Hot undead chicks using sex toys

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History of sex toys: How our ancestors were having fun

Now the shelves of sex shops are full of an abundance of all sorts of toys for adults. Here you can find BDSM sets, role-playing games, vibrators and faloimitators of various sizes and shapes, butt plugs, strap-ons and much more. Do you know where the famous sex toys came from and how they were used initially? Let’s have a look at the fascinating history of sex toys.

Stone dildo (age – at least 28 thousand years)

The first world-famous dildo found in Germany. It was a 20 cm long stone dildo. In fact, throughout the earth, they often found objects in shape and size similar to the penis. They were made of stone, clay, bronze and other materials and were intended for sexual satisfaction.
Many scholars believe that objects resembling a dildo were used in religious rituals, but opinions, as always, are divided. For example, Peruvian archaeologists discovered an entire arsenal of devices for the sexual comfort of ancient Indians, including a phaloimitator and penis rings, at the excavations, so the assumption can be considered accurate.

Steam Vibrator (1869 CE)

The history of the origin of this toy was fun and exciting. Previously, when a vibrator close to the modern was not invented yet, women were often satisfied with their hands. Do not be surprised, because in this way female tantrums were once treated. The procedure was popular until the 19th century, but then the idea came to mechanise the process, as the doctor quickly got tired of it.

Initially, hydrotherapy was invented (the direction of the jet of water on the patient’s genitals), which lasted about an hour, and then a steam vibrator was created, which brought the woman to orgasm in 10 minutes. Most interestingly, male masturbation was strictly forbidden, and only in 1899 was the patented vibrator for men.

Inflatable Doll (1904 AD)

Already in the 17th century, women began to look for a replacement. The French began to use Lady for travel – something that looks like a girl only for those who have not seen it for a long time. After that, interest in artificial women subsided and re-emerged in the 30s of the XX century. According to some sources, the author of the idea was Adolf Hitler, and the performer was Danish doctor Olen Hannussen.

The fascist leader wanted to help the soldiers in their sexual needs and prevent the races from mixing. Dolls for men appeared on sale in Germany in the mid-1950s of the 20th century and looked like a blue-eyed, white-skinned woman with a big breast. At first, sex dolls were made of vinyl or rubber and were toxic, and then latex was used. Since then, women’s substitutes have been improved, supplemented and actively used by men around the world.

Vaginal balls (500 AD)

Vaginal balls were found with bronze dildos in 206. Where they exactly came from is unknown, but the shots were first intended for men and were called differently. Then the women realised what was happening, and also began to use the new product actively. The toy was useful for complementing a couple’s sex, and for masturbation.

Ring for penis (1200 AD)

In their time, the Chinese aristocrats had to satisfy and fertilise their wife, mistresses and concubines to precisely leaving behind him an heir. Not only that the rich coped with assassination attempts and numerous seizures, but it was also necessary to engage in sex almost around the clock.

It is logical that the man could not always get what he wanted, and it was for this that a ring was invented to maintain an erection. He was made of century goats, which allowed a very long time to try to conceive a child.

As you can see, our ancestors knew how to have fun and even then realised how vital sexual satisfaction is for human health. Find out some more details about the ancient erotic pleasure.

Once upon a time – a thousand years before our era

It is not known precisely when the first vibrator appeared. It most likely dates from the Paleolithic. Archaeologists have discovered many phallic objects at that time and have called them “sticks”.

A particular case caught the attention of specialists. It is supposed to be 28,000 years old and was discovered in a cave in Germany. The dimensions of the object lead to the vibrators of today. Long, 20 centimetres, this object could very well be used for sexual stimulation.

Representations are suggesting the use of rudimentary vibrators can also be found on the Greek art facts of the 6th century before our era. Images of single women or even companions who use various objects to meet sexual needs appear on such artefacts. Also during this period, a kind of vibrator, called “olisbos”, was invented in Greece. This kind of object was known in the Mediterranean, where the vibratory trade had gained momentum.

Olive oil has been the first lubricant in history and has been promoted as an effective contraceptive used since the year 350 before our era. Balls for strengthening vaginal muscles, called “ben wa balls”, appeared around the year 500 en. Initially, they were invented to enhance the man’s pleasure during sexual intercourse. Over time, they were found to be useful for strengthening pelvic muscles, which is why women are increasingly used for this purpose.

Between 1000 and 1800 – the masculine pleasure period

The rings or sleeves for prolonging the male erection occurred around 1200 in China. They were made of leather from the eyelids of goats, with genes with everything. Are you wondering why the genes were kept? It was thought to amplify sexual pleasure.

The term “dildo” appeared around 1400. There are two theories about the origins of this word. It is supposed to come either from the Latin “dilatation”, meaning “delight” or “caressing”. During this time, sex toys were made of wood or stone and were wrapped in leather or other similar materials. The distinct disadvantage of these vibrators was the fact that their use requires the abundant use of the lubricant.

By 1600, men’s rings had evolved, meaning they did not look the same as the original Chinese rings. On their surface could be seen ornaments, usually in the form of dragons. These ornaments have evolved, ultimately ending up representing only the language of the dragon extending into the ring extension, giving women pleasure during sexual intercourse. They sang quite a lot with the current vibrating rings, used to enhance the enjoyment of both partners. Another version of the vibrator appeared in 1734 and was equipped with a crank.

After 1800 – Sex Toys Cure Hysteria

There is not much to know about the history of anal toys. In the Victorian era, some doctors recommended that male patients introduce a wooden egg into the anus because it was believed that pressure applied to the prostate would guide sperm back from where it came, thus preventing premature ejaculation.

1869 was a crucial year in the history of sex toys. For a long time, doctors treated women suffering from what was thought to be “hysteria” through a pelvic massage session that caused a state of “paroxysm of hysteria.” In other words, they would induce orgasms for the patients.
This treatment was done using a steam-based machine called the “manipulator.” The device was hidden by the eyes of the patients; for fear that they would not refuse “treatment” at the sight of the large device.

The “manipulator” was replaced in 1882 by the first electro-mechanical vibrator, invented by a British physician named Joseph Mortimer Granville. The instrument worked on batteries and was provided with various interchangeable extensions to vary the stimulation.

Interestingly, Granville had not designed the appliance for women, but for a specific type of massage for men. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Once out of the hands of the one who invented it, the vibrator started on its way to meet women.