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How to use vaginal balls or Ben WA balls safely

The benefits of intimate gymnastics to the pelvic floor, which can be found in various aspects of a woman’s life, are now known. What many women do not know is that in addition to the classic perinea gym exercises, there are also useful tools that can train the muscles of the pelvic floor discreetly and effectively: the vaginal balls.


The object known since ancient times, to date mistakenly considered only a sex toy, vaginal balls (also known as Ben WA Balls or Geisha Balls) originated in the East and had been used since 500 too. C.

Initially used only to increase the pleasure of man during sexual intercourse, they were soon discovered by the female population for their pleasure. Over time they also underwent structural changes, silk threads or chains were added to tie them together for easier removal. The English traveller brought this object in the sixteenth century to the West, and from there, their use spread throughout the world.

Different types for various objectives

Traditionally the Ben WA Balls are made of metal or glass, but modern versions can include a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, silicone, plastic or jade. There are therefore different types of Ben WA Balls for girlfriends, designed for various uses and for various circumstances.

Jade Eggs

The eggs Jade or Yoni Eggs originated over 2,000 years ago in ancient Chinese civilisation, who considered the sexual organs as the centre of health. The use of this object was reserved only for the most privileged women who frequented the imperial court, such as the empress herself and the emperor’s concubines. They used Jade Eggs to implement their sexual power but also to increase their spiritual strength, taking care of body, mind and spirit. A material such as jade was chosen because it is a healthy, smooth and non-porous stone and, like natural stone, it is believed to possess and transmit the earth’s energy to the wearer. Jade represents eternity, understood as lasting youth and longevity, is a stone of gynaecology (it is believed that it eliminates harmful bacteria, which increases libido and can help both before and after birth), and the power of women.

Balls duotone

The duotone is plastic balls or silicone-coated that inside them contains small metal balls which rotate favouring the movements of the body and causing subtle vibrations. They are especially indicated to more experienced and trained users as they do not have the tab to be removed.

Kegel Balls

The Kegel balls (or Kegel Balls) are often coated with a layer of silicone and are less flexible than the Duotone Balls; this makes them ideal for a first approach to the intimate gymnastics. Some Kegel balls like the media balls are a good starting point for starting to strengthen the pelvic and vaginal floor muscles. The secret has been constructed in such a way as to determine a random change of the weight present within them. This random movement allows better training than a constant motion. They are available in two versions, the one single ball, weighing 45 grams and recommended for beginners, and those in double version, weighing 90 grams. These are so well made that there is no chance of Ben wa balls falling out.

Another type of vaginal balls is those that have a built-in vibrator, can be controlled through a device connected by a wire, which can be quite uncomfortable, or via a remote control. These products are more like a sex toy and are not the best choice if you are looking for something to use to perform Kegel exercises.

How to use them

It is good to know that the vaginal balls are based on the principles of gravity, so in order not to “fall” it will be necessary to contract the pelvic muscles properly.

But how are vaginal balls specifically used?

The procedure is simpler than you think, but for the first time, it is advisable to help yourself with a simple water-based vaginal lubricant.

After taking a deep breath, relax and sit comfortably with your legs apart. All you have to do is to imitate the procedure for inserting an internal pad that is to lift a leg slightly, take the balls between thumb and forefinger, keeping the removal tab facing down and with the other hand to open the vaginal lips. At this point it is possible to start to make them penetrate gently, inserting them by degrees deeper and deeper.

The extraction of the balls is similar, but the contrary: relax, spread the legs and gently pull the appropriate tab. If you encounter any difficulty do not worry, sometimes it is only necessary to contract the muscles of the belly.

Do not panic if especially at the beginning, you will have some difficulty in the removal procedure or if you think they are blocked, and you cannot “lose” them inside so relax, add a little more lubricant, move or bend!

When you have finished using it, it is essential to wash the balls thoroughly with neutral soap or with a special antibacterial detergent and let them dry in the air. Do not rush and avoid neglecting the most difficult parts to reach, take care especially of the silicone parts and clean well around the connections.

Some advice

It is not uncommon to find evidence on the Internet of women who claim to wear vaginal balls in public. If you also intend to use them during your daily life, remember to “train” for some time by wearing them only at home, until you have developed a certain familiarity with their use. Otherwise, you may incur some embarrassing inconvenience! Beginners are advised to start with plastic or silicone balls: using metal or glass balls may be more difficult. Proceed step by step and rely on shots that are getting bigger and heavier, for example playing alternately wearing single balls and double balls until your pelvic muscles have become strong enough, after which you can also use them while you are exercising.

The metal balls will be signalled if you go through a metal detector, remove them before checking if this can create discomfort.

Proper lubrication can help the insertion, but remember: what contributes to insert can also favour the exit, especially the unexpected and unwanted! Therefore find a right balance in the amount of lubricant used.

It is also important to approach the use of this tool for perennial gymnastics with the right expectations. There are many positive opinions of those who have used the vaginal balls, but there are also bad experiences: choose carefully the objects you intend to use! FindĀ more information at loveballs.