How to Increase your Chances of Getting Laid

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The rules of modern dating and hooking up are always evolving. If you’re single today, you probably know that there are tons of new ways to meet women. Dating sites and social media have made it incredibly simple for us to find people who are explicitly DTF and are looking for casual sex. Moreover, social norms have changed, which means random flings and one-night stands are no longer as taboo as they used to be. But even with that in mind, people still often encounter difficulties while trying to get laid.

Poor social intelligence and lack of sexual confidence can ruin your chances with women. It only takes a few wrong moves to send you home alone. Luckily, what we’re about to reveal below will show you the right approaches! Check out some expert tips that will increase your chances of getting laid! 

Women Are Also Sexual Beings, and They Want Sex Too

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While this feels like a blatantly obvious tip, most men will neglect it. Guys can sometimes forget that women are just as horny as they are. Ladies want to get laid, even if they don’t show it, and they want it for several reasons. These sometimes include intimacy, the desire to be wanted, proving something, feeling confident or attractive, and more. And at other times, they just want to get dirty and fuck. 

However, men who fail to understand women and their sexuality will never find their ultimate slut. Firstly, you’ll need to accept that girls want to get lucky just as much as you do. That means that you have to learn how to talk to girls and relate to their sexuality. The worst thing you can do is to believe that the same turn-ons and sex tips work for all women. In reality, each girl is unique. A true loverboy knows exactly how to understand every woman he encounters.  There is always a way to make her crazy for you, and you just need to figure it out.

The key thing to remember with sex and dating is always to take your time and actively interact with each woman you encounter. It doesn’t matter if your fling is a one-time thing or a long-term connection — you’ll have to express genuine interest as well as respect for her and maintain a positive attitude. While women want to get lucky as much as you do, they can easily tell if you’re faking it or not. That’s why you’ll need to be genuine, get to know her emotionally, and learn what fuels her sexual desires. If she’s DTF for the same reasons, you’ll definitely hit a home run, and you can go all out in seducing your girl.

Consent Is Essential

Sex between two people requires mutual consent. When hooking up, both of you must agree to it. It’s also essential to avoid manipulation or coercion and any other tactic that can mislead or force people to give their consent. 

Always avoid all types of “tricks” that can manipulate women into sex. You have to get it freely and enthusiastically. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of talking about it before you slip into bed with someone. 

However, consent doesn’t only encompass a yes/no answer. If you take your partner home, it doesn’t mean that she’ll instantly be up for a brutal anal pounding and “daddy” talk. Try not to pull out your leather masks, sex swings, or anything else before you discuss boundaries and rules! Even if she wants “no” to mean “yes,” you’ll have to communicate it beforehand.

Be Confident

How many times have you heard about guys staying in the friend zone forever and never taking a girl home? One of the primary reasons men fail with women is lack of confidence. 

Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest things to focus on and improve while flirting. Being a strong and self-assured man is actually the simplest way to impress women and get their juices flowing. And that doesn’t mean you need to be a ripped and dominant alpha male with a massive DNA rifle hidden in your jeans. She’ll be able to sense if you’re confident by the things you do or say.

You’ll only have a few moments to prove that you’ve got enough game to take her home. You can use your masculine energy, body language, behavior, and conversation style to exert confidence and make her feel good. 

Use the Power of Touch 

Another huge mistake you can make is never to touch her while flirting. Touching is one of the best flirtation tricks because it sparks attraction and arousal. If you always avoid physical contact with your date, you won’t be able to build attraction.

The trick is to use physical contact and body language while interacting with her. Try a few subtle touches on the waist, shoulders, back, or arms. Moreover, physical contact is incredibly effective if you sit close to each other. You can try to join your thighs or shoulders while doing so. That will allow women to sense that you’re confident and that you’re 100% into them. Additionally, it will allow them to subconsciously feel what it’s like to be touched by you during sex. You should also combine touch with eye contact and flirty comments or similar. 

Ultimately, you shouldn’t be afraid of finding any excuse to touch your date. It will rub them in the right way, and, depending on how things go, a simple touch could lead to teasing and a whole lot more. 

Overcome Rejection

Another thing to stay away from completely is fear of rejection. If you’re afraid, just remember that life is just too short for all that nonsense!

Rejection is actually a natural part of sex and learning to get laid. You shouldn’t take it too personally if someone is not into you. So don’t try to label or judge yourself only based on your previous interaction with someone who has turned you down. Also, keep a positive attitude. Always look for rejection as an opportunity for something new. Moreover, everyone is different, and thousands of people are looking to get together with someone. If your date blows you off, simply move on to the next one with even more confidence. And the best part about all this is that women love a man who isn’t scared of being rejected! 

Dress Up and Smell Good

Last but not least, thinking about your clothes and image is a deal-breaker. Your charm, humor, money, huge and glorious love rocket, or anything else won’t get you anywhere if you’re unkempt and scruffy. 

A true gentleman knows how to dress adequately, so it’s time to unleash your inner James Bond. However, that doesn’t mean you have to load up on designer jeans, luxurious watches, and high-quality suits. Small changes will go a long way. 

Try to keep your hair trimmed and tidy, wear clean clothes, smell fantastic, and learn how to dress well. Women will appreciate the effort you make to look good, even if that means you’ll be a bit late for your date. So always look your best!

Closing Thoughts

These simple dating and  tips are only the beginning, and it’s up to you now to make the first step to getting laid. So follow the tricks we’ve revealed today on your next date and good luck with your naughty adventures!  Of course, there may be some other better tips to have sex out there, and you can definitely combine those with what we have to achieve great results!