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The Perfect Sex Swings for Beginners

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Many people are somewhat intimidated by sex swings, and that’s entirely understandable due to their look and setup. However, this type of sex furniture is becoming incredibly popular in recent years, and the truth is that you don’t need to be a porn star to enjoy one!  Swings can spice up your sex life immensely, and you can use them… Read more »

Hot undead chicks can help with male chastity

The chastity belts for men extend to possible attacks A striking case of a woman who cut off her husband’s penis as revenge for infidelity has served as inspiration for a downtown sex toy store. From their window, a naked mannequin with a metal shell that locks his genitals are displayed. It is the new chastity belt for men that… Read more »

How To Give a Prostate Massage

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We all know that men and only men (gender privilege!) have prostates. If you’re a guy, then like all other men, you’ve spent your life dreading going to a doctor’s for a prostate check. You’ve also heard of something called prostate stimulation, and you’ve wondered what it would be like. Does it just make ejaculation better, or do you experience… Read more »

Why Latex Suit Is Perfect for Bondage

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  So, you’re into BDSM and looking for a way to step your game up? Maybe you’re someone who enjoys vanilla sex but is still curious? Whoever you may be, you’ve come to the right place.  Here you’ll find all the answers to your bondage-related questions. Well, at least those concerning latex suits. Maybe you’ll even discover whether you’re a… Read more »