepen the story and enhance it. Sex scenes behave like the ones you can find in movies or TV shows. Even though they are present, that doesn’t make it porn. Instead, that segment of the game tells a story that the players would have otherwise missed. 

Video Game Rating Guide

The most common type of video game rating system is ESRB, which was designed by a software board for video games. According to its guidelines, there are seven ratings that you can encounter. 

Early Childhood or eC is the mildest type of game you can find. These titles have light elements, simple gameplay, and are designed for children over three years. You won’t find anything that might be questionable for the three-year-olds. 

The second type is E, which is for everyone. Video games with rating E might have cartoonish violence but without real consequences. Similarly to Looney Toons cartoons, almost anyone can enjoy them. 

The higher amount of violence leads to an E10+ rating, which is a bit more serious, but nothing controversial. The target audience for these games is over ten years, which means that they are suitable for all ages, but with parental guidance.

Teen rating is for children over thirteen years, and it can offer strong language, blood, gambling, violence, and more. The equivalent of teen rating would be PG13 for movies and TV shows.

Mature rating or 17+ is for older players, and the example is the God of War and GTA series we’ve mentioned. That means mature games can have nudity, violence, gambling, gore, strong language, and so much more. We recommend you inform yourself if you are looking to get an M-rated game for your children. 

Finally, there is an Ao rating, which is for adults only. These games can have nudity and graphic sex as the central theme, but prolonged and gruesome violence can also earn Ao rating. 

It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to find a game with a PR rating. That means the rating is pending or yet to be assigned. 


Video games are fun, and, similarly to movies, they sometimes incorporate nudity or sex scenes to complement the story. However, there are x-rated video games that entirely focus on intercourse. Luckily, there is a rating system in place designed to inform you of the nature of the game before buying it. So, parents, make sure you check it before you buy your kid’s next Christmas present! 


Why does hentai appeal to men of all ages?

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Common Facts About Hentai

You may think you know everything there is to know about hentai just because you enjoy watching it. It’s just anime porn, right? So, what else is there to know about? Truthfully, hentai is so much more than anime porn. People may be watching it for animated explicit scenes, but there are some facts about hentai beginnings that most don’t know about.


Do you know when hentai came to exist? Many would guess it’s been around for a few decades. But hentai has been around for hundreds of years now as a form of art called Shunga. This art form depicted explicit scenes that people enjoyed centuries ago, but it was suppressed before it really became popular.


Nowadays, hentai is much different. In fact, these are animated movies with elaborate plots that involve or revolve around sexual activities entirely. So, it’s not all about having sex. Heck, did you know that hentai simply means “pervert” in Japanese? That’s why you can hear it in other anime as well.


This kind of animated porn is perfect for people who have an anime fetish. If you’re really persistent, you can even find your favorite anime characters having sex with each other.

Hentai Contains the Viewers’ Fantasy

Some anime is all about fan service. This means characters are drawn with exaggerated breasts that shake violently with their every move. Not only that, but sometimes anime show characters’ butts or even underwear. This is how anime makers make the sexualization of their characters much easier than before. Sure, you can sexualize a character even when they’re completely innocent.


Once you start sexualizing your favorite anime character, it’s easy to start forming fantasies around having sex with them. This isn’t only true for anime but video game characters too. You can’t make these fantasies come true, but you can see some of them in video form. How come? Hentai has many categories that include porn with a variety of anime or video game characters.


Some of these hentai clips are basic, only including one position and motion for a couple of minutes. However, this is more than enough to satisfy some men’s urges. Contrarily, you’ll need to spend a bit more time searching if you really want to look for more elaborate anime featuring your favorite characters. Don’t give up because they’re not impossible to find. A helpful hint is searching for keywords in Japanese!

Hentai Contains Younger ‘Actors’

Something that many people find problematic about this kind of animated sex is younger or underage participants. These are usually teenagers engaging in various sexual acts, and some men find that fascinating. It doesn’t take a lot for anyone to figure out why this may be wrong. Western countries are especially the ones that condemn this kind of hentai and even consider ownership of such animations a crime. Also, they urge Japan to try to implement the same kind of punishment for people that watch and create these kinds of animations.


So, what’s going on in the Land of the Rising Sun? This country strictly prohibits any portrayal of genitals or pubic hair. That’s why hentai makers started creating actors that appear to be very young to bypass these rules and restrictions. People usually tie this attraction to young-looking actors with pedophilia, but we don’t think that’s the case.


Historically, the Japanese have always been attracted to anybody who looks youthful. This only further results in next generations looking even younger than the previous ones. Being attracted to someone who appears young doesn’t mean someone’s a pedophile, and that’s what the Western countries are most worried about.

Hentai Is Softer Than Actual Porn

If you don’t really enjoy watching rough sex, hentai might be perfect for you. Don’t get us wrong: real porn can be soft and have elaborate plots, too. But hentai just takes things to a different level. There’s no real explanation to what soft means, but it’s something that many men feel about hentai. Soft porn is the kind of porn that shows or describes sex in not so detailed or violent ways. Sometimes, it can be all about love-making where you don’t even see any genitals.


Of course, there are different categories of hentai that may suit you. While soft porn is one of them and definitely one of the more popular categories, there are all kinds of porn that will satisfy any hentai fetish you may have.


We know by now that hentai movies have elaborate stories that make you want to watch the whole thing. The same can’t usually be said for real porn because the lines seem forced, and you know where everything leads. With hentai, it feels like you’re watching anime, and then you’re surprised with occasional explicit scenes.

Hentai Contains Unusual Fetishes

Now, let’s talk about fetishes. In comparison to what some people find arousing, foot fetishes and BDSM are vanilla. We’re not here to judge but to say that not all fetishes can be made into a reality. Did you ever find a monster villain from your favorite video game or anime attractive? Even wanted to have sex with them? These kinds of fetishes aren’t unheard of. But, obviously, they can’t become true because your object of satisfaction isn’t real.


However, fret not because hentai accommodates everyone’s needs. The most popular hentai category is usually tentacle porn. A fun fact about this kind of porn is that hentai artists created it to bypass Japan’s nudity restrictions. Since they can’t show penises, they’ll show tentacles. And while they may not look the same, they surely act similarly. Also, tentacles can be multipurpose, serving as penises and hands too. That’s why you can see all kinds of characters ‘randomly’ have tentacles.


Aside from this, people can be attracted to or identify as furries, too. And that’s why many hentai characters have animal ears or tails that they could use for penetration. Trust us when we say that hentai will satisfy all your needs and urges, no matter the kind of fetish you have.

Hentai Is ‘Less Harmful’

Lastly, let’s talk more about the differences between hentai and real porn. Many men find hentai easier to watch because it’s not as violent as real porn can be. In fact, the porn industry isn’t as great as the content they might produce. We know that from stories of various porn actors and actresses. So, how do you continue to watch porn but not support the industry that potentially harms people physically and mentally? You switch to hentai.


Since hentai actors aren’t real people, one could even say that this kind of porn is the most humane. Even when animation looks violent or rough, no real people are hurt in the process of making it. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that hentai has no downsides. It fulfills all of your fantasies and doesn’t hurt people. What more could you want from porn? That should be enough to satisfy anyone.


The only reason why some people report preferring real to animated porn is that it’s easier for them to imagine things while watching real porn. With hentai, you can’t imagine what a woman’s skin would feel like, even though it looks perfectly smooth.

BDSM lifestyle that you might want to try

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On the face of it, many people find BDSM offputting. That’s why they don’t give it any further thought. But the truth is that most people don’t know what BDSM is all about, missing out on all the good stuff it offers.

So let’s get the definition out of the way first.

What is BDSM?

BDSM is short for “bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.” Logically, BDSM sex is a sexual encounter that involves any or all of these aspects. Props like whips, straps, leather gear, and handcuffs are common in BDSM activities.

People engage in BDSM for a variety of reasons. They do it to explore trust, act out fantasies of submission or control, or just as an emotional release in a safe environment. 

BDSM encounters usually have a top and a bottom, i.e., the dominant and the submissive role. The bottom or submissive one may have some control, though, like dictating what will happen to them next.

BDSM often includes role-play elements, allowing the participants to assume roles to enact a sexual fantasy.

Popular BDSM lifestyle that you might want to try

Pet play 

Pet play is a very common kind of BDSM kink. Essentially, it involves one person playing a pet and the other playing its owner.


The top/bottom dynamic here is obvious, and playing it out is easy. The pet is the bottom in the dominant/submissive relationship, the one obeying every whim of the owner.

The pet/owner role-play typically needs special gear to make it spicy:

  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Tail butt plugs
  • Cat ears
  • Muzzles
  • Doggy bowl
  • Gags
  • Knee pads (to keep the knees and elbows pain-free)

You don’t necessarily need these props, but they make the whole experience much sexier.

You can role-play any kind of pet that tickles your fancy. But three kinds of pet play tend to dominate the BDSM scene:

  • Kitten play
  • Puppy play
  • Pony play

If you’d like something more primal, you can try the aptly named primal play. Primal play often requires no toys, and people practicing it tend to use their nails and teeth instead.


DDLG is an acronym for Daddy Dom/Little Girl. In this dynamic, one person plays the dominant Daddy that disciplines and cares for the sub, that being the Little Girl. The Little Girl is usually naive, childlike, and very obedient. Depending on what you like, the Little Girl can act as anything between a teen and a baby.

But just because the title has “daddy” in it doesn’t mean the man of the relationship has to play a literal father. There are tons of variations BDSM practitioners can choose from:

  • DDLB (Daddy Dom Little Boy)
  • TMLG (Trans Mommy Little Girl)
  • TMLB (Trans Mommy Little Boy)
  • TDLB (Trans Daddy Little Boy)
  • TDLG (Trans Daddy Little Girl)
  • MDLG (Mommy Dom Little Girl)
  • MDLB (Mommy Dom Little Boy)


The master/slave role-play makes room for more extreme domination. That includes tying up the sub, humiliating them in imaginative ways, putting them through titillatingly painful experiences, and more.

As far as props go, the following will make for a great time:

  • Ropes
  • Canes
  • Hoods
  • Paddles
  • Cuffs
  • Chastity toys
  • Collars
  • Gags
  • Spreader bars
  • Yokes
  • Whips
  • Blindfolds
  • Chokers
  • Clamps (for the nipples, genitals, nose)

Bondage play is a big part of the slave/master game. It’s a great way to completely give up control to your dominant partner or the other way around.


The relationship between the millionaire and the commoner is similar to that of the master and the slave. The former is in complete control, giving them room to do whatever they please with their unfortunate partner.

When discussing the millionaire/commoner scenario, most people’s minds immediately go to movies/books like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “365 Days.” Both of these offer tons of ideas for how to spice up this role-play in case your creative juices aren’t flowing.


This role-play isn’t necessarily as forceful as the previous two, as doctors usually lack absolute power over their patients. But on the upside, this dynamic opens up possibilities for a plethora of fun props. Here are some examples:

  • Wartenberg pinwheel
  • Spreader bars (to imitate stirrups)
  • Latex gloves,
  • Warming device
  • Speculum
  • Small flashlight
  • Overhead desk light
  • Lubricant
  • Enema kit
  • Ice cubes 
  • Tongue depressor
  • Gauze

Of course, feel free to dress up for the occasion. In most cases, a doctor’s coat and stethoscope will do as far as the doctor is concerned. If you’re playing the patient, consider wearing clothes you’ve already decided to throw away since you can cut them with scissors while role-playing. 


This one offers a great chance for you to get all dressed up (if you like the office setting as the background for your BDSM play). What’s more, it’s a great way to vent about any frustrations you might feel at your workplace, be it as a CEO or a dock worker.

The classic scenario in this category is the boss/secretary role-play. But you can try out many different variants. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Boss/intern
  • Newly promoted boss/employee who was once the boss’ superior
  • Boss/employee begging for a promotion
  • Boss/employee blackmailing the boss


A classic in the role-play scene. One person plays the authoritative teacher, while the other plays the unwitting student in detention. Alternatively, the student can turn out to be the dom by lashing out against the teacher’s institutional authority.

Some good props include:

  • Rulers
  • School outfits
  • Blackboard
  • Glasses
  • Ties
  • Books

The teacher/student role-play is noticeably removed from what most people associate with BDSM. In fact, many people that dislike BDSM have likely given it a try. That’s what makes it such a good gateway to the world of the BDSM community. 


Of course, there are many other ideas for the BDSM lifestyle, too many to talk about here. Feel free to let your imagination run wild with all the possible scenarios and by owning sex toys available at the LG store.

But don’t get carried away: there are a few key rules everyone that practices BDSM follows:

  • There should always be a safe word
  • Agree on the limits you and your partner are willing to go to
  • Negotiate everything before getting started
  • Consent is vital — never do anything without it

How Can Video Games Make You Smarter?

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People often believe that video games are bad for the brain, eyesight, and whatnot. But is that the truth? Or is there more to it? The gaming industry is rapidly growing, and some video games have mind-blowing budgets. 

So, why are they so popular? Can they make you smarter? Or are they just a way to ruin your eyes? Well, we will find out. Here, we will discuss all the things that may happen to those who play video games. 

Video Game Stereotypes

Video games are old. They have been around for quite a while. The first games were quite basic, and they used an oscilloscope instead of a display. As you can probably guess, they weren’t as popular as they are today. The biggest change came with Atari, and later with the first PlayStation. Earlier PCs weren’t capable of playing video games, but as games started becoming more and more popular, companies started focusing on different devices, genres, and so on. 

Today, you can play a game on nearly anything. You can use consoles like PlayStation or Xbox, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, smartphones, PCs, and so on. A lot of things have changed since the forties, but some remained the same. There are still so many people who believe that video games are harmful and that they will do more harm than good. 

There are so many stereotypes you can hear today. You probably heard some of them, like, that video games affect your sight, that people spending hours on games will go blind (or close to it). The most common discussion in the world is that video games cause violence. There are so many games with guns, shooting, and fighting, and people are convinced that it will cause children to be more violent. And that’s rubbish. It isn’t different from movies, novels, and any other media. 

In reality, video games can be beneficial for both children and adults. But people are always afraid of things they don’t understand. They follow inertia, and it wasn’t long ago when people were afraid of electricity or cars.  

Researchers and Scientists Say Otherwise

For the past couple of decades, scientists have been trying to discover the effects of video games and what will happen to children who are exposed to them at an early age. As it turns out, video games are beneficial for brain functions and problem-solving. Naturally, it depends on the type of game a person is playing, but more on that later. 

One of the first things you might notice is improved coordination. People often believe that children are only staring at the screen, but they are improving their coordination. Regardless of the game they play, there is always something that they need to do in order to progress or finish the game. 

Some games have puzzles or riddles the player needs to solve before they can continue. That will force children to think about the task at hand and improve their problem-solving skills. A similar thing can apply to concentration and focus. While there are games that you can play on auto-pilot, the majority of video games will require you to complete a certain task. That means that you’ll need to concentrate. 

Since video games will often follow a story, you will get an excellent chance to learn more about a specific topic. For those living in a non-English speaking country, they might improve their knowledge and learn a second language. Some games will allow you to change the language, featuring localization in French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and German. 

Genres and Video Game Benefits

Let’s talk about specific games, types, and how they might affect the player. Shooting video games like the “Call of Duty” series are an excellent way for the player to improve their reaction speed. There are so many things happening at the same time, and they will need to move around, hide, shoot, and anything else necessary to survive. 

On the other hand, if they decide to play action games, the focus will be somewhere else. A perfect example is the “Tomb Raider” series. The game follows Lara Croft, a young archaeologist in search of truth, secrets, and knowledge. The player will encounter riddles from time to time, they will need to think about each problem, and they might learn a lot. Even if we take a look at the newer series with “Shadow of the Tomb Raider,” the game is still filled with facts about ancient civilizations, mythology, and secrets. 

Of course, action video games or action-adventure are just one of many genres available. RPG (role-play games) are often focusing on the story, which will help players with memory, enhance multitasking skills, and so on. The player will need to follow different stats like the health bar, armor, enemy level, mini-map, and so on. 

Thanks to the faster internet connection and LAN connection, people are able to play with others on the same network. Today, you can even talk to other people while playing the same game. That can significantly improve one’s social skills. Many people enjoy online games, and they consider it to be a social activity. 

You can find a game for any possible genre, and each will be able to improve different parts of a person’s life. Video game players can improve their cognitive skills and achieve so much more during their gaming sessions. 


So, the final question is whether the game will make someone smarter. Well, no. Playing games won’t make you smarter, but it will help you with many different things. Think of it as going to the gym, but for gray matter. It might serve you as an exercise for your brain that will help you think faster, solve puzzles, etc. 

Are Video Games As Addicting As Masturbation?

Staying up late with pink eyes from the whole day of looking at the screen? Got no luck ending your week- or month-long streak? Yes, these are all the signs of addiction. Now, since it is 2021, it isn’t an addiction to heroin. No, sir. The future has a trick up its sleeve for the kids who grew up in front of the monitor.

Video Games, Porn, and Masturbation

The aforementioned confused and dehydrated state is a result of two things that torture the modern man — porn (and masturbation) and video game addiction. These two relatively different actions actually have a lot in common. For one, they both create very high psychological addiction. This addiction is rooted in the depts of our brain, or to be precise, in its reward system.

These new types of addiction differ from substance abuse because we enjoy more than one kind of pleasure and stimulation from the same source. With drugs and alcohol, it is not so easy to mix and match. The high you feel when you use your hands to dismantle your opponent or your raging hornyniness comes from a feeling of a new experience. Every match is an opportunity for a new pleasure, much like every orgasm is.

Your body gets so used to such massive dopamine rushes when watching porn that anything else becomes incomparable to it. So what do you think happens when you score a headshot from 50 meters in multiplayer?

Can Video Games Trigger Your Addiction to Masturbation?

There is no evidence that life is easy. It’s true. It’s unpredictable, unfair, and doesn’t care about your plans. Having to cope with all those things while losing a battle with hormones and realizing that adults don’t know what they are doing with their life either bears a heavy burden on our mental health. 

Ironically, we get introduced to video games and porn just at that point, in the early stage of life. They stick to our psychological system like a form of escape, much like drugs and alcohol. Escape from harsh reality and safe heaven in which pleasures are harvested whenever we need them. It is a handy yet unsatisfying fix. It leaves us wanting for more but never quite reaching that completeness. 

So while we contemplate just how boring real life is, gaming and porn seem much more exciting. With just a little effort, you can reward your brain with a stream of sensations. That provides a rapid release of dopamine to our brain. The equation from this moment forward is pretty simple. The more you expose your brain to these kinds of stimulants, the more it becomes numb to them. So we do it more and more, hopelessly spiraling harder and harder into an addiction.

The horrifying thing here is that, after a while, your brain experiences structural changes: numbed pleasure response (everyday activities no longer satisfy you), hyper-reactivity to gaming (gaming is really exciting, and everything else not so much), and erosion of willpower (your inability to quit comes from reduced or no willpower exactly because of the structural changes). 

It’s completely the same with porn addiction. In simple words, the substance or sensation here is irrelevant. It’s the faulty way your system is struggling with this phenomenon.

Rewiring Your Brain 

Luckily for you and what right now seems like the majority of men, the internet community pulled together all of its strengths and high thinkers and came with a solution. The only cure that has been confirmed to work is to somehow rewire your brain so that it no longer needs porn or games for a sensation that is a mile high. 

The important thing that should be mentioned here is that honestly, there is no going back to the time when our brain was content with mild erotica or a match of hangman. Once you expand your consciousness, nothing stays the same. That’s why it is so hard getting off drugs, alcohol, or dealing with any other addiction.

Since there is no substance involved in our two little addictions, or to be precise, the substance is in our brain, there is a chance you can teach your brain to use it in a different way. Rewiring, in this case, basically means substitution. 

No Fap Challenge 

As soon as the internet recognized this horrible menace and threat to society, the No Fap Challenge was invented. The challenge was to restrain yourself from wanking for a month and then see what happens.

The idea behind this is simple. As soon as you stop giving your brain treats in the form of a quick game with your friends or a quick one with your other friends, it starts to seek sensations in other places. All that extra energy has to go somewhere. As you recall, we said that nothing seems much fun anymore to you. So, your brain gasps in an attempt to find something even remotely strong that will bring back the good old dopamine. 

There is a myth that Tesla, the famous inventor, deliberately gave up on relationships with women to dedicate his life to science. It sounds like macho bullshit, yes. But we all know that one female friend who wants to put her career before the kids or family.

The important thing that begs to be said here is that many of the people who tried the No Fap thing reported that, after a while, they lost interest in porn and soon enough for playing games altogether. This only shows that the reason for these addictions lies in our psychological system and not in the outside environment.

Healthy gaming

“My attorney never understood the notion, often said by former drug abusers, that you can get a lot higher without drugs than with them,” says Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and loathing. 

It is every addict’s dream. To be able to enjoy your favorite high but keep all the modesty you had before it became an actual addiction. What seemed like a normal thing to do a couple of years back now seems like an impossible task. On top of everything now, there is a certain amount of fear around all this because you know that relapse is just a corner away. You’ve been on that road a few times, and you know that it’s not very pleasant there. But you shouldn’t give up easily because there’s always the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The ideal situation should be staying off porn and video games for some time. You will develop healthy mechanisms when it comes to dealing with the urges for just one last hit. Also, the positive feedback you will get and all the stuff you will do will make you a stronger person. 

Then and only then should you start thinking of a way to start playing video games and masturbating in a healthy way. The key is to have enough activities incorporated into your everyday routine that coming back to the old would seem like a complete waste of everything you achieved. The good must outweigh the bad, padawan. But the Force is strong in you! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

When the Sexy Female In-Game Characters Become a Problem

The debate of whether or not female in-game characters should be sexualized is one that has been raging since people first noticed that certain pixels had been composed to look like breasts. But is it really a problem? Well, let’s take a dive and look for the answer. But first, let’s make some things clear so that we are on the same page.

  • In-game Characters: These are any characters within the world of the video game you are playing. They include the playable leads, the non-playable ones, the background characters, etc.
  • Being sexy: By definition, it implies that the person, creature (we are talking video games, after all), or thing is sexually attractive. Sexy characters are often referred to as eye candy. It is all subjective, but there are stereotypically appealing features that make a character sexy.
  • Being sexualized: This is when a character is explicitly designed to be sexy. They often have stereotypically hot assets like curves and scanty clothing.

The Sexy Female Character

Sex appeal sells products. Things are no different in the video game industry. However, this may not have been the goal for female leading characters at first (e.g., Samus from “Super Metroid”) since all characters were just spot-looking pixels. Now, game developers can craft detailed female bodies that have jumped into the realm of stereotype.

The stereotypical view of the sexualized female:

  • Big boobs or booty;
  • Short skirts;
  • Looking cute, sexy, or pretty (think of the old controversy regarding female battle armor in games);
  • Often little to no personality;
  • Being a background or supportive character to the male protagonists.

While male and female gamers (as well as the rest of the population) are into good-looking folks, this should not be the only purpose behind a character. Many male characters are designed to be attractive — Nathan Drake (“Uncharted”) comes to mind — but they have a personality and charm. Female characters back in the day only looked good, with little to no personality. This is not a character but an object. Also, it makes sexy in-game characters problematic.

Sexy vs. Sexualized

Yes, gamers do like to partake in empowering fantasy narratives by making their character look a certain way. But, when you do not have the chance to customize assets, are you really that empowered when the female protagonist just looks good and nothing more? Well, there are two sides to this debate.

The one side is that no, girls are not as empowered as they should be when playing sexualized characters. There can be a slight limitation on relatability since not all real people see themselves as sexy or attractive. Therefore, sexy characters may come across as objects that some of the players cannot connect with.

However, some people believe that sexy female in-game characters are empowering as hell. This can tie back to the notion of fantasy empowerment narrative. Therefore, sexualizing a character can work in the gamer’s (and the developer’s) favor in this case.

The thing with being able to create your character is that they are a blank slate in terms of personality. A blank slate means that the player can create their avatar’s personality or impose their own into them. Therefore, the customized character is not an object but an actual character even if they do not speak. Here, you can create your strong female character in whatever way you want. But nowadays, there are many established non-customizable strong female leads that women and men can play as.

The Rise of the New In-Game Females

Game devs don’t necessarily sexualize the female leads, but they still end up being sexy. But things are changing. An example can be Chun Li from “Street Fighter” (1987). She is attractive, but she has a ton of skills, making her a challenge to beat.

Then there is Lara Croft from “Tomb Raider” (1996). She had big boobs (due to a joke), but more importantly, she had sass, intelligence, and personality. She had skills and something extra. That is what made her stand out.

Many games seem to have taken note (even if on a subconscious level), such as “Horizon Zero Dawn” with their lead Aloy. She is sarcastic, sassy, skillful, and her outfit covers her body. Plus, she does not have stereotypically exaggerated curves.

It would seem that the new female MCs are getting more and more human. Their skills and emotions are put forward, while the sexualization is slowly getting toned down. They are still attractive because people like to look at pretty characters, though.

If they are sexy, it is often due to personal taste. If they are sexualized, it has to do with sexiness being used as a skill, a way to progress in the story.

Female In-Game Characters That Players Find Sexy

No talk of sexy characters would be complete without a short list of the sexiest in-game characters and protags. But, to not objectify them, we will point out their traits that lie beneath the surface of their physical attractiveness. So the top five sexy in-game characters in no particular order (since it is subjective):

  • Tifa Lockheart from “Final Fantasy VII” — She is a bouncer at the bar that she runs. Plus, she is someone who supports others (more than herself) and tries to keep them happy.
  • Triss Merigold from “The Witcher” — Triss is often described as a femme fatale with tons of magical powers. She is selfish but, at times, caring. Also, she is full of wisdom and can easily seduce if need be.
  • Bayonetta from “Bayonetta” — She is powerful but also has a cool, collective disposition, which could give the vibe of an intelligent dominatrix.
  • Sylvanas Windrunner from “World Of Warcraft” — From a slave to a leader! Windrunner gained strength and leadership skills by overcoming her struggles.
  • Cassie Cage from “Mortal Kombat 11” — While new to the well-known fighting franchise, this character is quick-witted, funny, and a skilled marksman. And she has a sidekick drone!

Round Off

Good-looking people are attractive, but characterization makes players come back for more. Sexy or sexualized female in-game characters don’t have to be a problem if we do it the righ way. If females in video games are people first, then we are on the right path. Sexualization should add to the character, not make them an object. We are slowly getting there, it seems, and we’re seeing the rise of new in-game female characters!