Choosing Your First Yoni Egg

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Yoni eggs are unique gemstones intended for vaginal insertion. They contain healing and energizing properties. The practice of using Yoni eggs is said to have originated several thousands of years ago in Ancient China. These egg-shaped gemstones are similar to kegel balls, and women can insert them into their vaginal canals. With regular use, the eggs can increase the intensity of orgasms, strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, and many believe they contain numerous healing and spiritual powers. 

Generally, any woman can use a Yoni egg to build up a stronger core and eventually get more intense orgasms. Moreover, “Yoni” refers to the female vagina in Sanskrit. The word also translates to “sacred space,” so it’s symbolic of the creative and sexual power found in the female body. However, these eggs are incredibly personal items, and if you’re looking to use one for the first time, you may not know how to pick the best one for you. Take a look below for a full guide on choosing your first Yoni egg!   

Yoni Eggs for Kegel Exercises

Yoni eggs are used for basic or more advanced Kegel exercises. Since they are made out of stone, they are heavier than a regular Kegel ball. Therefore, they require a little more effort due to their added resistance and weight. 

Simply push the egg inside your vagina to start using one. It should always enter the vagina on the larger-end side. When you push the egg in, your internal muscles will contract. That will hold and keep the egg in place, and then, you’ll be ready to start the Kegel exercises. It’s worth noting that beginners can simply keep the egg in without doing any workouts.

Kegel exercises require you to tighten your pelvic muscles in short intervals. For example, beginners should try doing that and holding the egg in for five seconds. After that, they should relax their vaginal muscles for a few moments before tightening them again. A session can last around five minutes. Then, when your muscles get stronger, you can increase the contraction time to 10 to 15 seconds and more. 

Different Semi-Precious Stones Have Different Effects

If you’re looking for a vagina egg, pay attention to the gemstone materials. They can be handcrafted from various exotic gemstones. According to traditional Taoist teachings, jade, rose quartz, and black obsidian are the three most common Yoni egg stones. Each of these contains specific healing properties and helps a particular need. 


The jade egg, for instance, nurtures confidence, stability, and strength. It’s the most common Yoni stone, and it can also attract healing energy. It’s said that the energy of this gem can set you on the right path to reaching your full potential. This stone is non-porous, and it is incredibly durable. It is also highly conductive, meaning that your body will not waste a lot of energy to heat it.

Black Obsidian

The black obsidian stone can absorb and eliminate negative energy. It connects to the root chakra and keeps you grounded. This stone can also boost your strength and cleanse your emotions. It is especially effective in relieving sexual tension. A black obsidian egg can help you connect to your emotions and needs. 

Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz can attract emotions, passion, and enhance your compassion. The stone emits feminine energy, and it can unlock the Heart chakra. This egg can reawaken your heart. It can attract love in various forms — from platonic, self, sexual, or maternal love. 

Large Yoni Eggs Are for Beginners

There are three different sizes of these unique crystal eggs. They range from small (around 25×35 mm) and medium (30×43 mm) to large (35×50 mm). And contrary to what you may think, it’s best to start with a large egg. Beginners should use a bigger egg because it is much easier for the body to hold it in. Namely, the untrained muscles will get a better grip on it if it is larger. However, the size makes the egg quite heavy, so it can be challenging to use it for long sessions. That is why beginners should start with short sessions (up to 20 minutes at first). It’s even smart to lie down while exercising.

Medium Eggs Are for Experienced Users

It takes a few weeks (three to eight) of practice with a Yoni egg to switch from the larger to the medium ones. Also, women who have never given birth should start with the medium eggs. These feel incredibly comfortable to those who have built up their muscles with Kegels or with a large egg. In fact, this size will help you tone your muscles even further. As your muscles get tighter, your sensitivity will increase. That means you’ll be able to feel some new sensations that you’ve never experienced before. 

Experienced users will also be able to use their muscles to grip the egg inside them. What’s more, the medium-sized Yoni eggs offer an incredibly subtle sensation. Once you get used to it, it will be incredibly easy to hold them inside. The muscles of your vagina will get stronger, which means they’ll increase your internal grip during penetration. 

Smaller Eggs Are for Skilled Users

The smallest eggs are the most difficult to hold inside because they require excellent muscle awareness. Sometimes, you can also use a pair of small eggs together. As the size of the eggs gets smaller, you will need more muscle dexterity to hold them inside. That is why only skilled users should try this type of Yoni egg. Women who have fantastic control over their vaginal muscles should use these — they can strengthen the internal muscles even further. If you’ve mastered the large and the medium eggs, your vagina will be ready for the small ones! 

Moreover, small eggs can also benefit women with excessive vaginal tightness. In this case, they can help relieve tension. 


Overall, these crystal eggs are part of a spiritual practice that goes much deeper than Kegel exercises. As you have seen today, various Yoni egg types and sizes can strengthen you both physically and emotionally. So try one out today and good luck!