What is a Sex Furniture and How Can They Help You?

If you’ve ever been curious about the world of sex furniture, welcome. This is a place where you find out all you want to know. 

Sex furniture is beneficial in many ways. It spices up your sex life and helps you be more adventurous. Some of it can even make your home look more stylish. But, whether you want something that’ll fit in seamlessly or not, these are a worthy investment. 

Trying new positions and reaching new orgasmic heights has never been easier. All you have to do is strap up.

Helps Achieve Different Sexual Position

So is your bed a part of sex furniture? Not quite. Just because you had sex on it, doesn’t mean it’s purpose changes. 

The definition of sex furniture is any furniture that helps enhance your sex experience. It could help support you or help you achieve different positions. We all sometimes see a sexual position we’d like to try but don’t know how to go about it. We wonder if staying in it can be uncomfortable and if we could even do it, especially for longer periods.

That’s where sex furniture comes into play. Some have more than just an erotic purpose. Wedges, for example, can help support your body in your daily life too. And they’re just foam triangles so they won’t look suspicious to any onlooker. You can even make your own sex furniture if you’re creative and DIY oriented. We can’t promise that it is easy, though

Queening Chair

So let’s talk about different types of sex furniture. 

First, the queening chair. It’s a low seat chair that allows one person to sit on top while the other lies underneath. The seat has a hole, so you’re not just sitting above someone’s face. That’s right: it’s designed for oral sex. Some models can look like regular stools, while others can look like burnished thrones. 

Is that where the name comes from? The act of queening involves a dominant female and her submissive partner, usually a male. In this act, the dominant female can either assert her dominance or humiliate her partner. 

The throne-looking chair can be used in role-playing too. But vanilla couples don’t have to shy away from it either. After all, its purpose is sexual play, so not everything has to be all BDSM-like. What’s more, these chairs and the surface underneath have cushions for extra comfort. It’s time to get your queen on.

Tantra Chair

“Oh, nice chaise lounge!” says your unaware house guest. Yup. Tantra chairs are a type of sex furniture you can put out on display.

Tantra isn’t a category of sex furniture, but the name of the company who started making them. And it’s all for testing out your favorite Kama Sutra positions. So, this lounge’s design makes it easy to fit in with the rest of your furniture. It looks like a fancy sofa, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. 

You can use it for different angles of penetration, and it’s comfortable too! Through some practice, using this chair means more G-spot/P-spot stimulation. What does that mean? To put it simply: more intense orgasms.

So not only will it add style to your house but also fun to your sex life. Sure, you can nap in it too and dream of what you want to try.

Inflatable Sex Ball

This type of sex furniture might seem like it could fit in your gym, for example. But you’re about to find out why that’s not the case.

Sure, these balls are much like the yoga balls that help you exercise or fix your posture. However, they have a fun attachment in the form of a dildo. See? Not really for everyone to see. Maybe if you sit on them and don’t move?

Inflatable sex balls come in different sizes too. While they can be as big as yoga balls, they are usually much smaller. They’re more your average cushion size. Dildos attached are usually realistic-looking ones. Some of them can even vibrate for extra fun. Who knew you’d be able to bounce and vibrate at the same time? 

However, don’t think you can just bounce around the house on this thing. Try to keep it steady.

Sex Swings

A sex swing is what you imagine it would be. A swing you can have sex on (in?). But don’t think you can swing around and suddenly slide onto your partner’s penis. It’s not quite like that.

Anything with a harness that has some type of suspension can be a sex swing. Maybe don’t DIY it if you don’t have the experience, just in case. There are several varieties of sex swings: those that can stand independently and those that must be attached to door frames or ceilings. There are even body sex swings where you’re essentially “swinging” on your partner. Not recommended unless you’re dating the Hulk.

Swings are a great way to incorporate lots of fun into your sex life. You’re floating in the air, and the only thing touching you is your partner. Sounds romantic, if you ask us. It also looks like having sex in space. Fulfill that fantasy.

Bondage Frame Table

Oh yeah, bondage sure is fun. Bondage doesn’t only mean you like to be completely restrained. If you enjoy being in some handcuffs, for example, then congratulations. You’re into some light bondage, and it’s okay. No shame in that. 

A bondage table can be just about any flat surface on which you can restrain someone. Yes, it’s that simple. Of course, there are pre-made bondage tables, but if you’re on a budget, you can DIY it. You can either play Bob the Builder and make your own or just use a sturdy coffee table. Or a kitchen counter. 


Use these tables to keep your sub still while you tease them. However, how can vanilla couples use this? Sure. Even if you are proud of being a prude, being into bondage won’t ruin that. If you’re not sure you like it, you can always just give it a try and find out


The world of sex furniture isn’t limited to a few objects. Look at how many sex chairs there are alone. Queening chair, tantra chair – there are many options. There’s no shame in enjoying any of these things.

Some of these can be pricey if you’re on a budget. But you can always make do with what you have. Bondage table? Find a flat surface. Queening chair? Make a hole in a small chair you don’t need and add a cushion. Everything is easier when you have a little imagination.