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How to enjoy sex with Butt Plugs and is it safe

The anal plug is one of the best options for those who are curious to experiment with anal sex and do not dare and also for those who enjoy it and do not lose the opportunity to play and stimulate in solitude or company. If you have no idea how to use this sex toy, sexologists give you all the keys to guide you about this small but pleasant ally.

Steps to follow:

1. Thin tip of butt plug allows a soft penetration by slowly inserting it. The butt plug helps to widen the anal to obtain greater pleasure. Normally they are small toys, with a diameter of up to 4 centimeters, although they can also be found in longer and thicker presentations.
2. The anal plug can be used in solo masturbation or to play with your partner, is suitable for women and men who enjoy anal stimulation.
3. Remember that no matter what level of desire you experience, the anus does not lubricate, so it is important to use a water-based lubricant to make the game more pleasant.
4. You should be stress free to enjoy sex with butt plug. If you are doing it for the first time with you your partner you will enjoy a lot. Once lubricated, insert the tip first and then the rest of the plug slowly.
5. This is not the only design in which you can find the anal plugs, there are also with spheres that remember the appearance of anal beads and offer great pleasure. It always prefers silicone or jelly toys, much softer and easier to maintain.
6. Once you finish using the anal plug remember to wash it with warm water and neutral soap again and store it in a case to preserve it better. It is advisable not to share this toy with sporadic partners to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, if you do use condoms.

Safety, first of all

First of all you must know that your sex toy is going to enter an area with a bad sanitary reputation. That is why it is absolutely necessary that you clean your sex toys well before and after each sexual session with them. The reasons should be obvious, but if they are not we will tell you that it is because they are contaminated with extreme ease and introducing a sex toy contaminated with bacteria can have very bad consequences.

The cleaning of your sex toy is done based on the material of it. However, in most cases it is best to always do it with warm water and neutral soap to drag the dirt, and ending with an antibacterial gel based on alcohol, the sterilizer by nature. No matter how well saved you has the anal plug, it will always be necessary to clean and sterilize it before use to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Another important recommendation on hygiene is to use an anal shower about 45 minutes before using the anal toys, to make sure that there are no remains inside the rectum that can be passed to the toy. It is advisable to fill the rubber or enema pear with warm water, first checking that it is not too hot, and slowly introduce water into the anus through the cannula, repeating as many times as necessary until the water comes out clean.

If you are one of the people who like strong emotions, that’s fine! However, you must be aware of your capabilities. If you are a novice in this anal sex, it is best to start with a small size and with the practice to increase the size little by little.

In addition to this, you also recommend that the toy you choose has a flange or wider base, thus preventing the sex toy from completely entering and remaining there as an astronaut lost in space. In case this happens, you can crouch and force yourself to come out naturally, or if you have gotten very inward, your salvation is the emergency room, but if you listen to our advice you will surely avoid this unpleasant experience.

Here are other safety tips you should keep in mind:

Always use lubricant: always use lubricant since the anus is an area that does not lubricate naturally in large quantities.
Control the intensity: you should not start the penetration at maximum speed; you should go smoothly and increase the intensity with moderation.
Use a condom: if you are going to share your toy with someone else, it is best to put a condom on, since many sexually transmitted diseases can be infected with the exchange of sex toys. Expert also recommend it as a basic hygiene measure, if you put a condom on it then it will be much easier to clean.
Eye with the thickness: in no way should we cross the line of 4 centimeters in diameter if you are beginners, since this is the limit of the natural opening of the anus, exceed this limit would deform it if you have no previous experience. Then with practice you see that the limit is much higher.

Pros and Cons of Having Sex Through the Back Door

Anal sex is a stigma for many women and a pleasure for men. It is true that they are always asking for it, but women do not want it. Actually, it is something very pleasant if you know how to do it. But for that you must first know the pros and cons of anal sex.

Pro: It’s safe

Anal sex is as safe as vaginal sex, but makes it clear that you should use a condom. Why? It can still be a way of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. If you had anal sex, and then you go to the vaginal, remember to change the condom.

Against: Diseases

Anal sex can be a very easy form of sexual transmission, and although it is not possible to cause pregnancy, it can cause infections.

Pro: Greater pleasure

The anal area is one of the most erogenous in the body, that’s why men like it a lot. But also women manage to enjoy it, it is best to go little by little so that both enjoy it.

Against: I do not want to!

Many times men look for a way for their partner to accept to do it, but they do not want to. If both are curious, it is best to train the body. You can start playing with your fingers. An important part is to use lubricant so that it is not so painful, since there is no lubrication like that of the vagina.

So considering all these points anal sex is a very sensitive matter and if you do it with butt plugs then you should be more careful and follow all the safety rules. In this case you ask is it safe to share butt plugs with your partner, the answer from the experts will be primarily no. It can cause various diseases so you should be much more careful about this. More info over at loveplugs.