Hot undead chicks as sex dolls

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Sex Dolls: The Bright Part of Sex Toy Industry

If there is something that distinguishes our societies from the so-called traditional ones, it is to have given up finding each individual a spouse. Where ancient societies spent as much energy as needed to marry each, we are the first society in history to tolerate such a high rate of celibacy. The increasing liberalization of the conjugal framework seems to have benefited only the majority of haves who not only live in couples but can now choose between marriage, Pacs and concubinage. The others must be content to look through a window the happiness of those who love themselves as they wish, without even sexual orientation hindering them now. While they, the others, those who remain alone,

It is perhaps for them that Western societies seem to have built a curious device in recent years: the real dolls, of which Elisabeth Alexandre tells us in a recent book, Dolls and Men, Investigating Artificial Love (The Musardine). The impact that these beautiful silicone creatures have had on the lives of thousands of men around the world is quite singular. Built by a Californian company since 1995 these dolls are 1.65 meters, weigh about 40 kilos, and have an internal device that simulates the vaginal reaction during a sexual penetration, all contributing to their striking likelihood.

Nothing to do with the coarse and purely sexual inflatable dolls whose only use is masturbatory. The real dolls are beautiful and delicate, they are dedicated above all to “be loved” and, apart from the fact that it is necessary to heat them with special sheets so as not to have the impression that one caresses a corpse, they have led to the appearance of a conjugality of a new type.

We eat, we sleep, and we watch TV with his doll. They are treated as paralyzed women whom we love and care for, with which we establish a kind of reciprocity, in particular because of the daily washes they require and meticulous repairs which they must regularly undergo. To erase the scars that result from the desire they arouse. Disappointed by sad, alone, skeptical relationships with organic women, their bearers are often convinced that they have finally found the solution to their love problems. Certainly, their testimonies have a pathetic aspect.

When talking about their “relationships” with dolls, we feel that the loneliness and misery that they seek to fill with them only by redoubling themselves by staging this conjugality. The longer it is extended, the more intense this loneliness is and insists in reality, revealing not all that they have, but all that they lack. But some may well prefer nothing to the emptiness of everything, what do we have to say about it?

Yet, far from arousing understanding and tenderness, even pity, lovers of real dolls are subject to certain mistrust when it is not a frank animosity. We even make movies and novels in which real dolls become terrible enemies of women. Far from being considered as a social orthopedic for the problems of conjugality, they are attributed with evil powers. Women who look after the happiness of women think that dolls will take their place, that men will take advantage of them to do without them. So think: with, in addition, the artificial uterus, what use will we have for them? They will end up exterminating us, without any profit, no compensation for so many centuries of exploitation. Others think, on the contrary, not that dolls will take the place of women, but the opposite, that women will “dollify”, that dolls show us our future. Do not they have that immovable perfection of eternal youth and beauty to which we all aspire? Obedient and always ready for sex! Do not we risk, after so many cosmetic surgeries, to become ourselves a piece of motionless silicone?

But the poor long-term unemployed of love who spend months and years trying to collect the money these dolls cost seem to be quite indifferent to these invectives. They do not hurt “nobody”, anybody, anyway, and this is their fundamental problem. Because, if they could hurt someone, they could also do good to him and they would not need their friends in silicone.
Nevertheless, if these mixed couples were to become general, it is quite likely that America prohibits with great pomp the manufacture and importation of real dolls. Like pornography and prostitution the use of these dolls could be considered a “school of rape” and “male dominance” in a society like ours, where the relations between the sexes tend to over-invest the symbols to the detriment reality. In this, certainly, they embody the status of women today.

The new Real doll knows all about her partner, like her favorite movies and dishes, as well as her fantasies. It is actually a robot designed to create a new generation of more futuristic sex dolls.

The new generation sex dolls look great. You can choose hers as a real girl: physical, personality everything is there. You can tell him everything you like videos, food, and which is cool all your fantasies. There is a “personality” app to modify it at will: adjust to your desires of the moment, no need to wait for the good will of the other, always there when you need it, in short the girlfriend dreams for you it’s the future.

But many people thank that a robot is automation not very fun or glamorous. You must be very quickly in the repetition and routine. You change beautiful program, there is not a lot of respondents in front of you. Some people show interest in the relationship with a being of flesh and blood with whom they like to curl up and purr like a tiny cat, a person who always remains a little mysterious unpredictable who evolves with the years but with whom they feel in harmony and happy in a living relationship.

You do not think experts can make hot robots at 37 ° with the same feel to the touch as your man. You talk about a relationship it would be dehumanized all that for experts what matters is the unique link with little darling with all five senses: touch, caress him, hear his sweet words and see his looks, taste his presence, feel it with a robot none of that.

Yet there are days when it would be easier to live with a robot at his boot that would do everything and nothing that is asked of him. You would feel quickly alone, a machine that would not bring you comfort, no tenderness, no laugh. It would be a virtual and unreal company; in any case you cannot imagine vibrating at the unison with a robot.

But still with the increasing busy and mechanical lifestyle the experts claim that the future of sex dolls will be brighter than now, the demand will increase day by day.