How Sex Toys Can Save Your Marriage

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When you first tied the knot, it all seemed like your dreams came true. But years have passed, you got kids, house chores and work keep you busy, and you realized you don’t spend enough time with your chosen one. 

That also means you stopped having sex often enough. Maybe your sex life now looks like doing one more task, or it doesn’t exist at all. And you’re not the only one — this situation is quite usual. Some people would even say it’s completely normal to stop taking care of your sex life at one point.

But no matter what age you reached and how long you’re married, you shouldn’t treat your sex life as a chore, or an occasional hobby, or something irrelevant. A lack of sex can hurt your mood, relationship you have with your loved one, and even your health! 

Maybe you overthink things. But there’s a simple solution for making your sex life exciting once again — you can get sex toys! These can help you get into the mood more easily and explore your sexualities with more care. So, here’s what benefits you’ll gain from playing with sex toys.

Good for Sexless Marriage 

In case you haven’t enjoyed sex for a long, long time, you’ll possibly need some help to get you interested again. The thing is, the longer you abstain from sex, the libido gets lower. And if you have a lot of great sex, you’ll want to do it more often.

Sometimes, low libido is a sign of physical or psychological issues or an unhealthy lifestyle. So, if you use too much alcohol, are depressed, have a reduced hormonal level, or a similar problem, you should definitely consider getting medical help. 

But in case both you and your partner want to try to work it out and need something to make a good start, sex toys are a perfect solution. And you have plenty of options, depending on what you want to try first — a variety of vibrators, anal toys, male masturbators, etc. You’ll see that favourite sex toy and marriage go well together!

You Can Use Them Both for Solo Play and Sex 

The best part about having sex toys is that you can use them when you’re alone too! Solo play isn’t just for partnerless people. On the contrary, everyone should explore their bodies and sexualities in private now and then.

If you learn what you like and what sensations you find most pleasurable, it’ll be easy to communicate with your spouse. That way, your partner will know what to do to fulfill your needs and desires. 

And don’t forget that married couples too can do things that are exciting in an unusual way. For example, if your spouse is on a business trip, you can try phone or skype sex while using toys. Or, you can prepare for sex on your own just before your partner gets home from work. The whole point is to get creative and to explore different possibilities sex toys offer you!

Sex Toys Work Better Than Body Parts Sometimes 

There’s a great variety of sex toys on the market that can provide you with amazing experiences and mind-blowing orgasms. Some of them can give you a bit more than your partner’s body parts can. And there’s nothing wrong or bad about this. That’s one of the reasons sex toys were made in the first place!So, it’s easier to explore the potentials of human sexuality once you’ve got a perfect sex toy. For instance, nothing will give you such an amazing clitoral stimulation like a perfect vibrato, especially vibrators that look like robots. These can help you reach a beautiful orgasm much quicker than a penis, fingers, or even tongue.

That doesn’t mean having sex with an actual person is unnecessary! Using toys designed to provide you with something you can’t get in any other way is beneficial for your sex life. However, it can’t replace physical contact, intimacy, and love.

The point is, there’s nothing wrong with using toys that can give you stronger stimulations than your partner can. These can help you explore different sensations and ways your body responds to them. And no matter if you’re solo or married, sex toys can make your whole life a lot more pleasurable. 

Rediscovering Each Other’s Fetishes Together 

Being a husband and wife doesn’t mean you can’t get kinky now and then. Many people are curious about some unconventional sexual activities, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t explore those parts of yourselves. Moreover, it will definitely bring some heath under the sheets!

And sex toys can be of great help on that journey. For instance, if you want to do an animal role-play, you can use tail butt plugs. In case you’re curious about power play, a vibrator is a perfect tool for edging. And if you want to add sadomasochistic elements to your sex life, you should definitely get a whip.

The best part is that you never know what you’ll discover while trying out various things. Maybe you’ll find out that dirty talking really turns you on, or that anal sex is the most amazing thing ever. But don’t forget that getting toys for marriage isn’t enough — you still need to get creative!