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Why does hentai appeal to men of all ages?

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Common Facts About Hentai You may think you know everything there is to know about hentai just because you enjoy watching it. It’s just anime porn, right? So, what else is there to know about? Truthfully, hentai is so much more than anime porn. People may be watching it for animated explicit scenes, but there are some facts about hentai… Read more »

Do Video Game Ratings Really Work? Yes, They Can — But…

How Video Game Ratings Can Help You As a Parent  The argument that video games and violence go hand-in-hand has been raging since “Pong.” So much so that video game ratings systems were established and are being used to this day. But do these ratings work? And what more do you as a parent do? Are Video Games to Blame?… Read more »

From Pong to Donkey Kong: Evolution of Video Games

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When you see an elderly gentleman, chances are he is younger than the first video game. Video games have been around for 70 years. Pacman has been popping pills for 40 years straight, and Mario is 38, and they are not the oldest! There had been a whole decade of popular games before them! Video games have been a cultural… Read more »

“All Your Base Are Belong to Us:” The Rise of Electronic Sports

It all started a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… No, not really, but it did start some time ago. And it has grown insanely over time! e-sports is essentially just a bunch of people competing in multiple categories of video games. It’s usually multiplayer games, but you can find contests where people compete by trying to… Read more »

Porn Games: How Do They Work?

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Pornography is an important part of our lives and culture, so it’s no surprise it made its way into gaming. Recently, companies started offering games with high-quality content focusing on sex and relationships. There are many people who enjoy dating simulators and virtual sex, so this might seem like a dream come true.  Here, we will take a look at… Read more »

When the Sexy Female In-Game Characters Become a Problem

The debate of whether or not female in-game characters should be sexualized is one that has been raging since people first noticed that certain pixels had been composed to look like breasts. But is it really a problem? Well, let’s take a dive and look for the answer. But first, let’s make some things clear so that we are on… Read more »