Reaching Orgasm Through Urethral Play

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All good things take some practice, right? Well, that statement could not be any more accurate when it comes to urethral play. It is one of those sexual activities that can give you insane pleasure, but you have to be patient and learn how to do it properly.

When guys start to think about trying cock stuffing (much better term, don’t you think?), most wonder if you can reach an orgasm through this form of sexual play. At the risk of killing the suspense, the answer is yes. 

However, that does not mean that everybody will come during urethral stimulation. The best way to deal with this topic is to delve into the matter and see how it works. Although all men’s experiences with urethral stimulation are different, most of them fall in love with this sensation.

How Does Penis Sounding Work?

Just like Female urethral play, the technique is relatively straightforward. You (or your partner) insert a special sex toy into your urethra, which, in turn, gives you sexual pleasure. For most newcomers to the world of kink, this probably sounds scary or disgusting, but it absolutely isn’t.

The urethra is packed with nerves, and their stimulation is a surefire way to arousal or even orgasm. Also, it starts from the bladder and passes the prostate on its way to the pee hole. In other words, it goes right through your P-spot, so urethra sounding can make you feel like you have never felt before.

Nevertheless, it is not all just fun and orgasms. You need to be very careful while you perform urethral stimulation as there are potential dangers. And they are not your average kink risks. Some refer to this particular type of play as medical kink, so take it seriously.

There are two things to consider before filling your soldier — the proper gear and technique. So let’s dive right in!

Urethral Toys

When it comes to the equipment, the essential piece of advice is to get the stainless steel stuff. This material is body-friendly, it’s easy to sterilize, and it is the safest for urethral sounding.

Once you start doing your research, you’ll realize that there are many shapes and sizes to choose from. What to pick depends on your preferences, but the material should always be surgical steel.

OK, now that we cleared that up, let’s check these nasty boys out and see what they can do for us.

Penis Plugs

This term is a general one for all toys that you would use for cock stuffing, but in this case, it refers to what we call “the beginner’s toy.” A penis plug is a hollow steel rod, usually pretty short, sometimes with a ring at the end. If you are new to sounding, start with one of these. It is the least extreme option, and it will give you an excellent idea of the whole process. These are also called Lust Plugs by some enthusiasts for a reason, so you would be missing out a lot if you do not get to try it.

Urethral Sounds

Once you learn to love urethral insertion, you can progress onto these miracle workers. They come in different lengths and girths, some of them long enough to reach the bladder. Mind you, not every guy is into deep stuffing, hence the different girths. Maybe you will just take pleasure in stretching the urethra. Extra pressure on those nerves can lead to some intense orgasms!


The technique is pretty straightforward if you follow these rules:

  1. Always use surgical lube. It is sterile and the only one suitable for penis sounding. Check the label and make sure that there is no glycerine in your lubricant because it can cause urinary tract infections.
  2. This kind of play is delicate, so no pushing, pulling, pressing, or doing anything forcefully. You have to listen to your body and go slow. If you come across any “roadblocks,” stop immediately and try again later.
  3. No experimenting with the toys you use. To have a safe and pleasurable experience, stick to the specialized urethral play items.

With the above in mind, the proper way to insert a penis plug is easy to replicate. Apply lube to your dick and the toy. Spread your urethral opening with one hand and gently insert the plug. It should slide in on its own. Then, just go as deep as you want, but never too hard.

If there is pain or severe discomfort, it means that you are doing something wrong. Unless, of course, you’re into pain. Just be careful because the urethra is sensitive, and you don’t want to damage or fracture it. That would cause a whole lot of medical and absolutely no kink!

Does a Sounding Orgasm Feel Different?

Well, orgasm is an orgasm, and this one is no different. But the intensity can be spectacular. When you stimulate the urethra, you touch on nerves that simply cannot be touched in any other way. It opens the doors to a world of pleasure that is unavailable form the outside.

Also, while sounding, you get an opportunity to stimulate the prostate directly. You can literally touch your P-spot with the rod. The feeling is over-the-top as it is something you simply won’t achieve through anal stimulation.

What feels peculiar is that you don’t have to masturbate hard. Very light strokes will feel like your whole body is in ecstasy. Everything gets super sensitive with the plug inside. When you reach the prostate, even stroking can be obsolete.

Can You Have Sex With the Plug Inside?

You could, but that is really for more advanced users. It is vital to get used to the feeling and master the technique before you set out on this adventure. To be honest, having sex is unnecessary when you are indulging in urethral play.

The feeling is so special and overwhelming that there is no need to do anything else. If you want to share the experience with your partner, it may be a better idea to let them perform the insertion or stroke you while the plug is inside.

However, if it comes to sex, make sure you go very slowly and use a condom to avoid injuries and infections. And make sure to abort the action at first signs of discomfort or pain. No amount of pleasure is worth fracturing your urethra.


Hopefully, our urethral sounding guide inspired you to try this highly pleasurable form of kink. The question is not if you are going to like it, but how deep you will want to go. In any case, follow these rules to stay safe and get ready for an orgasm of a lifetime!