Uncovering the History Of Sex Toys

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Get ready to play a little sex historian. In this article, we’ll find out all about ancient dildos. What was their purpose? What materials did ancient people use? Why so much stigma around them?

So many questions and we’re ready to answer them all. Sex toys, dildos, in particular, have a long history. A history that precedes other histories. One that is 30.000 years old. The survivability of these toys is insane!

But they weren’t sex toys back in the day. They were charms, amulets, and, okay, sometimes sex toys too. Some of these claims scientists cannot back up with facts. But what else would you use a nearly 8-inch long penis-shaped rock? Not for gardening, that’s for damn sure. 

Moving away from ancient times, sex toys went through a lot of changes. Changes in appearance, materials, and purpose. Today, they are tools that anyone can experiment with.

What Does the Oldest Dildo Look Like

How far back do you think when you think of the oldest dildo? We’ll spare you the trouble and let you know that the oldest dildo dates back to 28,000 years BC. That’s 30,000 years of dildo history. Quite impressive.

The discovered dildo is made of siltstone, and it’s highly polished. It’s 7.8” long (20 cm) and found in the Swabia region, in Germany. Some say it’s been used for flint knapping due to marks of use and fragmentation. However, that high polish can tell us a whole different story. Ancient people knew how to have fun.

Materials Used for Ancient Dildos

Some of these materials will shock you, but people had to use what was available back then.

Needless to say, women (and men) back in the days were no different from us. Having fun during sex wasn’t out of the question, even though sex had other, more important purposes.

Reports say that ancient Egyptians and Greeks had been using sex toys too. They used unripe bananas and even camel poop covered in resin. We can imagine that was the dildo of health death. Other materials included stone, leather, wood, and even tar or chalk. Basically, if you could mold it, you could use it. 

Most of those toys weren’t very comfortable to use, so what about some form of lubrication? People were using olive oil. At least those who knew about and had access to it. As for the rest of them — no pain, no gain.

Origin of the Word Dildo

In the style of Carrie Bradshaw, we can’t help but wonder where the word came from. There’s no actual fact about it, but theories say it originated either from Latin or Italian. 

Reports find the word “dildo” was coined around 1.400 AD. If it came from Latin, it’s from the word “dilatare” which translates as “open wide”. In case it came from Italian, it’s from the word for “woman’s delight” which is “diletto”. 

You’ll agree that either of these words can serve as the origin of our term “dildo.” As you do open wide and it is indeed many a woman’s delight.

Some Ancient Sex Toys Were Used to Ward Off Evil Spirits

Yes, you did read that right. Sex had many meanings in ancient times. A woman’s orgasm was an offering to the fertility gods. So it’s not unusual for sex toys to have this purpose.

Phallic sculptures were popular during ancient Roman times. Romans sure did love their ancient dildos. They were even found in the Pompeii ruins because phallic symbols had special powers. That’s how people had to make sure evil spirits are at bay.

So here’s what you can take away from this: your dildo will make sure you don’t get possessed. And it will give you some good luck too.

The Arrival of Rubber Sex Toys

Moving away from ancient and medieval sex toys, we’re reaching the semi-modern times. Here we have more records of what people thought of sex aids and if they were sex aids at all. 

First rubber dildos appear around the 1850s, and nearly 100 years later, in the 1930s, they appear in movies. They weren’t known as sex toys but as marital aids. You know, if your husband goes to war and you want an orgasm, we assume. There was a strong belief that they could cure “hysteria” in women. But, we’re pretty sure it was just sexual frustration that’s in question.

Reasons Why Modern Dildos Are the Best

This part of the article is a no-brainer.  There are a variety of sex toys on the market today: dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, beads, etc. They all contain good and, unfortunately, bad materials, especially dildos. However, using them safely has never been easier with the existence of proper lube. They come in a lot of different sizes and colors too. Anybody can find a dildo that will suit their exact needs and wants.

Moreover, the stigma around dildos and anal toys, in general, is not that strong anymore. It’s so much different than it was in the past. Now, they have a different purpose, and it’s to explore your body and have fun. They no longer just “cure hysteria” in women. Okay, maybe they do make frustrations go away, but nobody is hysteric.

Can you believe people used to think that women have no libidos?


We’ve gone through a dildo timeline, and now we know what the dildo history entails. A lot of stigma and a lot of very wrong materials used. But people only did what they knew best, within their time. 

Some were seeking a cure within dildos, some protection in phallic-shaped statues and charms. They had a marital, instead of sexual, aid status, but that’s very different now. Sure, you can still use them as marital aid but sexually. You and your partner can both enjoy and have fun with them. There’s no need for one of you to go missing so the other can use a dildo.

Of course, long-distance relationships are a thing, but you know what else is? Having a dildo that looks exactly like your partner’s penis. Could the ancients do that? Also, a stone dildo exists today too. But the execution is so much better.