Do Gamers Get Laid? — The Truth According to Gamers

What do you mean do we get laid? Of course we do! What kind of question is that?

But in truth, of course, it varies, just like with everything in life. You know, like how a common misconception that all of us all do is game and or how we are all actually good at gaming. Well, some might be good, but most of us are scrubs. But some do have a casual or not-so-casual sex life. Maybe because they are so good that girls are into them or because they are regular people just like everyone else?

The Gamer Stereotypes

There are many stereotypes surrounding gamers. The most common ones are that they are antisocial introverts or lazy freeloaders who are playing video games all day. There are also those stereotypes about almost every single one of them being a teenager, or — and this is the best one — that gaming causes violence.

Stereotypes are often true. However, when it comes to gamers, most of them are not. Most gamers nowadays are actually quite successful people who like to relax in their free time by playing games. You know gaming is not a cheap hobby, right? It takes quite a bit of money.

While these claims are mostly false, the correct one is that gaming can be quite a toxic environment. We know it contradicts the relaxation part of the hobby, but multiplayer games can be very toxic because, well, there are all sorts of people online.

The Impact of Video Games on Social Life

“Gaming makes people neglect their social life.” You could say that this is a common misconception as well. Let us explain.

Gaming really is a thing you do alone in your room. But, it involves getting in touch with real people across the web. Multiplayer games help people develop long-term friendships and even help some people find relationships.

While gaming has the positives of social interactions online, it does have some negatives. For example, the toxicity we’ve mentioned before. The fact that you’re not in the same room with people you are playing against makes you forget that they are real people with feelings. Also, it’s easy to be rude and blaming others for mistakes or misplays. We gotta keep in mind that what we do and say over the internet still affects real people at the end of the day. Maybe we should all try and be less toxic, both online and offline.

Why Many Video Game Players Don’t Have Girlfriends

Someone is gonna go and tell you something like, “Oh, I don’t have a girlfriend! I don’t have time for her — I need to focus on gaming”. Sure, that is a thing someone could tell you, but that person lies to you and to themselves. Sure, a few of them are professional gamers who play games for money. They are actually busy and would rather spend their time practicing for the next tournament. It earns them money, after all.

Having a girlfriend is kind of a full-time job. If you had one before your gaming urge kicked in, then keeping up with the relationship might not be too hard. But, as with any other demanding job, going out, spending time with people, and meeting people is a must. It can be quite hard to find time for all that. With all the training, learning the strategies, or meeting with sponsors, some gamers just don’t have enough time for a girlfriend. So, if your plan was to date a gamer, ask first if he’s a pro or not.

Blurring the Line

Have you heard of the word “simp?” We bet you haven’t. Even the Oxford dictionary hasn’t updated the meaning of it yet. While it is an abbreviation of the world simpleton, it doesn’t share the same meaning. If we were to refer to Google, the term means “someone who is overly obsessed with a girl.” That is usually a person who spends too much time and often money on women just so that they can get a piece of their attention. Even if it were for a mere moment. Those people replace actual social interactions with gamer girls on streaming platforms or chat rooms.

But simps are not the only ones who replace social interactions with online relationships. Gamers do too, though not everyone is a simp. Sometimes it can be easier and nicer for some to meet others in the online world than to go out. But that is not that bad. Some chat rooms help out people with problems such as social anxiety and other problems too.

The Truth According to Gamers

This has been talked about before, but, according to everyone else, gamers don’t have sex or relationships. Well, according to gamers who have lives outside gaming, it is kind of debunked. You see, many famous people came out saying how they are gamers and enjoy playing games in their free time.

Considering one of them is Henry Cavill, a famous Hollywood actor. He proudly plays games and has recently become a PC builder of sorts. I think it’s safe to say that, yes, gamers do get laid. If Henry, Superman himself, isn’t the living proof of that, we don’t know who is.

Gamers are just normal people. They are not what the media portrays them as. Most of them might not be as built or successful as Henry, but they do live quite normal lives.


Yes, gamers are obsessed with games. No, it’s not a bad thing. It really isn’t that different from any other hobby out there. Gaming is similar to fishing, cooking, and sports like football or basketball, as well as exercising or drawing.

People can get overly consumed by anything — if they allow it to happen. And when someone loves something, and if it doesn’t harm them, we don’t see why people would have such a negative view on it.