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Sexual intercourse by the urinary orifice: The Things to Know

Many couple worried about not being able to conceive a baby. After examination, the doctors found that the gentleman penetrated Madam by the urethral meatus and not by the vagina.

Female urethral play is a cause of infertility for the least strange. As explained by the experts the two partners, in their thirties, in good health, high socio-professional environment, consulted a gynecologist after many attempts to have a baby, without success. The sperm gram was normal, knowing that the spouse had a penis erect with a length of about 10 cm. In examining the wife, the specialist finds that the hymen is still present and that it is cribriform type (pierced with multiple small holes), while the urinary orifice (urethral meatus) is dilated (3 cm).

Both thought they had normal sex, with vaginal penetration but this was clearly not the case. They were unable to distinguish vaginal intercourse from urethral intercourse. Madam had felt pain and discomfort during the first sexual intercourse, but had not worried too much about it. The doctors made an incision of the hymen, which allowed vaginal penetration, and the couple managed to conceive a few months later.

The researchers conclude, although this phenomenon is rare, urethral coitus must be suspected in a woman who consults for infertility and has a dilated urethral orifice. The urethra is the urinary tract that allows urine to escape from the bladder to the outside. Its function is different according to sex. In humans, the urethra is the conduit for bladder urine and sperm.
In women, only urine is discharged through the urethra.

4 tips to get them to have an orgasm

For many men the female orgasm is almost a myth, but it is not so difficult to find it, some areas are taken into account that should not be overlooked. It is difficult to determine what kind of lover you are: active and explorers or lazy and easy going?

Although many times it depends more on the day, the desire or the accumulated fatigue that of the much or little idea that they have on how to move on the ground, it is easy to become a lover of ten if you take into account some areas that you do not have to be overlooked to get – at least try – that she reaches orgasm.

Each woman can respond differently to the stimuli on their erogenous zones – many more than those that, in general, they try to excite – but the important thing is to know where to find them until you find out if you are touching the perfect key. The important thing is to know where to find the erogenous zones until you find out if you are touching the perfect key.

If you also take into account that the hours of the day more prone to practice sex also vary between sexes -although recently a study talked about the time to eat as the ideal time for both- and that in the case of women the concentration and the power of the mind plays a very important role, you will have more chances of getting her to reach orgasm and have much more pleasant sexual relationships.

In general, women value the effort and the willingness to explore and please – without appearing that they will lose their turn in a game of the game operation, something of security is also appreciated – but it is worth knowing the four tips that can lead you to climax.

1. Calling the clitoris

How to find the famous on button? As per the experts, if you do not know where the button is, do not despair. There are even many women who do not know exactly how to stimulate and caress the most famous erogenous zone. Who knows if exploring as a team you find the so-called “button” that starts the game. The anal area can lead to orgasm if it starts by exciting the perineum and goes to the sphincter.

Putting your finger between the vaginal lips and sliding down to the area of the entrance of the vagina, you feel a small bump that, to be stimulating correctly, you will perceive how hard it gets. Stroke it gently around with your fingertip finding the rhythm and friction that you like. It is important to listen to you and talk so that she can tell you if she has not gotten out of hand -never better said- and you are caressing where she likes.

2. The perineum or perineum: area that you should explore

Best known for naming the male erogenous zone most shunned by many men, it is also exciting and pleasurable for them. It is located between the anus and the geniuses and is an area where numerous nerve endings converge, so touching and touching it can awaken exciting and surprising sensations.

The area of the anus can lead to orgasm if it starts by exciting the perineum and gradually goes to the sphincter, where the nerve endings that produce greater arousal accumulate. Of course, as in the case of them, keep in mind that not all women like games in these areas.

3. The U point: why excite the urethra area

This female erogenous point is found in the urethra, between the space of the clitoris and the beginning of the vagina. It is an area that is surrounded by erectile tissue so caressing it over or under gently can lead the woman to orgasm. Like an earthquake, a woman has an epicenter.

It is not too common to excite this area but, if you do it right, without the sensation of urination distracts attention from it and gets excited while working other erogenous zones, you can get a much more complete pleasure. As expert explains, in America, men are taught how to caress them gently with the tips of their penises to stimulate them.

4. Know and find point A

Although it is not taken too much into account, it is another female erogenous point that lies between the G- spot and the cervix, near the anterior fornix. Like an earthquake, a woman has an epicenter. It is considered the equivalent of the male prostate and is located between the end of the vaginal canal and the cervix.

If it is stimulated without care, it can lead to violent vaginal contractions, which is why it is recommended to gently do so by stroking the anterior vaginal wall – the front part – with a hook in the shape of a hook. Learn more about Lust Plugs here.