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Prostatic massage with Best prostate massagers to reach orgasm

If the point G is a source of intense pleasure for women, the point P is a bit its equivalent in humans because its stimulation allows the gentleman to take his foot for sure!

What is prostatic massage?

The prostate is a small gland that, in addition to its primary function of secretion of seminal fluid, is an area of intense pleasure and quite mysterious because we do not know everything that its stimulation can provide. Indeed, to stimulate the prostate, it is necessary to go through the anal sphincter which is very innervated and muscular, so that the prostatic massage brings a deep and visceral sensation of pleasure and ecstasy, which can be likened to the deep orgasm that the woman experiences.

How to locate the prostate?

To perform a prostatic massage, it is necessary to start by finding the small organ of pleasure. Located under the bladder, there is no choice but to pass from the anus through the rectum and then walk about 7 cm to reach it. To stimulate the little ball, it is possible to use the finger, the middle thumb or the index finger, but also a suitable object, namely a prostatic massager. With the thumb, after 7 cm of exploration, you will feel a soft and soft hump against the upper wall (bladder side). Under the effect of mild stimulation, the prostate will swell a little. It is necessary to have clean hands and well cut nails because the walls of the rectum are susceptible and fragile and the principle is to do well! With a prostatic massager, you cannot go wrong,

Prostate massage: to do solo or duet

For Sir to reach deep orgasm, he can explore his anatomy solo or prefer to do it in duet. If you have decided to do this to two and you are not yet experts in the prostate, it is important to go slowly. To start, the man must be in a comfortable position, which allows easy access to his prostate. For example, he can lie on his back and fold his knees slightly, while putting a pillow under his pelvis for comfort.

How to achieve prostatic orgasm?

The atmosphere must lend itself to this little game; that is to say, sir must be sexually excited and relaxed. If you have a relationship of trust, you are unlikely to be stressed. Moreover, if it’s still the case, relax it with massages, caresses, kisses. When chilled, you can start by caressing the outline of his anus and perineum. Also, you can take a look at his penis, masturbating him or giving him a blowjob to make him crazy with excitement. When you feel the moment comes, you can insert your finger or the prostatic massager into his rectum. To achieve this, it is possible to use a suitable lubricant so that the crossing is done smoothly. Even if your partner is crazy about excitement, go slowly because the area is delicate and fragile. Also, be gentle so that it becomes progressively to the feelings that it feels. Nothing serves to hurry because it might surprise him, which would lead to stiffness and there, finished the climb to orgasm!

The movement to exercise to achieve prostatic orgasm

When the organ of pleasure is found and well identified, it is just enough to caress while delicacy. For this, you can bend, and then gently unfold the tip of your finger as if you were asking someone to come to you. Depending on the sensations your partner feels, you have to adjust the intensity and rhythm of the stimulations you exert on the organ of pleasure. You can also alternate light touches with stronger movements, but always very soft. Every man has different feelings. So, to define what yours prefers,

Prostate stimulator: how to choose it and use it well?

We often forget that men also have their G point of their own! It is located precisely at the level of the prostate gland, not far from the bladder, approximately at the level of the inner penis. It looks complicated like that, but even if it’s still a little taboo, it can be reached very quickly with the fingertip, by introducing it into the anus. For those gentlemen who would like to discover this intense pleasure and new or for those ladies, who would like to find their partner, know that manufacturers sex toys have once again thought of you! There are sex toys especially dedicated to this male pleasure still so poorly known: Prostate stimulators or prostate massagers.

How to choose your prostate massager

If this is your first purchase, consider taking a small diameter prostate stimulator. Like all toys specialised in anal stimulation, it is better to proceed gradually, to dilate the sphincters gently. You can very well buy several sizes of prostate massagers and use them successively.

Prostate massagers are often made of silicone (soft-touch material), latex, transparent Pyrex or even metal. As usual, there is something for all tastes and all colours, vibrant or not, for 30 to 70 dollars on average, treat yourself!

Daring to discover a new type of male orgasm

Before you can have fun with a prostate massager, you still have to threaten to allow it. Unfortunately, the prostate is still primarily associated in the minds of many to a particularly feared cancer more than a place of pleasure to conquer. Moreover, anal pleasure still tends to destabilise many men in their manhood. However, the discovery of anal pleasure in heterosexual men does not only depend on them. It must be recognised that some women are not always very outgoing stimulate their partner to go with anal rimming for example. Hence the interest of a particular toy likes the prostate stimulator! Men will be able to tame these new sensations solo and women will often be more comfortable using this little toy that will do so much effect on their man, rather than put the fingers directly. Moreover, if an original message of the prostate with a folded finger can be delicious, tell yourself that a suitable toy will increase the pleasure!

Precautions with the prostate stimulator

The prostate stimulator is used entirely with a suitable lubricating gel: indeed the anus does not self-lubricate. Naturally, you could severely irritate the anal area. To reduce burns or scratches, always insert the prostate massager gently, proceeding to a gradual dilation of the sphincters. Be sure to properly maintain your prostate stimulator with soapy water to prevent the spread of germs.

Small tricky detail: know that some followers say they prefer to use their prostate stimulator in the bath: the prolonged stimulation of the anal area and more around the bladder can sometimes cause small accidents. With a prostate stimulator like that, you have something to enjoy! For more information about prostate massagers, including different variants and designs, visit