Hot undead chicks can help with male chastity

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The chastity belts for men extend to possible attacks

A striking case of a woman who cut off her husband’s penis as revenge for infidelity has served as inspiration for a downtown sex toy store. From their window, a naked mannequin with a metal shell that locks his genitals are displayed. It is the new chastity belt for men that have begun to be marketed under the pretext of protecting Americans from their jealous women.

The incident inspired the owner of this establishment, who, with a few metal plates and a large padlock, found a system to protect the male genitals against possible violent outbursts of their wives.

At the moment, only about eight people have approached the store to be interested in this unique device worth 1,200 shillings, about 10 dollars, although they have not yet sold any.

It is tailored to the client. Since the chastity belt appeared in the shop window, it has not left anyone indifferent, and the opinions on it are very diverse. The passers-by are left speechless and watch this astonishment that seems to be taken from the Middle Ages. Some think that it is a good idea for disgusted women and others wonder if it is a joke or is indeed for sale. It is also helpful for the gay members.

The success of this invention is still doubtful, as it seems unlikely that the incident will become a real and widespread concern among Americans. Also, it is difficult to imagine a man moving without difficulty with this rigid and heavy contraption. Nonetheless, Boniface defends this creation and insists that “when it comes to security, comfort does not matter”.

Modern Chastity Belt

Stories about the use of chastity belts reach us from the time of the knights. Allegedly they, going to war, put on similar belts on their wives. Indeed, such gizmos were used, but in the days of the Renaissance, and not as often as it is now given to us. Nevertheless, these remnants of antiquity became suddenly in demand in our time. Request generates supply, and therefore, modern chastity belts are being manufactured.

Chastity belts have been known for a very long time, but not as much as the story tells. It was first mentioned several times  during the XV century. These simple devices make sexual intercourse physically impossible. Previously, they were used to prevent boys from masturbating, because in some countries it was believed that masturbation causes various diseases like insanity or blindness.

The new belt of fidelity performs several other functions. Today, this belt is called differently – the chastity belt. It’s something that many would not want to wear, and if you wear this belt on, then you have to refrain from sexual relations. Such belts for women also play the role of protection against rape. But more often they are used for sex games.

The use of the chastity belts for various purposes allowed manufacturers adjust their production and boost their sales. Moreover, healthy chastity cage for men have a rather large selection of models, materials from which the belt is made. When creating modern chastity belts, much attention is paid to the hygienic properties of these belts. And it is right. And an insufficient number of models for women are compensated by the presence of many accessories like hoops on the arms, legs, hips, neck. For example, there was also a steel bra on sale. Sometimes even belts are decorated as a work of art, for example, with various designs, and sometimes with precious stones. Therefore, everyone will be satisfied.

Men’s chastity belt: wearing an application

The chastity belt, although it is an invention of our ancestors, which had long since lost its relevance in the 21st century, still takes place in the bedrooms of modern lovers. Today a whole cult has developed around this BDSM device, its fans write stories, share experiences and even tries to make a chastity belt with their own hands. Male and female products are sold in sex shops and specialty stores. Most often, they are bought by lovers of BDSM. This item is perfect for people who tried searching for thrills using chastity in bed.

What is the chastity belt for Now?

The new belt of fidelity has partially lost its former purpose: A cage to prevent infidelity. Today it is used more often for intimate games with female domination; they are session-based or long-lasting when the device is worn from several weeks to a month. The male counterpart of the chastity belt is an erection limiter. It does not allow the penis to grow and become elastic at the moments of arousal. Such physical restraint is capable of delivering psychological pleasure, which is the purpose of wearing.

Types of chastity belts

First of all, men’s chastity belts differ in the way they are worn depending on the variant. The most popular model is the ones that can directly be worn on the penis. This is popular in athletes caging their cocks for their big games. The kit includes rings on the scrotum of various sizes, anatomically shaped body, locking pins and a lock with keys. It is suitable for both short-termed and and prolonged wearing, depending on the model. Some devices may be completely invisible under clothes.

Men’s belts of fidelity with fixation at the waist – the most practical and reliable: They completely exclude access to the penis, and consequently, the sex itself, as well as they cannot be removed by themselves without a key. They have a wide range of regulation along the waist and the back-belly line. One of the varieties is a device for female domination, which completely denies access to the genitals. Such belts are suitable for both session and long-term use, depending on the model.

Metallic: Stainless steel is suitable for long-term contact with skin and mucous membranes, which ensures extended and safe use of the device in any conditions. Metal products are perfectly polished, which provides ease of use and attractive appearance.

Plastic: The material is durable and comfortable to wear. It is lightweight, hypoallergenic, long-lasting and durable, suitable for both session games and permanent wear. In the shops, you can find plastic belts of fidelity in various colours, as well as transparent models with the colours “camouflage” or “under the tree”. The big advantage of using a polymer device is stealth for metal detectors, but only if the kit does not include metal parts, and the lock used is also made of plastic.

Silicone: Models of this material are more comfortable for extended wearing due to the flexible body, but they give a slightly smaller feeling of being locked. The device of the highest quality silicone can provide complete comfort and safety of wearing. Also, like plastic belts, it is not noticeable for metal detectors. The use of silicone-based lubricants can lead to the destruction of the material. Aside from Silicone, you can also look for other materials of male cock cages at lockthecock.

Why Some Women Enjoy Forced Chastity on Men

It’s no secret that a quality orgasm can get in the way of everything else. Males all around the globe can’t go through a day without masturbating at least once. This need for sexual satisfaction can, therefore, lead to a lack of interest in other important aspects of their lives. Whether it’s their job, their family, or everyday mundane chores, it can all be held back.

In cases like these, their female partners tend to react by proposing them to tame their oversexed lives by wearing a stainless steel penis cage. Enforcing a chastity cage, women get to be in control of their sexual needs. That implies that they can concentrate on other stuff in their lives, making them servile when their women desire them to be.

Another aspect of male chastity belts is the submission and degradation of traditional strong male stereotypes. Reversing their classic roles, girls finally get all the power they crave. They lock the cock, the symbol of male dominance, and possess the key over their hubbies and degraded partners.

This role-reversing lifestyle leads to a new way of intercourse for both partners. Since they can no longer provide penetrative sex to their ladies, the guys get pegged from behind with strap-on dildos. Hence, chastity devices resemble emblems of femdom and female supremacy to which many ladies aspire. They’d like to return the favor for long-overdue male domination, and a penis lock is their way of saying enough is enough.

The Reasons Some People Tend to Do Permanent Chastity

Different people have different reasons for the actions they take, but when it comes to permanent male chastity, the list is shorter than you’d think. Switching the power dynamic in their hetero relationships isn’t the only basis for their suppressed genitals. Yes, sure enough, some guys like to get pegged in the ass while their dick’s locked in a steel device. But it’s not the only cause for actions such as these.

Some males notice that their need for sex starts to affect their lives in different ways. They feel more and more inclined to reach an orgasm, no matter what it takes. The sense of masculinity is everywhere, and long term male chastity device lock-up can prove to be an antidote.

To avoid sexual pleasure, men begin locking their downstairs belongings, thinking that this will leave them more focused on other important stuff. And strangely, at first, they begin to enjoy the challenge of not getting an erection for once. They can start enjoying their work, their families, and life in general, without the need to ejaculate all over the place.

How Is Ejaculation Different When You Are Wearing a Chastity Cage?

You could say that cumming while wearing a chastity device is a ruined orgasm, but most people wearing these contraptions would argue differently. Their submissive nature appreciates not being allowed to get fully erect. Therefore, cumming can be viewed as forbidden.

Well, not forbidden, but it’s not what they want. So letting their partners tease and deny them at the same time creates the feeling of torture. They shouldn’t get the opportunity to feel the full potential of their climax. Chastity cum should feel bad in a good way.

Again, this is a mindset that thrives on being humiliated. And there’s nothing more humiliating for a male than his penis not to get erect or not to be able to cum gloriously. Cock cages alter the perception of the male orgasm completely.

Is It Possible to Make Your Own Chastity Belt?

Frankly, it’s possible to make your own penis cage. But is it worth it? Unless you own a 3D printer or are the master of metalwork, your safe bet is to get a pre-existing one. Order online if you’re shy going into the sex shop and asking for a chastity device.

A homemade chastity belt can be a bit tricky to make. Also, add to this that you’d need to sanitize the materials you find for health reasons, and you’ve got yourself a bit of a pickle here. Again, it’s possible, but is it worth it? We’d argue it’s best to buy one online!