Should You Buy a Console or Build a PC?

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The question that baffles everyone — should you get a console or build a PC? It all depends on your tastes and needs. Do you like to sit in front of a TV with friends and play video games, or to play games competitively, be able to do other stuff like work and surf the web? Let’s get into it!

The Long-Standing Debate 

If you were thinking about getting into gaming, you probably asked yourself what’s better — a PC or a console. Well, you’re not the only one that has that question. If you aren’t in the loop, it’s actually a huge debate that has been going on for a while now. And we still can’t seem to find an answer. That is mostly because the tech keeps advancing to where one or the other has an edge here and there, whether it be better software, hardware, or accessibility and its features. 

On older consoles, you couldn’t do much besides play games. That is what they were originally made for, after all. But, now everyone wants everything to be able to do everything, including gaming, browsing the web, or even doing small work. Well, in simple terms, everything can actually do almost everything nowadays. 

Consoles have evolved to the point where they are practically PCs. While they are still missing a feature here and there, they do come with their own features that you might overlook or don’t notice that are missing on an actual PC. Well, my friend, you are in luck! We will go through everything you need to know about both, so you can make, so to say, an educated decision.  


When it comes to games, both consoles and PC have their fair share of libraries to choose from, but each has its own exclusives. Now when it comes to exclusives, some of it is more and some less “exclusive.” Games that are mainly exclusive to PlayStation are strictly available there. But when it comes to Xbox, they have their own exclusive games that recently have mostly become accessible to PC owners, though it’s through their subscription service. 

However, if you own a game, you most likely won’t have to purchase it again or subscribe to play it. But, that does depend on whether the game is on the list of available games on their site. So be sure to check that out.

When it comes to exclusives, PC has the biggest catalog of games than any other platform. Games also tend to be easier to acquire at lower prices. Also, there are more cheap games such as countless indie titles, MMOs, and MOBAs available on PC. Unlike games for consoles, games for PC are one fit, meaning that almost any PC can run most of the games, and the only limitation being their hardware specs. However, it’s good to note that there are plenty of games that have cross-platform options, but not all of them.

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The difference in performance between PCs and consoles used to be huge. But with the arrival of newer generations of consoles, things have changed a bit. Because the tech had time to grow since last-gen systems, the newest consoles now have a chance to compete with PCs. Though there are also a few things to keep in mind, like upgradability and how much money are you willing to spend. If you plan on spending thousands of dollars on a PC, of course, it will perform miles better than any console currently on the market.

Sometimes, it might be more beneficial for you to buy a console simply because you wouldn’t have to worry about upgrading it for at least a few years until a new one comes out. And with that, you won’t have to worry whether the newest game will run on your system, while that might be the case with PC. Again, with PCs, it all depends on how much money you spent on the hardware.

However, if you ever wish to upgrade your console, you are highly limited. Namely, you will be able to upgrade only the storage. With a PC, you can change any part at any time and not worry about the warranty.


This is where PCs reign supreme and where upgradability comes into play. With the ability to freely upgrade any piece of your computer at any time, you can go from regular HD to ultra-wide 4K with the highest possible settings and enjoy your favorite games in all their glory. Also, let’s not forget the fun of building a PC. 

But, yes, we know — that does cost quite a buck. Is it worth it, though? We’d say yes. Now, we’re not saying that consoles have bad graphics. On the contrary! With the newest and best gaming console, you can almost go shoulder to shoulder with modern PCs. But not entirely. Again it comes to that PCs have the freedom to upgrade. Maybe eventually, in the future, we’ll see more and easily upgradable consoles. 

It is good to remember that none of this matters if you aren’t properly equipped everywhere. If you don’t have a good monitor or a TV (if you are on a console), you won’t really see much of a difference that either being performance or the graphics. You have to account for a good monitor in your budget, too, else all the money you spend on high-end specs won’t matter.

Control Methods 

So, how many and what are your options when it comes to what you can play games? Now, this comes to personal preference. Some games deliver a better experience when played on a controller and some on a keyboard and mouse. However, you can add a controller to a PC and a keyboard and mouse to a console. Although the support for keyboard and mouse isn’t the best on consoles, it solely depends on the game and how well the software is made for it. You can still manage to do it, but it’s best to leave that for the PC.

If you count VR as a controller option, then you don’t have to worry about that since both consoles and PC support this fully. Well, there have even been people who beat multiple games on a Rock Band guitar. So, just pick your poison and go with it.


The main concern of almost any buyer, how much will that cost me? Well, if you are shooting for the beefiest of PCs, be ready to spend at least two thousand dollars. And that’s without including peripherals such as mouse and keyboard, headphones, and monitor. You can find on youtube many videos of people who spend that much money and more to see for yourself if it’s really worth it. 

And for consoles, if you decide to get a PS5, it will cost you a minimum of $400 for the digital version and $500 for the standard. And for about the same amount, you can get Xbox Series S.

Final Verdict 

As we discussed, each has its own purpose. Consoles tend to be better for casual gaming. On the other hand, a PC isn’t just a gaming device. It is also majorly used for many different tasks, such as but not solely for work. Nonetheless, in the end, it tends to be the best video game platform

There are many more advantages to gaming on a PC. Besides being upgradable, you can mod it and tweak it to your liking. The software might not be on par with consoles, but at least you can try and make the best out of it, and if you are tech-savvy, you can even try out other options of operating systems. 

And to sum it up, gaming on PC has its own pros and cons, such as being better in performance, having cooler graphics, and games being cheaper and more accessible. As far as cons go, PCs tend to be more expensive when you try to future-proof them. Consoles then to be more affordable and easiest to set up though they also lack the backward compatibility of many video games. Also, lots of titles are quite expensive now. 

In the end, it’s very subjective. If you like consoles, go for it. If not, a PC is always there. At least now you have a better understanding of both, and hopefully, you can decide easier.