Do Gamers Get Laid? — The Truth According to Gamers

What do you mean do we get laid? Of course we do! What kind of question is that?

But in truth, of course, it varies, just like with everything in life. You know, like how a common misconception that all of us all do is game and or how we are all actually good at gaming. Well, some might be good, but most of us are scrubs. But some do have a casual or not-so-casual sex life. Maybe because they are so good that girls are into them or because they are regular people just like everyone else?

The Gamer Stereotypes

There are many stereotypes surrounding gamers. The most common ones are that they are antisocial introverts or lazy freeloaders who are playing video games all day. There are also those stereotypes about almost every single one of them being a teenager, or — and this is the best one — that gaming causes violence.

Stereotypes are often true. However, when it comes to gamers, most of them are not. Most gamers nowadays are actually quite successful people who like to relax in their free time by playing games. You know gaming is not a cheap hobby, right? It takes quite a bit of money.

While these claims are mostly false, the correct one is that gaming can be quite a toxic environment. We know it contradicts the relaxation part of the hobby, but multiplayer games can be very toxic because, well, there are all sorts of people online.

The Impact of Video Games on Social Life

“Gaming makes people neglect their social life.” You could say that this is a common misconception as well. Let us explain.

Gaming really is a thing you do alone in your room. But, it involves getting in touch with real people across the web. Multiplayer games help people develop long-term friendships and even help some people find relationships.

While gaming has the positives of social interactions online, it does have some negatives. For example, the toxicity we’ve mentioned before. The fact that you’re not in the same room with people you are playing against makes you forget that they are real people with feelings. Also, it’s easy to be rude and blaming others for mistakes or misplays. We gotta keep in mind that what we do and say over the internet still affects real people at the end of the day. Maybe we should all try and be less toxic, both online and offline.

Why Many Video Game Players Don’t Have Girlfriends

Someone is gonna go and tell you something like, “Oh, I don’t have a girlfriend! I don’t have time for her — I need to focus on gaming”. Sure, that is a thing someone could tell you, but that person lies to you and to themselves. Sure, a few of them are professional gamers who play games for money. They are actually busy and would rather spend their time practicing for the next tournament. It earns them money, after all.

Having a girlfriend is kind of a full-time job. If you had one before your gaming urge kicked in, then keeping up with the relationship might not be too hard. But, as with any other demanding job, going out, spending time with people, and meeting people is a must. It can be quite hard to find time for all that. With all the training, learning the strategies, or meeting with sponsors, some gamers just don’t have enough time for a girlfriend. So, if your plan was to date a gamer, ask first if he’s a pro or not.

Blurring the Line

Have you heard of the word “simp?” We bet you haven’t. Even the Oxford dictionary hasn’t updated the meaning of it yet. While it is an abbreviation of the world simpleton, it doesn’t share the same meaning. If we were to refer to Google, the term means “someone who is overly obsessed with a girl.” That is usually a person who spends too much time and often money on women just so that they can get a piece of their attention. Even if it were for a mere moment. Those people replace actual social interactions with gamer girls on streaming platforms or chat rooms.

But simps are not the only ones who replace social interactions with online relationships. Gamers do too, though not everyone is a simp. Sometimes it can be easier and nicer for some to meet others in the online world than to go out. But that is not that bad. Some chat rooms help out people with problems such as social anxiety and other problems too.

The Truth According to Gamers

This has been talked about before, but, according to everyone else, gamers don’t have sex or relationships. Well, according to gamers who have lives outside gaming, it is kind of debunked. You see, many famous people came out saying how they are gamers and enjoy playing games in their free time.

Considering one of them is Henry Cavill, a famous Hollywood actor. He proudly plays games and has recently become a PC builder of sorts. I think it’s safe to say that, yes, gamers do get laid. If Henry, Superman himself, isn’t the living proof of that, we don’t know who is.

Gamers are just normal people. They are not what the media portrays them as. Most of them might not be as built or successful as Henry, but they do live quite normal lives.


Yes, gamers are obsessed with games. No, it’s not a bad thing. It really isn’t that different from any other hobby out there. Gaming is similar to fishing, cooking, and sports like football or basketball, as well as exercising or drawing.

People can get overly consumed by anything — if they allow it to happen. And when someone loves something, and if it doesn’t harm them, we don’t see why people would have such a negative view on it.

Is It Normal to Be Sexually Aroused by Video Game Characters?

Many admit that they are attracted to a character from a video game. But why do some people have this fantasy fetish? What is the reason they are into a fictional character?

Teens Playing Video Games

Video games have been around for decades, and they appeal to people of all ages. However, that doesn’t mean that anyone can play every game. After all, some games are more mature than others. Today, many kids start playing video games from an early age and continue doing so in their teens.

Naturally, they will progress through different genres and themes. Video games designed for kids will be fun, promote thinking, and puzzle-solving, and there won’t be any violence. But once we get to games for teens, the content becomes more mature. That can involve blood, strong language, violence, suggestive themes, and others. At least according to ESRB ratings for “Teen.”

Finally, mature content proper is for people over seventeen. Now we are talking about sexual content, blood, gore, language, and a lot more. But each rating and video game will have their dedicated audience, and the content you’ll find in it will target a certain group.

There is no doubt that video games are popular among teens. According to a recent survey, 97% of all children in the U.S. between twelve and seventeen play video games.

Sexualization of Video Game Characters

Sexualization of characters in video games is nothing new. Sometimes it is a part of story, design, or anything else, and it is usually targeting mature players. The main reason for this is obvious — sex sells. People enjoy seeing pretty characters, and them being sexy is just a bonus. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is the only way to sell a video game.

But sexualization doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Being sexy is more than looks — there are also personality, attitude, and other traits that make a character hot. One of the best examples is Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. Everyone will agree that she is sexy. But the main reason for that is in the overall character design. Namely, she is a successful, educated archaeologist and a badass. That’s what being sexy means. Sexualization, on the other hand, is something the audience will do and how they will perceive the character.

And that’s where Bayonetta comes to light. The character is, without a doubt, overly sexualized. But at the same time, she is completely in control of it, which is part of her personality and charm. That, as a result, makes her sexy.

But, many people forget that video games are just fantasy. People are not looking for realism, and playing games is a way to escape from everyday reality, problems, or anything else.

Is It Normal to Be Sexually Aroused by Video Game Characters?

Many teens reportedly have a crush on a video game character in the same way that they would have a crush on someone from a movie or TV show. And that’s completely normal. Characters are designed to be appealing (or opposite), and their design will help writers and developers tell a story.

But being a teen can be confusing. Once you have reached a certain age, you will go through puberty and start discovering things about yourself. Thus, seeing someone attractive can be arousing for many. Furthermore, with graphics in today’s games, rendering a super-realistic character is something that many expect. And this allows companies to create beautiful characters.

Your kid having a crush on Bayonetta, Lara Croft, Kratos, Geralt, or anyone else is not so different from you having a crush on Kimberly from the Power Rangers back in the ‘90s. None of them are real, but they have a story, characteristics, personality, and appearance designed to keep you playing (or watching). And this is what makes them relatable and loveable.

How Does It Affect Your Life?

Devs often design characters to be perfect. And that’s the idea behind it. You play a video game as a part of escapism, and their goal is for you to enjoy, similarly to how fashion brands will use beautiful people to show their products. People play video games to have fun. You might have had a rough day and want to relax. So, you turn on your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or whatever and start playing your favorite game.

You might want to be a turtle, Italian plumber, or sexy Umbra Witch, but the idea is the same. And while many people make a fuss about it, in reality, it doesn’t mean a thing.

It is entirely normal to be attracted to these characters since the majority of them are developed to be attractive. Of course, if it starts taking over your life and negatively affecting you, then it might be a problem. That is quite rare, though, and many people just have a simple crush.

What About Video Game Characters That Look Like Monsters?

We mentioned characters like Bayonetta, Geralt from the Witcher, Lara Croft, and others. But what happens if you are heads over heels in love with non-human characters and find them arousing?

As you are probably aware, being into a person or a character is usually about a lot more than physical appearance. For example, monster-like characters arouse some people. But this might show something deeper.

Attraction toward monsters might be, in fact, attraction to their attitude or dominance. People who feel this way toward strong characters are often on the submissive side in their relationships.

Once again, this video game fetish it is entirely normal. Humans are one very horny species, and characters that look like monsters just might show you that you enjoy being dominated. See these video games targeted for people with specific sexual fetishes.

Why You Should Play Video Games With Your Partner

Wait, couples play video games together? Yup, they sure do! Don’t let the internet make you think that if one partner plays games, it means the other gets neglected. Sure, that can happen, but it doesn’t need to.

Playing games together is fun. It has a plethora of benefits, and we have compiled a list including just some of them. Take a good look and dive deep into the world of gaming. With your partner, of course.

The Benefits of Playing Video Games

Yes, you did read that correctly. There are actual studies done on the benefits of gaming. We’re not sure why everyone is still surprised by that.

When designing first games, we’re sure that game developers had only one thing in mind — fun! However, it turns out that gaming can benefit you in many other ways, and the video game industry has realized that too. We need to make something very clear, though. When we talk about games, we include all games in the conversation: puzzle games, adventure games, kids games.

With that in mind, did you know that games can slow the aging process? That’s right! They can also help you make new friends or teach you some actual leadership skills. Gaming can help reduce stress and ease the pain. Seriously! It’s a simple matter of having your attention on something else.

So, we suggest you think twice the next time you think something bad about gaming. Try it instead.

Disadvantages of Playing Video Games When You Have a Partner

Here we come to some slight disadvantages. Having a partner is a wonderful thing. But being a gamer and having a partner that doesn’t play or understand gaming can be a bit difficult. How so? Well, your partner gets left out of all the fun.

However, if you turn gaming into a couple’s activity, it’s benefits galore! Yes, couples do play video games. They make some amazing teams as well. So, do try to get your partner to warm up to it. There are so many games out there to play! There’s bound to be something that catches their attention.

Quality Time

Let’s start with some benefits, then, shall we? One of them is that you get to spend quality time together, even if you’re in a long-distance relationship! There are some pretty good online games out there.

Sometimes you get tired of doing the same thing over and over. Either you go to the movies, grab a coffee, or take a walk. Things can get a little repetitive. Not with gaming! You can play whatever game you find appealing and bond over it. We promise you’ll never find yourselves bored again.

To make things fair, take turns picking games to play.

Improve Communication

Just like sex, video games require communication even if you play those games for little kids. You know, the dress-up kind of games. They still require communication. You have to be able to agree on which color the dress should be, duh!

It’s similar for all other games, especially strategies and shooter games. We’ll be honest, though — games can often cause arguments between partners. One of them always has to know better. The other one gets angry because nothing is going right.

In situations like that, you have to be able to diffuse. That’s how you learn to communicate way better.

Brings You Closer Together

This one should be obvious. Spending time together, in general, brings you closer together. Gaming together does the same. That’s what working towards a common goal usually does.

Gaming can significantly improve your relationship altogether. It just needs a little bit of work. You won’t be great at every single game, and neither will you enjoy all games. It’s important to find something that suits you both. That way, you won’t run into any issues with one partner secretly being mad that you’re not playing something they want.

Work As a Team

Having a common goal brings us to yet another benefit — working as a team. You have to be close already for something like this. You also have to have your communication all worked out. Otherwise, your team won’t work as it should.

Games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, or Guild Wars require some serious collaboration. Not just between you and your partner, but between other players too. However, you and your sweetheart can ensure that you can show these other teams how it’s done! How do you do that? With lots of practice, of course. Practice makes perfect.

Having Each Other’s Back

Caring for each other is a natural part of every relationship. So is having each other’s backs. They kind of go hand in hand.

In games, though, that has to be amplified, especially if you’re playing games that require you to form teams, like aforementioned. You have to make sure the enemy doesn’t come after your beloved! And if they do, it’s revenge time.

Things like that can be really cute. They can show how much your partner cares, even if it’s just a game.

Fun Memories Together

After all, having fun is the main reason people play games. That should be your main reason, too. It just has many benefits, is all that we’re saying.

There are some quite silly games out there. So, what does that mean for you and your partner? Lots of laughter! Soon you’ll be remembering that time you laughed so hard you almost peed. Or that time you had so much trouble finishing a mission before you finally did it.

Those are memories worth creating. Gaming is not childish, and even if people think it is, it’s fun when you have someone to be childish with.


So, did we change your mind? Playing video games on your own is fun enough. But playing with a loved one? Double the fun!

You can learn a lot while gaming with your partner. Mainly, you can discover what they’re like as a person and as a team player, as well as the things they’re good at. You can learn what makes them annoyed or angry, and your communication drastically improves.

Isn’t that something every couple should want?

Cosplaying Characters Into Your Heart

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Cosplaying isn’t something new, but it is always relevant. Whether you like it or not, it is growing and spreading around the globe. Are you wondering, “What is cosplaying, anyway?” It essentially means putting on the costumes and makeup of fictional characters that people love and fantasize about.

Usually, when people talk about cosplay, they think of anime and manga enthusiasts who dress up as their favorite characters. This is true, but since it has spread to the Western culture, it now involves anyone who dresses as a character from TV shows, movies, comics, video games — you name it. These days anyone can become a cosplayer. All it takes is a bit of dedication and of course, some money.

How Cosplay Started

When looking into how to become a cosplayer, you should first learn about how cosplay started.

You might think that cosplay is something new, that it erupted all of a sudden out of nowhere. However, its roots date back to 1908, when Mr. and Mrs. William Fell dressed up as their favorite characters from the newspaper comic — Mr. Skygack and Miss Pickles.

As it was referred to at the time as “costuming,” it did not really catch on and become mainstream up until 1975 when the famous musical comedy horror film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was first premiered. The show was famous for its unique costumes for both female and male characters.

Japan caught up to this later on in 1984 when Nobuyuki Takahashi first visited the World Science Fiction Convention — Worldcon in LA. He was so amazed by the masquerade that he reported about it in Japan in “My Anime” magazine and coined the term kosupure. Later on, it spread around Japan through various magazines.

It might have started outside Japan with people dressing up for movies and series fandoms, but now, whenever someone thinks of cosplay, they relate it to Japan. Today, it’s one of the biggest industries in Japan, with thousands of people dressing up and cosplaying as their favorite characters.

The Huge Cosplay Industry

If it wasn’t evident by now, cosplaying is a huge industry for costume making and marketing of movies and video games. Some major companies even hire cosplayers to advertise their new upcoming products by wearing costumes from their game or a movie during a convention.

Certain major conventions like Gamescom and especially Comic-Con have truly helped the rise and popularity of the industry. One of the recent Comic-Con conventions has had a whopping number of 130,000 cosplayers attend it. Think about how much money that is per person for tickets. You can see how and why the industry grows so fast.

The cosplay industry has grown immensely over the past few years, and its earnings have never been higher, mostly because of social media and streaming services, such as Twitch. The industry is worth more than 45 billion dollars. With so many people joining in all over the world, it is not that big of a surprise. See why it is an industry with huge potential.

Top Cosplayers, Events, and Competitions

We’ve mentioned already a few events where cosplayers can show off their hard work, dedication, craft, and talent. However, there are many more of them. The first-ever convention was held in NYC in 1939, and it was called the “1st World Science Fiction Convention.” At the time, this whole thing was just starting out, so it wasn’t as big and glamorous as it is today. As of today’s conventions, almost every country has its own major event. Several of the most popular ones are PaxPrime, WonderCon, Tokyo Game Show, Japan Expo (which is actually not held in Japan), etc.

We’ve talked about all these events, but we didn’t cover the most important thing about them — the cosplayers themselves. Some of them are quite popular worldwide. We’ll name a few top cosplayers if you want to check them out and see their amazing work.

One that almost everyone has heard of has got to be Jessica Nigri. Yaya Han is another great cosplayer. While some cosplayers buy their costumes from designers, Yaya Han makes her own outfits. This is not the case with every model or cosplayer out there. But some of them do this since it’s part of their hobby.

Issues That Cosplayers Face

Sadly, even this wholesome industry faces the problem of discrimination and harassment.

More and more people come out saying how they have been discriminated against or harassed by creeps. It’s not just women that are victims by these people — men are too. Discrimination comes in different shapes and forms, but it’s mostly sexual, racist, or any other kind. It is a huge problem, and conventions are trying their best to fight against it and keep everyone safe and happy.

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There is even a movement called “Cosplay is Not Consent.” It exists mostly because, for some reason, people feel like, just because someone is dressed provocatively, it’s an open invitation to be either touched or taken a picture off without cosplayers’ permission. Of course, this is far from the truth. Just as you wouldn’t touch any stranger on the street, you shouldn’t do that on these events either.

That’s not the only problem though. Cosplayers are generally discriminated against for who or what they are dressed as. For example, there have been cases of guys and girls being harassed because they are cosplaying as a character of the opposite gender. Because of that, these cosplayers usually have to wear zentai or stylized masks to hide their identity.


Cosplaying has quite a long history, dating back even before Mr. and Mrs. William Fell first dressed up — that is, if you consider masquerading cosplay. You can even say it all started in the 16th century. Nonetheless, cosplaying is a great pastime for some and more than a hobby for others, no matter whether they like to dress up or admire the amazing skills of cosplayers.

Achieving the perfect cumshot with Ejaculating Dildos

Imagine having your own personal fake penis that can cum at your command. Well, you don’t even have to imagine it. If you enjoy cum play, creampies, and bukkake, then this is a toy for you. Loads of cum are indeed fun, but sometimes it’s hard to get it exactly when you want it. Not anymore. Ejaculating dildos are here to make all your cum dreams “cum” true. Trust us when we say that these are no ordinary realistic dildos. They look and feel real, but they can also shoot you in the eye if you’re not careful.

Ejaculating Dildos for Cumfreaks

Some of us can’t stand the thought of having sex without semen in the picture. It’s only natural, as ejaculation accompanies orgasms (most of the time). This time, we are speaking to the cum-hungry audience that isn’t one cumshot oriented. We’re talking about people who enjoy their creampies, as well as their facials. 

Whether or not this type of facial clears your pores is a topic for another conversation, though. Cumming dildos, also known as a cumshot dildos, are a perfect toy for those who enjoy cum play as they are fillable with — you guessed it — fake cum. To take things to a whole other level (if that’s even possible), some of these bad boys can also vibrate. 

What’s more, you can even make your own fake sperm or use other liquids that may be squirtable. And, of course, you can enjoy these toys on your own or with a partner for a little extra splash. 

An Ejaculating Dildo Completes the Experience

You know what dildos are for. You do a bit of penetration play and a bit of blowjob practice, and that’s it. But where’s the fun part? Maybe you will cum but there’s no cum FOR you. That’s where ejaculating dildos come to save the day. 

We have all seen some pretty realistic toys, sure. But the realism of ejaculating/squirting dildos is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It is the next best thing after the real deal. Why wouldn’t it be? You load your dildo with fake cum and you cum away. Fun! 

Premade fake cum is generally safe for your vagina (or anus), as well as for swallowing. Some brands let you make your very own custom cum recipe. You might wanna save homemade cum and other liquids for just swallowing, though, because they really are a treat.

Types of Fluid to Use as Cum

First and foremost, it’s important to master how to fill your dildo. Different brands offer unique styles of squirting and, therefore, filling. Some come with a pump, while some have a syringe. The latter types are probably easier to figure out if you already know how to operate a syringe. You fill it up and send liquids through a tube. The syringe also lets you control how big or small a cumshot you want. Those with a pump you need some brainpower for. Dip the tip into the desired liquid and let the dildo suck it up. Of course, the pump controls the ejaculation.

Some brands give you a small bottle of already made fake cum for you to use. However, you can also make your own from a recipe they provide. Homemade fake cum is also an option, but so is a water-based lube, for example. All of those are safe for fulfilling your creampie or facial fantasies. And swallowing too if that’s what you like. You can fill your dildo with things like whip cream, alcohol, or anything edible, really. However, it has to be liquidy enough to pass through the pipe (duh!). Those are for swallowing only, though!

How to Clean an Ejaculating Dildo Properly

We now know there are ejaculating dildos that operate in different ways. However, they all have one thing in common. Ok, two things. First is they all need to be properly cleaned after use, like any other sex toy. Second is they all have a tube that also needs cleaning. Silicone dildos are the easiest to maintain. Just pop them into boiling water, and that’s it. Glass dildos are also easy to clean with a mixture of soap and water. CyberSkin is by far the most difficult to wash, so maybe steer clear from those for now. 

What about cleaning the tubes, though? They’re more important as cum sits in them until it sits on your face (or in any of your holes). It might seem difficult, but it’s quite simple. Soapy water will do the trick. Fill your dildo with it and run it through until it’s empty. Run some water through afterward in the same fashion, just in case. Don’t want any soap leftover in there. Now that you have it all figured out, it’s about time we stop talking and get to cumming.

Clearly, operating an ejaculating dildo isn’t rocket science. This toy can be used by beginners and sexperts alike. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and ejaculating styles, and you can view some of these at LoveGasm. You can even get a couple of them and switch depending on your mood. They come in a variety of materials too, but we recommend silicone as they’re silky smooth. Cumming dildos with pumps allow you to choose between a small or a large pump. So depending on how much fun you want to have. Try to do this in a familiar environment because someone will have to clean up the mess.


If You Love Cosplay, You Are Going to Love Cosplay Sex

If your sex life needs a boost, it may be time to introduce some fantasy into the bedroom. Sometimes, what helps us unleash our true selves is a mask. Why not become a sexy pizza delivery guy for an hour and serve a hot slice to an unsuspecting French maid?

What Is Cosplay?

Let’s face it — we all like masquerading as someone else. Most people are tired of seeing the same person over and over again in the mirror. Self-love and self-acceptance are great and all, but jumping out of your skin to embody someone else for a while is a lot of fun. That’s why we all love costume parties.

Cosplay means dressing up as a fictional character of your choice. Serious cosplayers usually pick their alternate personas from anime, comics, movies, novels, video games, and other works of fantasy or fiction. They often invest a lot of time and money in their costumes and overall looks. They even go to various conventions where they engage in roleplay with other cosplayers.

People’s obsession with their favorite fictional characters can sneak into many aspects of their everyday lives. For them, real life and imagination often merge, and their elaborate costumes help them make a fantasy come to life.

What Is Fantasy Fetish?

All fetishes involve a dose of imagination and sexual fantasy — that’s what makes them so exciting. Whatever your kink is, it originates in your mind. Roleplay sex, toe sucking, and bondage all fulfill some deep-rooted desires unrelated to our day-to-day lives. Even though many of us like to be spanked in the bedroom, we would be appalled if our boss did the same to us for poorly done work.

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However, fantasy fetish takes erotic imagination to a whole new level. Those who have it are often turned on by specific fantasy worlds or mythical creatures from them. The latter can entail incorporating various sex toys in their bedroom play, such as dragon dildos.

Fantasy fetishists are full of roleplay ideas set in a mythical universe of their liking. They like to act out intricate scenarios with their partners (if they are lucky to find like-minded lovers) as foreplay. That is similar to roleplay but more complex.

What Is Cosplay Sex?

If you are fond of roleplaying different scenarios in the bedroom, why not spice them up with costumes? Cosplay fuck is like roleplay sex with costumes. But the primary difference is that it refers only to dressing up as specific characters from various works of fiction. The biggest fans of this kink are mostly serious fantasy geeks who incorporate cosplay in other aspects of their lives as well.

However, there’s no rulebook telling you how you should get off. If there is one — burn it! Even average Joes can enjoy costumed sex. You can dress up as whoever (or whatever) you like, be it Princess Leia in a golden bikini or a sexy, however generic, yoga instructor.

There are numerous ways to use cosplay in sex. Some people like to watch their partners in costume, while others prefer to dress up as fictional characters themselves. Most often, both partners engage in the dress-up. If you’ve always had the hots for a movie character, don’t be afraid to ask your partner to play them for a night. They might find it enjoyable themselves.

Cosplaying can be a prelude to the main act, or you can remain in character throughout the sexual activity. As we’ve said, there are no rules.

Cosplay Porn

If you’d like to get some ideas or see how other people do it, you should check out a few cosplay porn videos. This porn category is not as popular as some others are, but it’s still available on all major sites as there’s definitely an audience for it.

The majority of cosplay sex scenes portrayed on the mainstream sites feature petite Japanese girls with colorful hair, cat ears, furry tails, and the like. However, as cosplay is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, this porn category is beginning to branch out as well. Now, you can find some more creative videos featuring unusual props, exaggerated sex positions, and even spooky makeup.

If that is not kinky enough for you, you may draw inspiration from hentai videos and even various Japanese sex games you can easily find online. Many of them allow you to dress up (or down) your characters however you like.

Is Cosplay Sex for You?

Many people associate cosplay exclusively with anime and manga. If they are not into these themselves, they may never even consider cosplay sex. These people mistakenly believe that only “geeks” wear costumes in the bedroom. As we’ve seen, that is far from the truth. Anyone can create their own kind of fantasy to enhance theirs and their partner’s sexual pleasure.

Perhaps cosplay porn is helping this stereotype solidify. Most of these videos fit one mold. When we think about cosplay, a lot of us immediately imagine cute tiny anime girls, video game characters, and even some cringeworthy fails circulating the internet.

However, there’s much more to cosplay than what meets the eye. You or your partner don’t have to dress as a kawaii anime character. You can be a scary demon witch if that’s your thing. Cosplay also opens up the possibility of gender-bending. You may find that cross-dressing to portray your favorite character excites you more than having your partner dress up as them.

Free Your Mind, and the Clothes Will Follow

As you can see, cosplay comes with a sea of possibilities you can try out in the bedroom. If you’re open enough with your partner, you can go on wild sexual adventures together by putting on different costumes and playing your favorite fictional characters. When you run out of ideas, check out some related porn, or draw inspiration from a movie you’ve seen recently. You may even decide to go for a real-life person — your imagination is your only limit.

Sexual Fantasies: Why Do People Have Them?

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Have you ever had such a wild erotic fantasy that you would never dare try it out in real life? You are not alone. Kinky sex ideas are one of the ways our brains express their endless creativity. No need to reach out to a sex therapist just yet! Let your mind unfold and see where it takes you. What you learn about yourself by giving in to your sexual fantasies may surprise you.

Misconceptions About Sexual Fantasies

Sex is not all about arousal. It is an intricate and intimate way in which we communicate our most vulnerable parts to others. Likewise, sexual fantasies are not only about sexual stimulation. That is the most common misconception about them. They serve a much broader range of psychological functions.

For example, you may often find yourself drifting into a lewd fantasy world while performing a tedious task. Feeling stressed out or angry can be another trigger for wandering off into your wildest dreams. These imaginary sexcapades don’t need to have anything to do with your actual sex life. There are many reasons why we turn to them.

Sexual Arousal

Of course, sexual arousal is the most common reason why people turn to fantasies, which can be as specific as people are unique. That’s why there are tons of porn categories that we can refer to if our imagination is running low. Whether you’re dominant or submissive, prefer kinky or erotic sex, there’s something for everyone. Here’s everything you need to know about sexual arousal.

After all, sex is half reality and half fantasy. That’s why many people let the quirky and surreal enter their bedroom freely through role-playing and all kinds of creative sex toys.


We’ve all heard that “curiosity killed the cat.” However, the proverb continues: “…but satisfaction brought it back.” Our natural curiosity is unstoppable, and it’s one of the most powerful sources of satisfaction.

There are things we are not comfortable doing in the bedroom but would love to try — a weird sex position, dirty talk, group sex, or something entirely unheard of. The most common sexual fantasies involve things we are curious about but not bold enough to try.

Fantasies allow us to experience sex in a new way, even if only in our heads. The mind is the most diligent sex researcher! You should never be ashamed of where it takes you. This kind of exploration may even give you some fresh ideas you’re comfortable putting into practice.

Encourage your partner to share as well. Together, you may come up with the most unusual and satisfying ways of enriching something as simple as oral sex.

Unfulfilled Sexual Needs

In general, people are not as vanilla as they lead their partners to believe. That goes for men and women — our stereotypes about who should enjoy what are not helping in this respect.

For example, women are commonly believed to be all about romance and tenderness. Romantic, candle-lit sex can be great, but most girls like to get a little rough in the sack. The same goes for men. They are often insecure about asking for something unconventional.

These preconceptions leave a lot of us with unfulfilled sexual desires, which we satisfy through fantasy. We encourage you to bring these secret needs up with your partner. Their acceptance and even excitement may surprise you.

Unfulfilled sexual needs may involve something doable, like light BDSM sex. However, many people have desires they believe are impossible to achieve in reality. That is usually so because they represent a taboo and are normally frowned upon. For them, fantasy is a true savior.

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Everyday life can be daunting, stressful, and depressing. Our day problems often stay with us even at night and make it impossible to fall asleep. When we need a little break from our problems and anxieties, we often turn to our imagination. What better way to escape reality for a while than a sexual fantasy?

Escapism is one of the most common reasons why people have fantasies. In part, this is because they provide us with a setting where we are in control. When you’re overwhelmed by everyday worries, a sexual adventure in which you’re at the helm can be wonderfully comforting.

Another great advantage of these flights of imagination is that they are dopamine-inducing. A dopamine hit may be just what you need to lift you up if you’re feeling down. And what better way to produce the happy hormone but to go to your happy place filled with pleasure?


As we’ve said, it’s not all about arousal. When we need to wind down and relax after a hard day at work, we resort to many different methods. Some like to have a glass of wine or do some yoga, while others just let their mind go wild. Just allowing your thoughts to switch from work and responsibilities to this sensual world can be incredibly calming.

It is a well-known fact that sex can release tension, but so can daydreaming about it. It comes with an added benefit of not having to conform to a partner. In your head, you can do anything you want at the moment.

If you crown your sexcapade with some self-stimulation, you’ll be in seventh heaven in no time. Giving yourself an orgasm counts as self-love (it literally produces a “love hormone”). There is no better way to unwind.

Let Your Imagination Fly

As you can see, sexual fantasies are nothing strange. In fact, they are beneficial in multiple ways. They help you relax and relieve some tension as well as stay curious and excited. They play an essential role in our mental and physical well-being. You shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed of them.

Some of your desires will probably stay in your head. However, we do hope we have encouraged you to explore them and share them with your partner. They can enrich your sex life and make you realize that, deep down, we are all sexually creative and kinky.

Sex And Nudity: Are They Needed In Video Games?

Nudity in games has become quite a curious element. A lot of games feature it. But why is that the case? Is it because nudity adds a certain sense of realism? Or something else entirely? We think it’s up to personal interpretation. Whatever it may be, nudity in games exists.

Whether nudity’s needed or not is entirely subjective — maybe it’s not needed in games like Crash Bandicoot, as most people would agree. Some other games might need some bare skin to achieve certain effects they’re going for. Thankfully, you can always avoid those kinds of games.

Even though a little nudity never harmed anybody.

Video Games Are Both For Kids And Adults

Video games are extremely popular these days. They always have been, as far as we know. Not only do they make the perfect pastime for children, but adults alike.

Many people think that playing video games “at a big age” is childish. But is it really? You can learn a lot from video games that were created based on some facts. There are a variety of titles you can play. A variety of genres, too. There’s something for everyone, you could say.

Kids usually play things like Mario Kart (just think of the old-school Super Mario). After that, they move on to something like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. Whatever your preferences are, there’s a game you can play.

So, no. We don’t believe video games are for children only. Some, however, might be a little more explicit than they should. Viewer discretion is almost always advised.

How Have Video Games Evolved Over The Decades?

Gaming didn’t look the same as it does today. It took a lot of technological developments to get us where we are now. We went from Pacman to, let’s say, Assassin’s Creed: Origins. That’s quite commendable.

Believe it or not, gaming goes all the way back to the mid-‘60s. Of course, we’re talking about much simpler games, such as certain strategies and 2D space shooters. Either way, some 20 years later, gaming at home was finally a thing.

Developers didn’t take long to create the first erotic games, and the first one was available in 1982. What was it about? It was about a naked man chasing a naked woman through a labyrinth. Fun!

Ever since those times, nudity in games, and games in general, evolved. Now you can barely tell the difference between a video game and animated porn.

Why Do Games Have Elements of Violence, Sex, and Substance Abuse?

Unfortunately, violence is often something unavoidable. It’s a part of our daily lives. Therefore, there are elements of it in video games as well. They don’t always portray real life, but some do.

We already know that video games don’t only cater to children, but what does that mean? Games for adults need to have something to make things more fun or simply more realistic. Therefore, adding mature elements makes games more appealing to adults.

Video games often have incredible storylines. Some are based on actual events, and some aren’t, but they still seem like they could happen in real life too. That way, it feels like a player is playing out their own story.

Violence and substance abuse obviously aren’t good things. But they add that necessary element of realness to games. We’d all love our world to be pure and unstained by violence and hatred. However, sometimes, that’s not always how it goes.

Thankfully, all games have ratings that warn you about the content you’re about to witness. Thus, kids can know not to play the games that aren’t for them to begin with.

Game Rating Guidelines

We did mention game ratings, but let’s get more up close and personal with them. We doubt many people pay attention to them even though you can usually find them at the beginning of every game.

Game ratings include both rating categories and descriptors. Both of them serve the purpose of letting you know which games are for who. No official rating board includes the infamous X rated games. Why? These are usually just straight up sex games. That’s OK — you can play them too. But only if you’re an adult, though.

Other rating categories include Everyone, Teen, Mature, or Adult only. The ratings are always followed by descriptors such as violence, blood/gore, sexuality, language, etc.

These descriptors are helpful, and you should always look out for them. Not everyone likes to play games with nude scenes. It can be a real deal-breaker sometimes.

Video Game Characters Fetish

Yeah, OK. This is a real thing and, honestly, it’s no wonder. Games of all sorts and genres can sometimes actively cater to these fetishes. Generally, games often focus on the male side of the audience. You wonder how? Well, girls are almost always sexualized — that is how.

Let’s give in actual example. We’ll go with Quiet, a character from Metal Gear Solid V. She’s a super-strong woman who’s incredible with a sniper. So, what’s the catch? She’s wearing so little clothing she might as well not wear any at all. But why is it like that? The explanation is that she “breathes through her skin,” which is why she cannot wear clothes. Seriously?

All video game characters are designed to be perfect, at least according to what the devs had in mind. So, whatever your poison is, there’s probably something for you to drool over. If you have this kind of a fantasy fetish, you’re not alone. That’s why many people play games anyway.


Let’s finally answer the question in the title. Are sex and nudity really needed in video games? Maybe. Maybe not. But we definitely don’t see a problem with such things.

Games are a product of someone’s imagination. Consequently, there will be different games with different elements to them. Sexual content is available on the internet anyway, so why shouldn’t it be available in games too?

There’s a simple solution to your problem if these kinds of games aren’t your cup of tea — just don’t play them.

Nudity in Video Games

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Nudity is part of our everyday lives, and it is also quite present in video games. Whether we are talking about sexy costumes or full-frontal nudity, nearly every game today has something like this to offer. 

Reasons for Explicit Nudity in Video Games

Nudity has been a topic of controversy for decades, and many ask what the reason for explicit nudity in video games is. It is not rare to find a game that offers full-frontal nudity and even sex scenes. Since the gaming industry is rapidly growing, it seems reasonable that some titles will have a wide variety of audiences. 

Similarly to movies, each game will have an audience rating where the person buying it can see if there are profanities, nudity, violence, and such. Sometimes, sex scenes can be a reward, while in other games, they follow the story, and, let’s be honest, improve it. 

Older video games based on puzzles had nudies as a reward for completing a level, for example. In other games, like the GTA series, it serves to make the story more realistic and add a degree of freedom. 

Female Characters Usually Wear Sexy Costumes

If you’ve ever played an RPG (role-playing game), you’ve probably noticed how female armor seems a lot less protective. Women in video games often wear sexy costumes, and whether it is to complement the story or follow the source material, sometimes, it isn’t really PG-13. 

Whenever you have the option of customizing your character, the choices can be interesting. Moreover, most female armors show curves and can be a lot more revealing than male ones. 

Batman Arkham series games, for example, allow you to play as Catwoman, who is known for her tight, sexy catsuit. Furthermore, everyone knows (and loves) Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games for her tight-fitting clothes. Even though new games seem more family-friendly, everyone still remembers those triangular breasts that were the object of many fantasies during the nineties. 

And even if you don’t have the option to pick your own clothes, female characters in games can be quite provocative. One of the popular examples is Bayonetta from the series of the same name, whose clothes are also her hairstyle. Bayonetta is entirely naked, but her hair covers her body, so you can only catch a glimpse of what’s underneath. 

Sex Scenes in Video Games

Besides an occasional flash of nudity, some games offer a lot of sex scenes. Naturally, we should first mention adult video games that range from sex to dating simulators. To no one’s surprise, these have sex scenes in them. Leisure Suit Larry is just one of the examples of adult-themed games where the player can enjoy nudity and sex.

But there are also examples of titles where you can find sex scenes in otherwise not sexual games. The God of War series offered the player the chance to meet a lot of topless women and have a romance with them. Similarly, in the Witcher series, the player can visit several brothels in the game’s world. Aside from that, you can even enter a romantic relationship that can lead to sex with characters from the video game’s story. 

In these games, sex is not the primary purpose, but it serves to deepen the story and enhance it. Sex scenes behave like the ones you can find in movies or TV shows. Even though they are present, that doesn’t make it porn. Instead, that segment of the game tells a story that the players would have otherwise missed. 

Video Game Rating Guide

The most common type of video game rating system is ESRB, which was designed by a software board for video games. According to its guidelines, there are seven ratings that you can encounter. 

Early Childhood or eC is the mildest type of game you can find. These titles have light elements, simple gameplay, and are designed for children over three years. You won’t find anything that might be questionable for the three-year-olds. 

The second type is E, which is for everyone. Video games with rating E might have cartoonish violence but without real consequences. Similarly to Looney Toons cartoons, almost anyone can enjoy them. 

The higher amount of violence leads to an E10+ rating, which is a bit more serious, but nothing controversial. The target audience for these games is over ten years, which means that they are suitable for all ages, but with parental guidance.

Teen rating is for children over thirteen years, and it can offer strong language, blood, gambling, violence, and more. The equivalent of teen rating would be PG13 for movies and TV shows.

Mature rating or 17+ is for older players, and the example is the God of War and GTA series we’ve mentioned. That means mature games can have nudity, violence, gambling, gore, strong language, and so much more. We recommend you inform yourself if you are looking to get an M-rated game for your children. 

Finally, there is an Ao rating, which is for adults only. These games can have nudity and graphic sex as the central theme, but prolonged and gruesome violence can also earn Ao rating. 

It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to find a game with a PR rating. That means the rating is pending or yet to be assigned. 


Video games are fun, and, similarly to movies, they sometimes incorporate nudity or sex scenes to complement the story. However, there are x-rated video games that entirely focus on intercourse. Luckily, there is a rating system in place designed to inform you of the nature of the game before buying it. So, parents, make sure you check it before you buy your kid’s next Christmas present! 


What Are Dragon Dildos and Why You Should Try Them!

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Dragons can be beautiful, majestic, scary, and huge. That is why the popularity of dragon fetish is only rising. Many brands focus on creating adult toys based on fictional characters that will allow people to enjoy their unique fetish. These toys are high-quality and can offer you a rather exciting change from vanilla sex. At least if you dare to try to ride a dragon!

Sexual Fetish Toward Fictional Characters

One of the most obvious reasons people love dragon dildos is because they offer something new, unique, and kinky. Since it is quite hard to have sex with a real dragon due to the fact that they don’t exist, dragon dildos can do a terrific job as a replacement. You’d be surprised how many people have unusual fetishes and how popular fictional characters can be. 

Fictiophilia is a popular term for lovers of fictional characters. Whether we’re talking about video games, comics, cartoons, or similar, one is likely to find fantasy dildos that represent their favorite character’s penis. 

You can find fantasy toys in a variety of sizes. On top of that, you can come across tentacles, unicorns, and many other mythical creatures you can imagine. There are even dildos that glow in the dark!

Masculinity and Femininity of Fictional Characters

Since fictional characters can be quite unrealistic, with body parts that defy physics and logic, it can be quite exciting imagining their private parts. The characters in stories, movies, and video games can be a bit over the top. Male ones are unbelievably strong, while females possess incredible beauty and femininity.

You can imagine why many enjoy having this type of fantasy — because you can get unrealistically perfect specimens. One of the popular characters from Marvel comics — the Hulk — is eight feet tall, and many enjoy lusting over what hides in his purple pants. 

Similarly, female characters are often gorgeous, with unrealistic body proportions, which had been the object of many fantasies for decades. 

Dragons Are Portrayed as Strong, Mighty, and Beautiful

In mythology, there are so many types of dragons. Stories usually depict them as majestic, strong, and beautiful creatures. They can soar through the skies and defeat entire armies protecting their belongings and possessions. 

But don’t think that the sexualization of dragons arrived with Game of Thrones and Daenerys. Dragons have been part of fantasies for centuries. In Japan, some paintings on woodblocks, known as Ukiyo-e, show ladies having sex with creatures with tentacles. 

According to many mythologies, dragons used to capture princesses and virgins, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that their beauty and strength quickly became fetishized. In Slavic mythology, dragons often had sex with beautiful women, and those who experienced it were described as pale. Due to the dragon’s potency, the girl would usually lose interest in men. However, dragons were still majestic, strong, and caring, and they would remain invisible to the rest of humanity but the girl they fell in love with. 

Dragon Dildos Satisfy This Fetish

Since dragons either don’t fall in love, stay invisible, or are non-existent, people had to find a different means of having sex with them. Dragon dildos are an excellent way to satisfy this fetish! 

By having fun with a dragon dildo, you can be the next Targaryen and ride a dragon to your next orgasm. Bad Dragon dildos are one of the most recent additions to the sex toy repertoire, and the popularity of this brand skyrocketed. 

They offer almost any type of dildo you can imagine, and you can choose anything from color to firmness. However, just because you are into dragons doesn’t mean that you are ready for a 17-inch toy. You can find smaller models that are around five inches and build your way up. 

Dragon Dildo Description

Based on your level of experience, you can find mini or XL toys. The mini ones are usually around five inches, while the large ones can be well over thirteen. Furthermore, most dildos come with a suction cup on their base that allows you to attach them to nearly any surface easily. Most people aim for 7.5 inches or 8.5 inches, but you can settle for other sizes as well if you are feeling particularly adventurous. 

When it comes to the shape, these dildos don’t have a standard shape. The idea behind them was to create something unique that was to represent the dragon’s genitalia, and not many stories revolve around the shape of a dragon’s penis. That means the designers had to be extra creative to deliver something unique and exciting. 

Colors of these sex toys can vary. Usually, dildos come in either single- or multi-colored form. You can also find ones made from various materials and with different textures. Needless to say, all of these adult toys use body-safe materials, and the only concern you should have is allergies (if you have any). 

You can also find an ejaculating dragon dildo, which may prove even more exciting. That way, you can enjoy yourself fully and fill up the toy with your favorite fluid. 

You can also get smooth ones, ribbed, veiny, scaly, or anything else you can imagine. Some brands will even offer you the option to order and design custom hand-made dildos of your dreams. 


Dragons used to be rulers of the sky, at least according to mythology. These serpentine creatures used to kidnap princesses, steal gold, and fight brave knights. But they used to do something else as well. Dragons often had sex with beautiful ladies. So if you are looking for your dragon, you should know that there are brands that create dragon dildos. 

These toys come in all shapes and sizes and (hypothetically) mimic a dragon’s penis. So if you’ve ever dreamed of riding a dragon in a naughty way, now is the perfect opportunity!