Yoni eggs on hot undead chicks are hot

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The mysterious practice of the Yoni egg

For thousands of years, women in Taoism practices have used the Jade egg (or Yoni egg) to cultivate the development of their intimacy, sensitivity, and sensuality. This practice is spreading today in American countries but it must not be done anyhow!

Sexuality of life and survival sexuality

Humanity has been experimenting with survival sexuality since time immemorial to preserve the species through reproduction. It require speed thus excitation, efficiency thus ejaculation of the man. The rest mattered little.

Today, humanity is no longer breeding but the evolution of the human being by the awareness of his actions and the opening of his heart. The sexuality of survival is no longer adapted and we are at the stage of experimentation of a Sexuality of Life more respectful of our sensibilities.

Dare to change our benchmarks

To open yourselves to this news (even if some currents like authentic Tantra have always practiced it) sexuality, it is essential to let go of your landmarks: lust (desire to obtain something), excitement, tension, performance.

Each of you have to discover the paths of your own pleasure (alone or in contact with each other) before you can cultivate it while being in communion with the pleasure of the other. So everyone becomes responsible for his pleasure and his process, so his sexuality.

This leads us to cultivate openness, presence, and gentleness, slowness to allow your sensitivity to awaken and express itself. It is through it that you change your state of consciousness and connect to what is beyond you.

The practice of the Yoni egg

The Yoni egg is a simple way for the woman to cultivate what experts’ calls “intimate blooming “. It is a way for her to take care of her intimacy, her sex, to repair painful memories, to circulate her sexual energy which is none other than our life energy. It is not the Jade egg that will allow this even if the Jade has purifying virtues but the way the woman will go to her sex, to her intimacy.

Preparation for this date

This preparation is essential, otherwise the woman risks perpetuating habits of penetrations in force or other.

With the help of the trainer discover breathing and different parts of your perineum. It allows you to bring your consciousness into this area of your body, to gently awaken it by simple and slow movements, to circulate the sexual energy and to open my body to meet the egg.

It can also be practiced simply without leading to the practice of the egg. It is indeed a great way to contact the muscles of your perineum, to activate them gently, to inhabit your body until then!

Taming the Yoni Egg

The yoni yoga experts approach to this practice is on the site of the Summit of the Sexuality of Life. The fundamental point will be to take the time to tame the egg and allow our vulva; your sex opens to meet him. The way you act then tells you about yourselves, your ways of doing things with your bodies, with life do take the force, do take the time to really listen to yourselves.

Nice meeting with yourself!

Yoni’s egg, to awaken your sacred feminine! It helps you to travel inside yourself to better radiate outside. This reconnection to your sacred feminine is possible at home on a daily basis thanks to the use of Yoni eggs also called jade eggs and which must not be confused with Fabergé eggs.

Small catch-up session

In “Yoni’s Egg”, there is first the word “egg”: It is indeed a polished egg, carved, carved, semi-precious stone such as carnelian, aventurine, amethyst, smoked quartz, tiger’s eye or pink quartz.

And of course, there is the word “Yoni” which means in Sanskrit, both the inner and outer part of our sex. Yes, yes you read well. If this term is masculine, it is for obvious reasons often used in the feminine. So to get straight to the point, Yoni’s Egg is a semi-precious stone egg intended to travel in the heart of our intimacy.

For the little story: the story of Yoni’s Egg goes back more than 2000 years in ancient China. At the request of the emperor, the Empress and hundreds of concubines were initiated, in the greatest secrecy, to the practice of the egg, so that they strengthen the power of their sexual organ and they keep their youth and their vitality to make love divinely good to the emperor!

Yoni’s egg did not happen by chance in your life and will probably not happen by chance in any others. No, rather it’s a perfect example of synchronicity!

Yoni’s eggs allow us to reconnect with our “wild” power.

Often, we spend our time looking outside what we carry deep down. And yes, we carry in us a treasure, portal of our sacred feminine and of our creative energies, sacred temple of an interior knowledge. Powerful and positive energy lies dormant in us and just needs to be reactivated so that we can regain confidence in ourselves. True symbolic, the egg represents alone yin and yang together, our share of light and shade, fertility, a beneficial and protective cocoon. These eggs are not intended to pass us men (quite the contrary) but not to expect from them what must come from us.

If we live many paradoxes as a woman, we have the right to be confident, to be free in our femininity, in our decisions, to find our place of woman in a changing society.

Adopting one (or more) Yoni egg is the promise:

• To have a better knowledge of our anatomy;
• To maintain and improve the tone of our perineum (thanks to the stimulation of its reflex zones);
• To bring us sweetness and benevolence;
• To reveal our inner beauty;
• To sublimate our sexual energy;
• To learn to accept ourselves, to love us;
• To free ourselves from certain trauma and blocked energies;
• To radiate from the inside to the outside;
• To recover our magnetism;
• To put consciousness in our body;
• To reconnect with our sacred feminine;
• In short to transform our lives with gentleness and kindness!

How to choose your Yoni egg?

According to the principles of the litho therapy, it is possible to choose the nature of its egg according to its feeling, according to the color which attracts you or according to the properties of the stones:

1. Bowenite serpentine egg is recommended for overcoming stress and changing moods;
2. The pink quartz egg promotes the opening of the heart, the softness, the rest and the tenderness;
3. The egg in amethyst brings wisdom and source of spirituality;
4. The green aventurine egg is ideal for the emotional and hypersensitive;
5. The carnelian egg promotes conflict resolution and the ability to live the moment

In practice what gives what?

It is possible to keep it for several hours during the night and even during love. It is advisable to ritualize the practice of Yoni’s egg to create unique and sacred moments. Find the ritual that suits you and with which you will feel most at ease!

Know that some eggs are pierced choose rather those who are horizontal, which will allow you both to dock your egg, if you are afraid of not being able to expel easily, but also to hang small weights (light of course) to strengthen your Yoni.

On the online sites, you will find three sizes of egg:

• The biggest for beginners and women who have had a child,
• The way when you start to feel comfortable with your egg,
• The little ones for the more experienced and the sporty ones.

If you want to know more about Yoni’s eggs, know that you will find several explanatory videos on web.

To get Yoni eggs, that’s it!

Prices vary depending on the stone and size chosen. Since Yoni’s eggs are not gadgets, you can keep them for life! The encounter with the feminine does not proceed from the acquisition of knowledge. It is the meeting with the mystery of things.