If You Love Cosplay, You Are Going to Love Cosplay Sex

If your sex life needs a boost, it may be time to introduce some fantasy into the bedroom. Sometimes, what helps us unleash our true selves is a mask. Why not become a sexy pizza delivery guy for an hour and serve a hot slice to an unsuspecting French maid?

What Is Cosplay?

Let’s face it — we all like masquerading as someone else. Most people are tired of seeing the same person over and over again in the mirror. Self-love and self-acceptance are great and all, but jumping out of your skin to embody someone else for a while is a lot of fun. That’s why we all love costume parties.

Cosplay means dressing up as a fictional character of your choice. Serious cosplayers usually pick their alternate personas from anime, comics, movies, novels, video games, and other works of fantasy or fiction. They often invest a lot of time and money in their costumes and overall looks. They even go to various conventions where they engage in roleplay with other cosplayers.

People’s obsession with their favorite fictional characters can sneak into many aspects of their everyday lives. For them, real life and imagination often merge, and their elaborate costumes help them make a fantasy come to life.

What Is Fantasy Fetish?

All fetishes involve a dose of imagination and sexual fantasy — that’s what makes them so exciting. Whatever your kink is, it originates in your mind. Roleplay sex, toe sucking, and bondage all fulfill some deep-rooted desires unrelated to our day-to-day lives. Even though many of us like to be spanked in the bedroom, we would be appalled if our boss did the same to us for poorly done work.

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However, fantasy fetish takes erotic imagination to a whole new level. Those who have it are often turned on by specific fantasy worlds or mythical creatures from them. The latter can entail incorporating various sex toys in their bedroom play, such as dragon dildos.

Fantasy fetishists are full of roleplay ideas set in a mythical universe of their liking. They like to act out intricate scenarios with their partners (if they are lucky to find like-minded lovers) as foreplay. That is similar to roleplay but more complex.

What Is Cosplay Sex?

If you are fond of roleplaying different scenarios in the bedroom, why not spice them up with costumes? Cosplay fuck is like roleplay sex with costumes. But the primary difference is that it refers only to dressing up as specific characters from various works of fiction. The biggest fans of this kink are mostly serious fantasy geeks who incorporate cosplay in other aspects of their lives as well.

However, there’s no rulebook telling you how you should get off. If there is one — burn it! Even average Joes can enjoy costumed sex. You can dress up as whoever (or whatever) you like, be it Princess Leia in a golden bikini or a sexy, however generic, yoga instructor.

There are numerous ways to use cosplay in sex. Some people like to watch their partners in costume, while others prefer to dress up as fictional characters themselves. Most often, both partners engage in the dress-up. If you’ve always had the hots for a movie character, don’t be afraid to ask your partner to play them for a night. They might find it enjoyable themselves.

Cosplaying can be a prelude to the main act, or you can remain in character throughout the sexual activity. As we’ve said, there are no rules.

Cosplay Porn

If you’d like to get some ideas or see how other people do it, you should check out a few cosplay porn videos. This porn category is not as popular as some others are, but it’s still available on all major sites as there’s definitely an audience for it.

The majority of cosplay sex scenes portrayed on the mainstream sites feature petite Japanese girls with colorful hair, cat ears, furry tails, and the like. However, as cosplay is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, this porn category is beginning to branch out as well. Now, you can find some more creative videos featuring unusual props, exaggerated sex positions, and even spooky makeup.

If that is not kinky enough for you, you may draw inspiration from hentai videos and even various Japanese sex games you can easily find online. Many of them allow you to dress up (or down) your characters however you like.

Is Cosplay Sex for You?

Many people associate cosplay exclusively with anime and manga. If they are not into these themselves, they may never even consider cosplay sex. These people mistakenly believe that only “geeks” wear costumes in the bedroom. As we’ve seen, that is far from the truth. Anyone can create their own kind of fantasy to enhance theirs and their partner’s sexual pleasure.

Perhaps cosplay porn is helping this stereotype solidify. Most of these videos fit one mold. When we think about cosplay, a lot of us immediately imagine cute tiny anime girls, video game characters, and even some cringeworthy fails circulating the internet.

However, there’s much more to cosplay than what meets the eye. You or your partner don’t have to dress as a kawaii anime character. You can be a scary demon witch if that’s your thing. Cosplay also opens up the possibility of gender-bending. You may find that cross-dressing to portray your favorite character excites you more than having your partner dress up as them.

Free Your Mind, and the Clothes Will Follow

As you can see, cosplay comes with a sea of possibilities you can try out in the bedroom. If you’re open enough with your partner, you can go on wild sexual adventures together by putting on different costumes and playing your favorite fictional characters. When you run out of ideas, check out some related porn, or draw inspiration from a movie you’ve seen recently. You may even decide to go for a real-life person — your imagination is your only limit.