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How to clean and store your realistic sex toys

If you want to feel the most realistic sensations, a sex toy designed in a practical material is best able to remind you of the feelings of the sexual act with a male or female partner. These high-end toys are made from materials specifically designed to get closer to human skin and flesh.
Soft to the touch, stretchy, hot and wet or hyper-real forms, vaginas or realistic dildos are beautiful products that significantly contribute to the authenticity of your experience. Realistic sex toys are made from a mixture of polymers, plastics, rubbers and silicones and need care and attention to maintain their qualities. Rubber and silicone can deteriorate for lack of maintenance and make your favourite sex toy unusable.

First, check the material in which your fake vagina, inflatable doll, or realistic dildo is made. The materials to feel realistic sensations are among the following:

• Cyber skin,
• Fleshlight,
• Futurotic Plus,
• Love Clone,
• Love skin,
• Magic Flesh,
• Real skin,
• Sil-A-Gel,
• Touch Skin,
• Soft Skin,
• Soft Touch,
• UR3 (Ultra Realistic 3.0), TPR, ABS etc.

Phallus materials

Silicone: The article that covers sex toys on top, the base is from other compositions. The main plus is simple to care. Silicone does not cause allergies; there is no irritation on the skin. The material has no taste or smell, is applied with a water-based lubricant. Wash with mild soap and running water.

Cyber skin: Realistic materials have different names: Neoskin, Kiberskin UR-3, etc. Distinguishing to the touch from the real body is impossible. The phalluses are flexible, soft, and very pleasant. But you need to store in a unique powder to preserve velvety. It requires cleansing with a particular clinic only.

PVC gel: The specific composition may have different flexibility and softness. The practical material quickly takes body temperature. Over time, does not lose shape. Colour and form of dildos of these materials can be any.

Latex: Gentle material that is used less and less. Artificial latex is used. It may have a slight odour. Sometimes irritates. Do not store near other toys. It’s always flexible phalluses ideal for anal sex.

Plastic: Hard phalluses made from ABS. Plastic options are not expensive, but they serve for a long time. Do not bend, always keep their shape perfectly.

Ceramics: Quality and safe material – ceramics. Toys serve many years, have bright colouring. In some models, you can pour water to change the temperature of the device. Phalluses are hard, often with special relief on the surface. Individual companies, painted by hand produce it.


Glass: glass phalluses always look very stylish. Each model is checked manually so that there are no cracks or sharp protrusions on the surface. The glass does not break even when dropped from a great height. The material does not absorb liquids or odours. It’s easy to wash, easy to apply and this is also an almost eternal toy.

To make sure your realistic sex toys are as dapper as the first time they are out of their box, follow these simple and easy steps to maintain them. Here are six ways to keep your toy in tip-top condition because it is straightforward to take care of a realistic sex toy to extend its life and enjoy it for a long time.

• Wash your hands and yourself, especially the areas that will be in contact with the sex toy (vagina, anus, penis, breasts or any other erogenous zone). The natural secretions and the impurities of your skin can make your realistic hairy sex toys and give them a not very clear appearance. It is easier not to dirty than to clean!

• Use a water-based lubricant. Realistic sex toys are made from a mixture of rubbers, plastics and silicone and the best way to avoid physical reactions between them is to opt for a water-based lubricant.

• Do not share your realistic sex toys. A sex toy is a personal object, so uses two or more sex toys if you like to make love but do not share your dildos.
• Clean thoroughly after use. Cleaning your toy is the most critical step in your care and can allow a sex toy to last a very long time.

• Wash your toys after use with an antibacterial cleaner for sex toy like navy toy body cleaner. The filter will kill all the persistent bacteria on your gadget, and you can then rinse it with warm water.

• Dry your toys thoroughly. Use a soft cloth or a clean towel to dry the surface. For male masturbators, use a soft fabric through the cleaning hole and out through the entrance or turn them over with a dry hand. Air drying is not recommended as bacteria proliferate at hot and humid drying locations.

• Store your realistic toys separately. Separate sex toys from other toys in your collection, even if they are made of graphic materials. Store your toy in a suitable box or bag and a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. Never let two sex toys come into contact with each other in your storage box.

How to clean your Dildo

Many couples use sex toys daily because they are considered useful objects to increase pleasure and break the routine. However, in addition to using these sex toys correctly, you must also know how to keep them in good condition so as not to endanger your health. Steps to follow:

1. Before buying or using sex toys for the first time, look good if they are in good condition, are free from defects that could harm you and those that vibrate working correctly. There are vibrators that look like robots and functions like one, you better choose those.
2. Before using them for the first time, you should wash the sex toys with mild soap and water, or you can also use a special soap for the intimate area of women, which does not change the pH and is not too aggressive.
3. After each use, you should also wash your toy with soap in the same way as we do it for the first time and water, which is very important to preserve your intimate health.
4. Keep in mind that vibrating sex toys must be cleaned with batteries to prevent them from deteriorating. Remove the cells before washing them.
5. When sharing sex toys with someone who is not your regular partner, it is essential to protect yourself. Put a condom on your sex toy because silicone prevents bacteria from causing infections and more severe health problems.
6. In the same way, if you use a dildo through the vaginal and anal ways, you must protect yourself with a condom otherwise you risk transmitting the many bacteria in the anus to your vagina, causing an infection.
7. Instead of letting them dry without using a towel or cloth, the best way to ensure that your sex toy does not stay wet is to put it back in its case.
8. If you use a lubricant with your sex toy, use of oils based water because oil-based lubricants or silicone may damage your sex toy.

It is essential to follow these recommendations because the sex toys are directly in contact with your private areas and sanitary and correct use of these will preserve your health.