Hot undead chicks on sex tools

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Tips to use sex stool

The chaise longue, this invention worthy of the best holiday, is much more convenient than the sexual position that bears his name. But the pleasure felt, especially for the woman, goes well beyond expectations. How to try the experience of a difficult position but very intoxicating?

Attention, this deck chair does not reproduce the comfort of the seats arranged at the edge of the swimming pools of the luxurious hotels. Even if the bed is a nice support, this is another trip to which this sexual position invites those who want to indulge in the acrobatics of the erotic lounge chair.

It’s up to the woman to take the initiative. Lying on the bed, she gets up gently by leaning on cushions she has previously arranged behind his back. His partner places his legs on each side, thus surrounding the woman with his reassuring presence. She can put each of her thighs on the shoulders of her lover. He must take support on his hands. The lounge chair is installed.

Limited in his movements by such support, and the legs of his lover, the man can only move his pelvis from top to bottom. It is therefore up to his partner to direct the operations. It will perform the main movements back and forth, the man can, from time to time, participate in the action. Her limited role is to give momentum to her partner by lifting the pelvis at the same time as she performs enchanting movements.

Thus, mistress of the rules of the game, the woman decides the depth of the penetration and the speed of the waves. The sensations in the pubic area are increased tenfold, and the penis rubs the vaginal area that will cause the most pleasure to his partner. The woman will, if it has enough energy, touch her clit at the same time it lets itself deliciously penetrate. Orgasm, in this position of the deck chair, is within the reach of any energetic woman.

In this position that can be exhausting, a few minutes are enough to experience very quickly a rare pleasure. The man will then take things in hand, changing position, so that he, too, can enjoy as much satisfaction as his partner.

Make love. Everywhere, not the main thing in bed! With these sex tips for the whole apartment your love life will be much more exciting.

You can give your furniture a whole new function. Already Grandma’s favorite chair becomes a wavering love swing, the rattling washing machine becomes a giant vibrator and the worktop in the kitchen is an adventurous climb to the mountain. Who would have thought that your innocent furniture would make you love so well? With a bit of imagination and the right positions, you will soon be looking at your interior with completely different eyes.

Sex Furniture No. 1: Chair

The sexy piece of furniture: the chair in all conceivable styles and forms, be it kitchen chair, office chair, Louis Seize chair, flea market chair, swivel chair or bar stool.

The top position: He sits on the chair, leans back with his back comfortably against the back, his feet firmly on the floor. You sit down slowly with your face to him in the lap.

Where is the attraction? The chair position is tender and allows a direct eye contact. All hands remain free and can caress the partner’s body. You sit up and set the beat in captain’s style: Accelerate rhythm, slow down or determine the depth of penetration. Attention! Avoid chairs with a plaited seat – this can be painful. And ideally, the chair survives the sexy action.

Sex Furniture No. 2: Armchair

The sexy piece of furniture: Some have a thing for club chairs leather, others for the classic upholstered chair. Each as he likes! The main thing the armchair has comfortable armrests!
The top position: Your lover can easily fall into the chair; you sit forward on him and support you with your feet on the armrests. So you can pretend the movements and the rhythm.

Where is the attraction? In this position, you can eat your eyes and your lover has both hands free to pet you. Your inclination and your open leg position provide a deeper penetration that you can control yourself.

3 best poses for sex on the chair, and why the furniture should be strong

There was never a chair falling under you, or maybe you saw it? Be assured, this is a sad sight, especially when it happens at the wrong time. That is why, before you describe the sex posture on the chair, it should be durable. Just imagine what, for example, it would be if it collapsed under the pair in the 1st pose. Well, if only the leg of the chair breaks.

So, do not consider vulgarity, but there is a situation when you want to have sex, but there is no furniture beside the chair, or there is, but you want it on the chair. In order to help you have fun in the best possible way, know how to use sex stool.

1. Well, for example, such a scene in the office: cunnilingus colleague or boss. And why, it is asked, and no. After all, according to statistics, most of the intrigues start up at work. And so if this is so, let’s act correctly. This position is very convenient for men. Well, if the floor is carpeted, if not, it is worth putting something soft under his knees. Well, if the chair is on wheels, put it on a table or wall so that it does not roll back.

2. It is logical to go then to this position. Sit, so to speak, a little bit in a hug. Plunging into the vagina as deeply as possible and rubbing his pubic against the pubis, the man is very tightly pressed against the woman hugging him. If you are still not in the office, but at home, the vibrating ring on the member, which additionally stimulates the clitoris, will help to sharpen the sensations of a woman in this position.

3. If you want more passionate sex, you can go to this position. By raising the partner’s leg, the man increases the depth of penetration and changes the angle of entry of the penis into the vagina. The sensations of a woman vary greatly. To the chair did not move during sex, the man holds his free hand, pulling his partner to him with each push. If you press the chair back against the wall, you can forget about this problem and completely surrender to passion in such an interesting pose.

4. If the initiator of sex is a woman, you can start with a blowjob in a position where the man is sitting on a chair.

In the case of home sex, you can arrange a “threesome” with the help of a dildo on the sucker, fixed behind the woman. This erotic fantasy is very common in the “weak” sex.