How To Give a Prostate Massage

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We all know that men and only men (gender privilege!) have prostates. If you’re a guy, then like all other men, you’ve spent your life dreading going to a doctor’s for a prostate check. You’ve also heard of something called prostate stimulation, and you’ve wondered what it would be like. Does it just make ejaculation better, or do you experience multiple orgasms? Without further ado, let’s go over it, starting with the purpose of the gland itself.

What’s It For?

If you want to know more better tips to have sex, then make sure to read up. The prostate is a gland the size of a walnut. It sits between your penis and your bladder. It’s a reproductive part of your body, meaning that its whole purpose is to make you capable in the sack. Normally, your urethra connects your bladder to the tip of your penis so you can urinate. However, when you have sex, the prostate contracts and blocks the bladder’s passage. Then, your testes start spitting their contents, and you receive a receipt for your sexual pleasure.

And that’s not all, folks! Additionally, the prostate also secretes something called, quite unoriginally, prostate fluid. That gives your sperm a protective cover, allowing your Michael Phelpses to survive long enough to fertilize the egg.

Prostate Massage Therapy

The prostate itself connects to other reproductive parts of a man’s body via a prostatic duct. If that duct is not clean enough, it can cause quite a few problems for your body. For instance, you can feel pain during ejaculation, as your prostate gland swells. You can also have prostatitis if the gland gets inflamed, potentially disrupting the urine flow (i.e., you can’t pee). If you don’t seek out therapy on time, men’s biggest enemy will knock on your door — the diabolical genius called Erectile Dysfunction! In severe cases, some men have developed prostate cancer.

All of these (except, perhaps, for the last one) can be easily fixed if you go for prostate massage therapy on time. Think of it as involving kinky prostate play, except that the doctor is making you feel good for once. As they massage your prostate (called prostate milking in less sterile environments), the gland starts producing its fluid. The fluid then goes through the duct mentioned above and clears it from inside. As you can see, it’s a simple procedure with a clear-cut outcome. Thanks to its position (just behind your rectum), the doctor approaches it anally. But how would you do it to your partner (or yourself)?

How to Perform Prostate Massage

Now this section of the article is the fun section. We take it that you want to do this to experience the prostate orgasm feel, not to clear your duct. If the latter is the case, don’t be silly, go to a professional. You can do it with a friend (wink, wink), but it can also be a DIY thing.

First of all, get your soldier interested in the whole action. When erect (even rocking a decent semi will do), your prostate slightly repositions upwards. This way, you can approach it easier. Basically, prepare yourself for anal play. Wash your hands, and if necessary, you can clear your canal with anal douche. Then apply lube to your a-hole and your sex toy of choice (in this case, it’ll be your finger).

While masturbating, move your index finger in and out until there’s enough room for the whole finger to go inside. Reapply lube during this process if needs be. Once it’s fully in, massage the prostate by either anal penetration or with a circular motion. You can also apply pressure to it up to ten seconds.

Prostate Orgasm

Being aroused when you start looking for it will help you, as the prostate becomes bigger when we have an erection. Not to mention, of course, how an erection if you want to orgasm (duh!). Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t feel anything different at first and if what you thought would be a full-body orgasm felt the same as always. It takes some practice to find your perfect P-spot, and there’s no medical research about prostate orgasm. As a result, it’s unclear whether all prostates can give an orgasm, but once you achieve it, just do more of the same.

So, how will you know if you’ve done it? The prostate orgasm gives you a more wholesome feel. It’s more intense, and that satisfaction you feel in your penis spreads throughout your body. Some men have experienced what you’d call a super orgasm when they had a stream of multiple orgasms shivering their entire body. Sometimes when you have an orgasm this way, you may not even ejaculate (although you can release prostate fluid).


How Prostate Massagers Help Achieve Prostate Orgasm

Once you’ve got the whole finger thing figured out, you can switch it up and go for a prostate massager. It’s also easier this way if you’re flying solo, as you can approach it and control the pressure more conveniently. An anal massager vibrates, and the vibration will help you stimulate the prostate even further.

As you come closer to the finish line, play with vibration speeds, and find your sweet spot. You will get to come intensely, and you’ll be doing your body a favor by cleaning the duct. A perfect win-win situation! 

Finally, do not settle with just one type of prostate massagers. There is a ton of models with different colors, sizes, and features, just like what is being offered by  Purchase one or two, then enjoy!