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Why You Should Play Video Games With Your Partner

Wait, couples play video games together? Yup, they sure do! Don’t let the internet make you think that if one partner plays games, it means the other gets neglected. Sure, that can happen, but it doesn’t need to. Playing games together is fun. It has a plethora of benefits, and we have compiled a list including just some of them…. Read more »

Cosplaying Characters Into Your Heart

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Cosplaying isn’t something new, but it is always relevant. Whether you like it or not, it is growing and spreading around the globe. Are you wondering, “What is cosplaying, anyway?” It essentially means putting on the costumes and makeup of fictional characters that people love and fantasize about. Usually, when people talk about cosplay, they think of anime and manga… Read more »

Achieving the perfect cumshot with Ejaculating Dildos

Imagine having your own personal fake penis that can cum at your command. Well, you don’t even have to imagine it. If you enjoy cum play, creampies, and bukkake, then this is a toy for you. Loads of cum are indeed fun, but sometimes it’s hard to get it exactly when you want it. Not anymore. Ejaculating dildos are here… Read more »

If You Love Cosplay, You Are Going to Love Cosplay Sex

If your sex life needs a boost, it may be time to introduce some fantasy into the bedroom. Sometimes, what helps us unleash our true selves is a mask. Why not become a sexy pizza delivery guy for an hour and serve a hot slice to an unsuspecting French maid? What Is Cosplay? Let’s face it — we all like… Read more »

Sex And Nudity: Are They Needed In Video Games?

Nudity in games has become quite a curious element. A lot of games feature it. But why is that the case? Is it because nudity adds a certain sense of realism? Or something else entirely? We think it’s up to personal interpretation. Whatever it may be, nudity in games exists. Whether nudity’s needed or not is entirely subjective — maybe… Read more »

Nudity in Video Games

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  Nudity is part of our everyday lives, and it is also quite present in video games. Whether we are talking about sexy costumes or full-frontal nudity, nearly every game today has something like this to offer.  Reasons for Explicit Nudity in Video Games Nudity has been a topic of controversy for decades, and many ask what the reason for… Read more »

What Are Dragon Dildos and Why You Should Try Them!

Dragons can be beautiful, majestic, scary, and huge. That is why the popularity of dragon fetish is only rising. Many brands focus on creating adult toys based on fictional characters that will allow people to enjoy their unique fetish. These toys are high-quality and can offer you a rather exciting change from vanilla sex. At least if you dare to… Read more »

How to Increase your Chances of Getting Laid

The rules of modern dating and hooking up are always evolving. If you’re single today, you probably know that there are tons of new ways to meet women. Dating sites and social media have made it incredibly simple for us to find people who are explicitly DTF and are looking for casual sex. Moreover, social norms have changed, which means… Read more »

Only for Ladies — A Guide to Solo Play

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Masturbation is a way we show ourselves some appreciation and love. Everyone needs to take care of themselves, express their sexuality, and explore their body’s responses to different stimulations. On top of that, masturbation is physically and psychologically healthy! For that reason, having a solo session now and then is beneficial for our mood, sex life, and health. And there’s… Read more »