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How to clean and store your realistic sex toys

If you want to feel the most realistic sensations, a sex toy designed in a practical material is best able to remind you of the feelings of the sexual act with a male or female partner. These high-end toys are made from materials specifically designed to get closer to human skin and flesh.
Soft to the touch, stretchy, hot and wet or hyper-real forms, vaginas or realistic dildos are beautiful products that significantly contribute to the authenticity of your experience. Realistic sex toys are made from a mixture of polymers, plastics, rubbers and silicones and need care and attention to maintain their qualities. Rubber and silicone can deteriorate for lack of maintenance and make your favourite sex toy unusable.

First, check the material in which your fake vagina, inflatable doll, or realistic dildo is made. The materials to feel realistic sensations are among the following:

• Cyber skin,
• Fleshlight,
• Futurotic Plus,
• Love Clone,
• Love skin,
• Magic Flesh,
• Real skin,
• Sil-A-Gel,
• Touch Skin,
• Soft Skin,
• Soft Touch,
• UR3 (Ultra Realistic 3.0), TPR, ABS etc.

Phallus materials

Silicone: The article that covers sex toys on top, the base is from other compositions. The main plus is simple to care. Silicone does not cause allergies; there is no irritation on the skin. The material has no taste or smell, is applied with a water-based lubricant. Wash with mild soap and running water.

Cyber skin: Realistic materials have different names: Neoskin, Kiberskin UR-3, etc. Distinguishing to the touch from the real body is impossible. The phalluses are flexible, soft, and very pleasant. But you need to store in a unique powder to preserve velvety. It requires cleansing with a particular clinic only.

PVC gel: The specific composition may have different flexibility and softness. The practical material quickly takes body temperature. Over time, does not lose shape. Colour and form of dildos of these materials can be any.

Latex: Gentle material that is used less and less. Artificial latex is used. It may have a slight odour. Sometimes irritates. Do not store near other toys. It’s always flexible phalluses ideal for anal sex.

Plastic: Hard phalluses made from ABS. Plastic options are not expensive, but they serve for a long time. Do not bend, always keep their shape perfectly.

Ceramics: Quality and safe material – ceramics. Toys serve many years, have bright colouring. In some models, you can pour water to change the temperature of the device. Phalluses are hard, often with special relief on the surface. Individual companies, painted by hand produce it.


Glass: glass phalluses always look very stylish. Each model is checked manually so that there are no cracks or sharp protrusions on the surface. The glass does not break even when dropped from a great height. The material does not absorb liquids or odours. It’s easy to wash, easy to apply and this is also an almost eternal toy.

To make sure your realistic sex toys are as dapper as the first time they are out of their box, follow these simple and easy steps to maintain them. Here are six ways to keep your toy in tip-top condition because it is straightforward to take care of a realistic sex toy to extend its life and enjoy it for a long time.

• Wash your hands and yourself, especially the areas that will be in contact with the sex toy (vagina, anus, penis, breasts or any other erogenous zone). The natural secretions and the impurities of your skin can make your realistic hairy sex toys and give them a not very clear appearance. It is easier not to dirty than to clean!

• Use a water-based lubricant. Realistic sex toys are made from a mixture of rubbers, plastics and silicone and the best way to avoid physical reactions between them is to opt for a water-based lubricant.

• Do not share your realistic sex toys. A sex toy is a personal object, so uses two or more sex toys if you like to make love but do not share your dildos.
• Clean thoroughly after use. Cleaning your toy is the most critical step in your care and can allow a sex toy to last a very long time.

• Wash your toys after use with an antibacterial cleaner for sex toy like navy toy body cleaner. The filter will kill all the persistent bacteria on your gadget, and you can then rinse it with warm water.

• Dry your toys thoroughly. Use a soft cloth or a clean towel to dry the surface. For male masturbators, use a soft fabric through the cleaning hole and out through the entrance or turn them over with a dry hand. Air drying is not recommended as bacteria proliferate at hot and humid drying locations.

• Store your realistic toys separately. Separate sex toys from other toys in your collection, even if they are made of graphic materials. Store your toy in a suitable box or bag and a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. Never let two sex toys come into contact with each other in your storage box.

How to clean your Dildo

Many couples use sex toys daily because they are considered useful objects to increase pleasure and break the routine. However, in addition to using these sex toys correctly, you must also know how to keep them in good condition so as not to endanger your health. Steps to follow:

1. Before buying or using sex toys for the first time, look good if they are in good condition, are free from defects that could harm you and those that vibrate working correctly. There are vibrators that look like robots and functions like one, you better choose those.
2. Before using them for the first time, you should wash the sex toys with mild soap and water, or you can also use a special soap for the intimate area of women, which does not change the pH and is not too aggressive.
3. After each use, you should also wash your toy with soap in the same way as we do it for the first time and water, which is very important to preserve your intimate health.
4. Keep in mind that vibrating sex toys must be cleaned with batteries to prevent them from deteriorating. Remove the cells before washing them.
5. When sharing sex toys with someone who is not your regular partner, it is essential to protect yourself. Put a condom on your sex toy because silicone prevents bacteria from causing infections and more severe health problems.
6. In the same way, if you use a dildo through the vaginal and anal ways, you must protect yourself with a condom otherwise you risk transmitting the many bacteria in the anus to your vagina, causing an infection.
7. Instead of letting them dry without using a towel or cloth, the best way to ensure that your sex toy does not stay wet is to put it back in its case.
8. If you use a lubricant with your sex toy, use of oils based water because oil-based lubricants or silicone may damage your sex toy.

It is essential to follow these recommendations because the sex toys are directly in contact with your private areas and sanitary and correct use of these will preserve your health.

Hot undead chicks can help your experience with Ben wa balls

How to use vaginal balls or Ben WA balls safely

The benefits of intimate gymnastics to the pelvic floor, which can be found in various aspects of a woman’s life, are now known. What many women do not know is that in addition to the classic perinea gym exercises, there are also useful tools that can train the muscles of the pelvic floor discreetly and effectively: the vaginal balls.


The object known since ancient times, to date mistakenly considered only a sex toy, vaginal balls (also known as Ben WA Balls or Geisha Balls) originated in the East and had been used since 500 too. C.

Initially used only to increase the pleasure of man during sexual intercourse, they were soon discovered by the female population for their pleasure. Over time they also underwent structural changes, silk threads or chains were added to tie them together for easier removal. The English traveller brought this object in the sixteenth century to the West, and from there, their use spread throughout the world.

Different types for various objectives

Traditionally the Ben WA Balls are made of metal or glass, but modern versions can include a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, silicone, plastic or jade. There are therefore different types of Ben WA Balls for girlfriends, designed for various uses and for various circumstances.

Jade Eggs

The eggs Jade or Yoni Eggs originated over 2,000 years ago in ancient Chinese civilisation, who considered the sexual organs as the centre of health. The use of this object was reserved only for the most privileged women who frequented the imperial court, such as the empress herself and the emperor’s concubines. They used Jade Eggs to implement their sexual power but also to increase their spiritual strength, taking care of body, mind and spirit. A material such as jade was chosen because it is a healthy, smooth and non-porous stone and, like natural stone, it is believed to possess and transmit the earth’s energy to the wearer. Jade represents eternity, understood as lasting youth and longevity, is a stone of gynaecology (it is believed that it eliminates harmful bacteria, which increases libido and can help both before and after birth), and the power of women.

Balls duotone

The duotone is plastic balls or silicone-coated that inside them contains small metal balls which rotate favouring the movements of the body and causing subtle vibrations. They are especially indicated to more experienced and trained users as they do not have the tab to be removed.

Kegel Balls

The Kegel balls (or Kegel Balls) are often coated with a layer of silicone and are less flexible than the Duotone Balls; this makes them ideal for a first approach to the intimate gymnastics. Some Kegel balls like the media balls are a good starting point for starting to strengthen the pelvic and vaginal floor muscles. The secret has been constructed in such a way as to determine a random change of the weight present within them. This random movement allows better training than a constant motion. They are available in two versions, the one single ball, weighing 45 grams and recommended for beginners, and those in double version, weighing 90 grams. These are so well made that there is no chance of Ben wa balls falling out.

Another type of vaginal balls is those that have a built-in vibrator, can be controlled through a device connected by a wire, which can be quite uncomfortable, or via a remote control. These products are more like a sex toy and are not the best choice if you are looking for something to use to perform Kegel exercises.

How to use them

It is good to know that the vaginal balls are based on the principles of gravity, so in order not to “fall” it will be necessary to contract the pelvic muscles properly.

But how are vaginal balls specifically used?

The procedure is simpler than you think, but for the first time, it is advisable to help yourself with a simple water-based vaginal lubricant.

After taking a deep breath, relax and sit comfortably with your legs apart. All you have to do is to imitate the procedure for inserting an internal pad that is to lift a leg slightly, take the balls between thumb and forefinger, keeping the removal tab facing down and with the other hand to open the vaginal lips. At this point it is possible to start to make them penetrate gently, inserting them by degrees deeper and deeper.

The extraction of the balls is similar, but the contrary: relax, spread the legs and gently pull the appropriate tab. If you encounter any difficulty do not worry, sometimes it is only necessary to contract the muscles of the belly.

Do not panic if especially at the beginning, you will have some difficulty in the removal procedure or if you think they are blocked, and you cannot “lose” them inside so relax, add a little more lubricant, move or bend!

When you have finished using it, it is essential to wash the balls thoroughly with neutral soap or with a special antibacterial detergent and let them dry in the air. Do not rush and avoid neglecting the most difficult parts to reach, take care especially of the silicone parts and clean well around the connections.

Some advice

It is not uncommon to find evidence on the Internet of women who claim to wear vaginal balls in public. If you also intend to use them during your daily life, remember to “train” for some time by wearing them only at home, until you have developed a certain familiarity with their use. Otherwise, you may incur some embarrassing inconvenience! Beginners are advised to start with plastic or silicone balls: using metal or glass balls may be more difficult. Proceed step by step and rely on shots that are getting bigger and heavier, for example playing alternately wearing single balls and double balls until your pelvic muscles have become strong enough, after which you can also use them while you are exercising.

The metal balls will be signalled if you go through a metal detector, remove them before checking if this can create discomfort.

Proper lubrication can help the insertion, but remember: what contributes to insert can also favour the exit, especially the unexpected and unwanted! Therefore find a right balance in the amount of lubricant used.

It is also important to approach the use of this tool for perennial gymnastics with the right expectations. There are many positive opinions of those who have used the vaginal balls, but there are also bad experiences: choose carefully the objects you intend to use! Find more information at loveballs.

Yoni eggs on hot undead chicks are hot

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The mysterious practice of the Yoni egg

For thousands of years, women in Taoism practices have used the Jade egg (or Yoni egg) to cultivate the development of their intimacy, sensitivity, and sensuality. This practice is spreading today in American countries but it must not be done anyhow!

Sexuality of life and survival sexuality

Humanity has been experimenting with survival sexuality since time immemorial to preserve the species through reproduction. It require speed thus excitation, efficiency thus ejaculation of the man. The rest mattered little.

Today, humanity is no longer breeding but the evolution of the human being by the awareness of his actions and the opening of his heart. The sexuality of survival is no longer adapted and we are at the stage of experimentation of a Sexuality of Life more respectful of our sensibilities.

Dare to change our benchmarks

To open yourselves to this news (even if some currents like authentic Tantra have always practiced it) sexuality, it is essential to let go of your landmarks: lust (desire to obtain something), excitement, tension, performance.

Each of you have to discover the paths of your own pleasure (alone or in contact with each other) before you can cultivate it while being in communion with the pleasure of the other. So everyone becomes responsible for his pleasure and his process, so his sexuality.

This leads us to cultivate openness, presence, and gentleness, slowness to allow your sensitivity to awaken and express itself. It is through it that you change your state of consciousness and connect to what is beyond you.

The practice of the Yoni egg

The Yoni egg is a simple way for the woman to cultivate what experts’ calls “intimate blooming “. It is a way for her to take care of her intimacy, her sex, to repair painful memories, to circulate her sexual energy which is none other than our life energy. It is not the Jade egg that will allow this even if the Jade has purifying virtues but the way the woman will go to her sex, to her intimacy.

Preparation for this date

This preparation is essential, otherwise the woman risks perpetuating habits of penetrations in force or other.

With the help of the trainer discover breathing and different parts of your perineum. It allows you to bring your consciousness into this area of your body, to gently awaken it by simple and slow movements, to circulate the sexual energy and to open my body to meet the egg.

It can also be practiced simply without leading to the practice of the egg. It is indeed a great way to contact the muscles of your perineum, to activate them gently, to inhabit your body until then!

Taming the Yoni Egg

The yoni yoga experts approach to this practice is on the site of the Summit of the Sexuality of Life. The fundamental point will be to take the time to tame the egg and allow our vulva; your sex opens to meet him. The way you act then tells you about yourselves, your ways of doing things with your bodies, with life do take the force, do take the time to really listen to yourselves.

Nice meeting with yourself!

Yoni’s egg, to awaken your sacred feminine! It helps you to travel inside yourself to better radiate outside. This reconnection to your sacred feminine is possible at home on a daily basis thanks to the use of Yoni eggs also called jade eggs and which must not be confused with Fabergé eggs.

Small catch-up session

In “Yoni’s Egg”, there is first the word “egg”: It is indeed a polished egg, carved, carved, semi-precious stone such as carnelian, aventurine, amethyst, smoked quartz, tiger’s eye or pink quartz.

And of course, there is the word “Yoni” which means in Sanskrit, both the inner and outer part of our sex. Yes, yes you read well. If this term is masculine, it is for obvious reasons often used in the feminine. So to get straight to the point, Yoni’s Egg is a semi-precious stone egg intended to travel in the heart of our intimacy.

For the little story: the story of Yoni’s Egg goes back more than 2000 years in ancient China. At the request of the emperor, the Empress and hundreds of concubines were initiated, in the greatest secrecy, to the practice of the egg, so that they strengthen the power of their sexual organ and they keep their youth and their vitality to make love divinely good to the emperor!

Yoni’s egg did not happen by chance in your life and will probably not happen by chance in any others. No, rather it’s a perfect example of synchronicity!

Yoni’s eggs allow us to reconnect with our “wild” power.

Often, we spend our time looking outside what we carry deep down. And yes, we carry in us a treasure, portal of our sacred feminine and of our creative energies, sacred temple of an interior knowledge. Powerful and positive energy lies dormant in us and just needs to be reactivated so that we can regain confidence in ourselves. True symbolic, the egg represents alone yin and yang together, our share of light and shade, fertility, a beneficial and protective cocoon. These eggs are not intended to pass us men (quite the contrary) but not to expect from them what must come from us.

If we live many paradoxes as a woman, we have the right to be confident, to be free in our femininity, in our decisions, to find our place of woman in a changing society.

Adopting one (or more) Yoni egg is the promise:

• To have a better knowledge of our anatomy;
• To maintain and improve the tone of our perineum (thanks to the stimulation of its reflex zones);
• To bring us sweetness and benevolence;
• To reveal our inner beauty;
• To sublimate our sexual energy;
• To learn to accept ourselves, to love us;
• To free ourselves from certain trauma and blocked energies;
• To radiate from the inside to the outside;
• To recover our magnetism;
• To put consciousness in our body;
• To reconnect with our sacred feminine;
• In short to transform our lives with gentleness and kindness!

How to choose your Yoni egg?

According to the principles of the litho therapy, it is possible to choose the nature of its egg according to its feeling, according to the color which attracts you or according to the properties of the stones:

1. Bowenite serpentine egg is recommended for overcoming stress and changing moods;
2. The pink quartz egg promotes the opening of the heart, the softness, the rest and the tenderness;
3. The egg in amethyst brings wisdom and source of spirituality;
4. The green aventurine egg is ideal for the emotional and hypersensitive;
5. The carnelian egg promotes conflict resolution and the ability to live the moment

In practice what gives what?

It is possible to keep it for several hours during the night and even during love. It is advisable to ritualize the practice of Yoni’s egg to create unique and sacred moments. Find the ritual that suits you and with which you will feel most at ease!

Know that some eggs are pierced choose rather those who are horizontal, which will allow you both to dock your egg, if you are afraid of not being able to expel easily, but also to hang small weights (light of course) to strengthen your Yoni.

On the online sites, you will find three sizes of egg:

• The biggest for beginners and women who have had a child,
• The way when you start to feel comfortable with your egg,
• The little ones for the more experienced and the sporty ones.

If you want to know more about Yoni’s eggs, know that you will find several explanatory videos on web.

To get Yoni eggs, that’s it!

Prices vary depending on the stone and size chosen. Since Yoni’s eggs are not gadgets, you can keep them for life! The encounter with the feminine does not proceed from the acquisition of knowledge. It is the meeting with the mystery of things.

Hot undead chicks and sex swings

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All you ever wanted to know about using a sex swing and sex swing positions

Some incursions into a new erotic sex life, such as trying a new sex poses, only require little courage, Fourplay, and perhaps a good lubricant. Others, like jumping in a swing for the first time, can feel a bit more intimidating.

Many people do not even know how sex swing works, that is why experts and passionate about sex swing explain that the first experience of using a swingis unforgettable and can’t be compared with anything else.In reality, using rhythms for sex is not a tough job: Imagine an adult swing in a playground;definitely, it is too much excitement. They have a different shape, so the partner who is on the canvas is entirely or partially inclined.Some slings have one or more points that connect to a bolt in the ceiling, and some come with freestanding frames so that you do not have to pull out your power tools. One thing all swings have in common is that they give the partner who stands on more solid ground access to their partner’s body.

Since you’re in the swing of things requires a little preparation work, you’ll want to talk first. Introducing the idea to a partner can be so simple. If you are an adventurous and fun loving, then that will enhance your intimacy experience.

To know what it’s like to use a sex swing, here are the expert tips that you need to know before trying sex swing positions.

Buy cheap

Well now that you’re both on board, how do you get the thing for a test drive? If you’re looking to experiment with a swing at home, first of all, you’re going to want to buy cheap. Determine if you are interested before investing in a high-end swing (be careful, the less expensive are less comfortable, and you may need a little more padding). Sexual fluctuations can range from less than $ 100 to $ 500.

Ask for help

To get a glimpse of start rocking, search for online sex toy shops. There you can communicate with their representatives for guidance. Depending on the type of swing you get, you may need to do some renovation/installation, so for beginners or the inhabitants of the apartments, look for swings or slings that you can put on the back of a door.

Trying out for the first time may require some troubleshooting-just like a swing on the playground or a hammock, it moves when you try to climb and settle down. It took a little bit of understanding. A small laugh can help relieve the tension of trying something new.

Be open to experimentation

People use sexual oscillations for many reasons. Firstly they can easily spice things up for you, and if you use a swing, then youcan try different moves that you could not do on a bed or sofa. Secondly, there is an element of enslavement and power play, since the person in the swing is more restricted than it usually would be. Most importantly, sex swings induce a sense of adventure and pleasure, like bondage and blindfold, and at the mercy of your partner is the incredible part of your sex game.You partner also know that using of a swing needs a lot of confidence; it can feel like a private activity.

You will like it because you could create a prolonged sensory experience that did not focus solely on penetration think of massage and oral. During penetration, all this momentum translates into extra intensity. The most stable sexual positions for swinging tend to be those where your partner is standing in front of you, and you are relaxing on your back with your legs apart, and your partner is standing between them.

Have fun

More importantly, go with a playful attitude, do more about fun, adventure, and playground exploration, and once you understand it, it will naturally become more sexy and warmer over time.

Think about it as you release your inner child in an adult way.

Creating a feeling of letting go: Once you are in a sling, you can support yourself physically and emotionally and open yourself to different types of experiences. Being in a swing is like feeling this is the moment when you can let go out of control, and allow yourself to be in your body, and explore the different sensations that your partner makes you cross. Good swing!

The swing (Prenkholita)

Also known as the swing position, it requires some elasticity and physical strength. It is based on the man resting on his back with his feet resting on the floor, knees bent pointing upwards and lifted his hips off the ground making a kind of bridge with his back leaving the woman to sit seated on top of him. In this case, the man will be responsible for the movements while she stays in balance. You have to have a stiff back and legs to support this acrobatic position considered one of the most difficult of the Kama Sutra. The book itself recommends doing it on the floor instead of the bed to have a more solid base.

Standing holding the woman

This position is one of the most difficult as per The Kama Sutra. The man is standing and holding the woman by the back so that she is suspended in the air and surrounds him with his legs around the waist. A very complicated position to maintain it for a long time, warns the expert in sex that recommends changing places to gather strength. It is not advised to do it when you have drunk alcohol because balance plays a fundamental role.

The posture of the advanced level cow

The woman stands with her legs slightly apart, and the man enters her from behind. In an elastic exercise, she arches until her hands touch the ground while he holds her by the waist. And now comesthe best: well controlled and maintained from the hips, the woman lifts her feet off the ground and holds only with her hands and the grip of the man. It’s an especially good position for less gifted men.

Hot undead chicks can help with male chastity

The chastity belts for men extend to possible attacks

A striking case of a woman who cut off her husband’s penis as revenge for infidelity has served as inspiration for a downtown sex toy store. From their window, a naked mannequin with a metal shell that locks his genitals are displayed. It is the new chastity belt for men that have begun to be marketed under the pretext of protecting Americans from their jealous women.

The incident inspired the owner of this establishment, who, with a few metal plates and a large padlock, found a system to protect the male genitals against possible violent outbursts of their wives.

At the moment, only about eight people have approached the store to be interested in this unique device worth 1,200 shillings, about 10 dollars, although they have not yet sold any.

It is tailored to the client. Since the chastity belt appeared in the shop window, it has not left anyone indifferent, and the opinions on it are very diverse. The passers-by are left speechless and watch this astonishment that seems to be taken from the Middle Ages. Some think that it is a good idea for disgusted women and others wonder if it is a joke or is indeed for sale. It is also helpful for the gay members.

The success of this invention is still doubtful, as it seems unlikely that the incident will become a real and widespread concern among Americans. Also, it is difficult to imagine a man moving without difficulty with this rigid and heavy contraption. Nonetheless, Boniface defends this creation and insists that “when it comes to security, comfort does not matter”.

Modern Chastity Belt

Stories about the use of chastity belts reach us from the time of the knights. Allegedly they, going to war, put on similar belts on their wives. Indeed, such gizmos were used, but in the days of the Renaissance, and not as often as it is now given to us. Nevertheless, these remnants of antiquity became suddenly in demand in our time. Request generates supply, and therefore, modern chastity belts are being manufactured.

Chastity belts have been known for a very long time, but not as much as the story tells. It was first mentioned several times  during the XV century. These simple devices make sexual intercourse physically impossible. Previously, they were used to prevent boys from masturbating, because in some countries it was believed that masturbation causes various diseases like insanity or blindness.

The new belt of fidelity performs several other functions. Today, this belt is called differently – the chastity belt. It’s something that many would not want to wear, and if you wear this belt on, then you have to refrain from sexual relations. Such belts for women also play the role of protection against rape. But more often they are used for sex games.

The use of the chastity belts for various purposes allowed manufacturers adjust their production and boost their sales. Moreover, healthy chastity cage for men have a rather large selection of models, materials from which the belt is made. When creating modern chastity belts, much attention is paid to the hygienic properties of these belts. And it is right. And an insufficient number of models for women are compensated by the presence of many accessories like hoops on the arms, legs, hips, neck. For example, there was also a steel bra on sale. Sometimes even belts are decorated as a work of art, for example, with various designs, and sometimes with precious stones. Therefore, everyone will be satisfied.

Men’s chastity belt: wearing an application

The chastity belt, although it is an invention of our ancestors, which had long since lost its relevance in the 21st century, still takes place in the bedrooms of modern lovers. Today a whole cult has developed around this BDSM device, its fans write stories, share experiences and even tries to make a chastity belt with their own hands. Male and female products are sold in sex shops and specialty stores. Most often, they are bought by lovers of BDSM. This item is perfect for people who tried searching for thrills using chastity in bed.

What is the chastity belt for Now?

The new belt of fidelity has partially lost its former purpose: A cage to prevent infidelity. Today it is used more often for intimate games with female domination; they are session-based or long-lasting when the device is worn from several weeks to a month. The male counterpart of the chastity belt is an erection limiter. It does not allow the penis to grow and become elastic at the moments of arousal. Such physical restraint is capable of delivering psychological pleasure, which is the purpose of wearing.

Types of chastity belts

First of all, men’s chastity belts differ in the way they are worn depending on the variant. The most popular model is the ones that can directly be worn on the penis. This is popular in athletes caging their cocks for their big games. The kit includes rings on the scrotum of various sizes, anatomically shaped body, locking pins and a lock with keys. It is suitable for both short-termed and and prolonged wearing, depending on the model. Some devices may be completely invisible under clothes.

Men’s belts of fidelity with fixation at the waist – the most practical and reliable: They completely exclude access to the penis, and consequently, the sex itself, as well as they cannot be removed by themselves without a key. They have a wide range of regulation along the waist and the back-belly line. One of the varieties is a device for female domination, which completely denies access to the genitals. Such belts are suitable for both session and long-term use, depending on the model.

Metallic: Stainless steel is suitable for long-term contact with skin and mucous membranes, which ensures extended and safe use of the device in any conditions. Metal products are perfectly polished, which provides ease of use and attractive appearance.

Plastic: The material is durable and comfortable to wear. It is lightweight, hypoallergenic, long-lasting and durable, suitable for both session games and permanent wear. In the shops, you can find plastic belts of fidelity in various colours, as well as transparent models with the colours “camouflage” or “under the tree”. The big advantage of using a polymer device is stealth for metal detectors, but only if the kit does not include metal parts, and the lock used is also made of plastic.

Silicone: Models of this material are more comfortable for extended wearing due to the flexible body, but they give a slightly smaller feeling of being locked. The device of the highest quality silicone can provide complete comfort and safety of wearing. Also, like plastic belts, it is not noticeable for metal detectors. The use of silicone-based lubricants can lead to the destruction of the material. Aside from Silicone, you can also look for other materials of male cock cages at lockthecock.

Why Some Women Enjoy Forced Chastity on Men

It’s no secret that a quality orgasm can get in the way of everything else. Males all around the globe can’t go through a day without masturbating at least once. This need for sexual satisfaction can, therefore, lead to a lack of interest in other important aspects of their lives. Whether it’s their job, their family, or everyday mundane chores, it can all be held back.

In cases like these, their female partners tend to react by proposing them to tame their oversexed lives by wearing a stainless steel penis cage. Enforcing a chastity cage, women get to be in control of their sexual needs. That implies that they can concentrate on other stuff in their lives, making them servile when their women desire them to be.

Another aspect of male chastity belts is the submission and degradation of traditional strong male stereotypes. Reversing their classic roles, girls finally get all the power they crave. They lock the cock, the symbol of male dominance, and possess the key over their hubbies and degraded partners.

This role-reversing lifestyle leads to a new way of intercourse for both partners. Since they can no longer provide penetrative sex to their ladies, the guys get pegged from behind with strap-on dildos. Hence, chastity devices resemble emblems of femdom and female supremacy to which many ladies aspire. They’d like to return the favor for long-overdue male domination, and a penis lock is their way of saying enough is enough.

The Reasons Some People Tend to Do Permanent Chastity

Different people have different reasons for the actions they take, but when it comes to permanent male chastity, the list is shorter than you’d think. Switching the power dynamic in their hetero relationships isn’t the only basis for their suppressed genitals. Yes, sure enough, some guys like to get pegged in the ass while their dick’s locked in a steel device. But it’s not the only cause for actions such as these.

Some males notice that their need for sex starts to affect their lives in different ways. They feel more and more inclined to reach an orgasm, no matter what it takes. The sense of masculinity is everywhere, and long term male chastity device lock-up can prove to be an antidote.

To avoid sexual pleasure, men begin locking their downstairs belongings, thinking that this will leave them more focused on other important stuff. And strangely, at first, they begin to enjoy the challenge of not getting an erection for once. They can start enjoying their work, their families, and life in general, without the need to ejaculate all over the place.

How Is Ejaculation Different When You Are Wearing a Chastity Cage?

You could say that cumming while wearing a chastity device is a ruined orgasm, but most people wearing these contraptions would argue differently. Their submissive nature appreciates not being allowed to get fully erect. Therefore, cumming can be viewed as forbidden.

Well, not forbidden, but it’s not what they want. So letting their partners tease and deny them at the same time creates the feeling of torture. They shouldn’t get the opportunity to feel the full potential of their climax. Chastity cum should feel bad in a good way.

Again, this is a mindset that thrives on being humiliated. And there’s nothing more humiliating for a male than his penis not to get erect or not to be able to cum gloriously. Cock cages alter the perception of the male orgasm completely.

Is It Possible to Make Your Own Chastity Belt?

Frankly, it’s possible to make your own penis cage. But is it worth it? Unless you own a 3D printer or are the master of metalwork, your safe bet is to get a pre-existing one. Order online if you’re shy going into the sex shop and asking for a chastity device.

A homemade chastity belt can be a bit tricky to make. Also, add to this that you’d need to sanitize the materials you find for health reasons, and you’ve got yourself a bit of a pickle here. Again, it’s possible, but is it worth it? We’d argue it’s best to buy one online!



Use prostate massagers while looking at hot undead chicks

Prostatic massage with Best prostate massagers to reach orgasm

If the point G is a source of intense pleasure for women, the point P is a bit its equivalent in humans because its stimulation allows the gentleman to take his foot for sure!

What is prostatic massage?

The prostate is a small gland that, in addition to its primary function of secretion of seminal fluid, is an area of intense pleasure and quite mysterious because we do not know everything that its stimulation can provide. Indeed, to stimulate the prostate, it is necessary to go through the anal sphincter which is very innervated and muscular, so that the prostatic massage brings a deep and visceral sensation of pleasure and ecstasy, which can be likened to the deep orgasm that the woman experiences.

How to locate the prostate?

To perform a prostatic massage, it is necessary to start by finding the small organ of pleasure. Located under the bladder, there is no choice but to pass from the anus through the rectum and then walk about 7 cm to reach it. To stimulate the little ball, it is possible to use the finger, the middle thumb or the index finger, but also a suitable object, namely a prostatic massager. With the thumb, after 7 cm of exploration, you will feel a soft and soft hump against the upper wall (bladder side). Under the effect of mild stimulation, the prostate will swell a little. It is necessary to have clean hands and well cut nails because the walls of the rectum are susceptible and fragile and the principle is to do well! With a prostatic massager, you cannot go wrong,

Prostate massage: to do solo or duet

For Sir to reach deep orgasm, he can explore his anatomy solo or prefer to do it in duet. If you have decided to do this to two and you are not yet experts in the prostate, it is important to go slowly. To start, the man must be in a comfortable position, which allows easy access to his prostate. For example, he can lie on his back and fold his knees slightly, while putting a pillow under his pelvis for comfort.

How to achieve prostatic orgasm?

The atmosphere must lend itself to this little game; that is to say, sir must be sexually excited and relaxed. If you have a relationship of trust, you are unlikely to be stressed. Moreover, if it’s still the case, relax it with massages, caresses, kisses. When chilled, you can start by caressing the outline of his anus and perineum. Also, you can take a look at his penis, masturbating him or giving him a blowjob to make him crazy with excitement. When you feel the moment comes, you can insert your finger or the prostatic massager into his rectum. To achieve this, it is possible to use a suitable lubricant so that the crossing is done smoothly. Even if your partner is crazy about excitement, go slowly because the area is delicate and fragile. Also, be gentle so that it becomes progressively to the feelings that it feels. Nothing serves to hurry because it might surprise him, which would lead to stiffness and there, finished the climb to orgasm!

The movement to exercise to achieve prostatic orgasm

When the organ of pleasure is found and well identified, it is just enough to caress while delicacy. For this, you can bend, and then gently unfold the tip of your finger as if you were asking someone to come to you. Depending on the sensations your partner feels, you have to adjust the intensity and rhythm of the stimulations you exert on the organ of pleasure. You can also alternate light touches with stronger movements, but always very soft. Every man has different feelings. So, to define what yours prefers,

Prostate stimulator: how to choose it and use it well?

We often forget that men also have their G point of their own! It is located precisely at the level of the prostate gland, not far from the bladder, approximately at the level of the inner penis. It looks complicated like that, but even if it’s still a little taboo, it can be reached very quickly with the fingertip, by introducing it into the anus. For those gentlemen who would like to discover this intense pleasure and new or for those ladies, who would like to find their partner, know that manufacturers sex toys have once again thought of you! There are sex toys especially dedicated to this male pleasure still so poorly known: Prostate stimulators or prostate massagers.

How to choose your prostate massager

If this is your first purchase, consider taking a small diameter prostate stimulator. Like all toys specialised in anal stimulation, it is better to proceed gradually, to dilate the sphincters gently. You can very well buy several sizes of prostate massagers and use them successively.

Prostate massagers are often made of silicone (soft-touch material), latex, transparent Pyrex or even metal. As usual, there is something for all tastes and all colours, vibrant or not, for 30 to 70 dollars on average, treat yourself!

Daring to discover a new type of male orgasm

Before you can have fun with a prostate massager, you still have to threaten to allow it. Unfortunately, the prostate is still primarily associated in the minds of many to a particularly feared cancer more than a place of pleasure to conquer. Moreover, anal pleasure still tends to destabilise many men in their manhood. However, the discovery of anal pleasure in heterosexual men does not only depend on them. It must be recognised that some women are not always very outgoing stimulate their partner to go with anal rimming for example. Hence the interest of a particular toy likes the prostate stimulator! Men will be able to tame these new sensations solo and women will often be more comfortable using this little toy that will do so much effect on their man, rather than put the fingers directly. Moreover, if an original message of the prostate with a folded finger can be delicious, tell yourself that a suitable toy will increase the pleasure!

Precautions with the prostate stimulator

The prostate stimulator is used entirely with a suitable lubricating gel: indeed the anus does not self-lubricate. Naturally, you could severely irritate the anal area. To reduce burns or scratches, always insert the prostate massager gently, proceeding to a gradual dilation of the sphincters. Be sure to properly maintain your prostate stimulator with soapy water to prevent the spread of germs.

Small tricky detail: know that some followers say they prefer to use their prostate stimulator in the bath: the prolonged stimulation of the anal area and more around the bladder can sometimes cause small accidents. With a prostate stimulator like that, you have something to enjoy! For more information about prostate massagers, including different variants and designs, visit

Latex and hot undead chicks

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Products and foods to avoid if you are allergic to latex

The term “latex” refers to the milky liquid (sap) that circulates in the vascular system of rubber trees. This milky liquid is commonly used to make natural rubber products. It is observed that people who are allergic to latex cannot use any product made from the milky fluid that is obtained from the rubber tree.

Treat with latex allergies

The best option is to remove all latex products from your household. Caution should also be taken so that you will not go into areas that are stuffed with latex products. Likewise, do not consume foods that can trigger an allergic reaction.

Products to avoid

Many of the products we use in our day-to-day lives contain latex; some are pretty obvious, while some are subtle and can be hard to spot. Here is a list of products to avoid.
• Balloons
• Household gloves
• Telephone cords
• Hot water bottles
• Elastic bands
• Bottle nipples
• Baby toys and lollipops
• Layers
• Condoms
• Gums
• Raincoats
• Mattress
• Rubber soles

Latex is also found in sports and exercise equipment such as exercise balls, resistance bands, treadmills, elliptical trainers or stationary bikes. Latex exposure can also occur after being in contact with sports equipment, such as snowshoe grips, diving masks, windsurfing, and squash balls.

Foods to avoid

The list of foods to avoid in case you are allergic to latex is not small. People who are allergic to latex products may also be allergic to certain foods. Indeed, the proteins contained in these foods resemble, to a large extent, the proteins present in latex rubber. Here is a list of foods to avoid.

• Tomatoes
• Papayas
• Carrots
• Apples
• Potatoes
• Watermelon
• Celery
• Figs
• Peaches
• Cherries

Compared to the above list of foods, people who take the 4 fruits mentioned here are at a higher risk of suffering from an allergic reaction to latex.

An unwanted allergic reaction to latex that causes breathing problems is rare, and will require immediate medical attention. In such situations, the doctor administers adrenaline injections, which help reverse a serious allergic reaction. In the case, an allergic reaction occurs on the consumption of some of these foods, there is a greater chance that you may become allergic to latex products at some stage in your life

Origin of the latex allergen: The natural latex comes from the tree Heavea Brasiliensis in the form of a milky liquid that oozes from incisions made on the trunk.

After treatment including the addition of additives, latex is used in gloves (examination or cooking), pacifiers, balloons, tires, medical materials (probes, tubing), condoms, bathing caps, shoe soles.


Latex reactions are increasing and manifestations up to anaphylactic shock are described. Cross-allergies latex-food is more and more often found. It is all too often with urticarial, Quince’s edema or anaphylactic shock that latex allergy is suspected, as minor manifestations have gone unnoticed so you have to think about it.

The prevalence of skin sensitization to latex in the general population is less than 1%. But in atopic patients the prevalence of cutaneous sensitization oscillates between 3 and 10%. In spina bifida carriers, the prevalence of allergic manifestations is 18 to 28%. There is a rapid increase in the prevalence of latex allergy in the general population if measures are not implemented to reduce allergy or even make the latex latex-free, or to replace it with another non-allergenic substance. The increased demand for latex has led some manufacturers to reduce manufacturing steps, producing more allergenic latex.

Manifestations of latex allergy

The mechanisms involved in triggering latex reactions are type IV (delayed) for eczema, type I (immediate) for most other reactions.

Contact Urticarial: appears locally in a few minutes and disappears spontaneously without treatment when contact with the latex stops. This sign is most common in children, it occurs during swelling balloons or during dental care. The urticarial of contact would be constant in case of allergy to the latex: it is thus necessary to look for it by the anamnesis when one suspects the latex.

Eczema: is mainly found in adults. It is usually located on the backs of the hands and fingers.
Rhinitis, Conjunctivitis and Asthma: latex can behave like a pneumallergen. The powders contained in the latex gloves fix the latex antigens and, during handling, are suspended in the air which can cause rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma attacks. The latex released by the car tires during braking has just been implicated in the occurrence of respiratory signs in the sensitive subject.

Anaphylactic Shock: during a contact if the skin barrier is broken (preexisting eczema lesions, frequent hand washing), by contact with the mucous membranes during surgical or medical procedures or by intravenous penetration during use in latex-allergic subjects of perfusion tubing or soft bags (infusion fluids, drugs) containing latex.

Diagnosis of latex allergy

Prick-Test: they are possible with the extracts marketed, with extracts of gloves, or through the gloves. In this case it is advisable to wash the gloves and sterilize them in order to avoid any anaphylactic reactions or contact urticarial due to the corn starch that lines them. It is the most effective diagnostic method, but their inequity in this indication is discussed, because cases of anaphylactic shock have been described.

IDR: this technique is abandoned by most authors given the risk of general reactions.
Provocation Tests: sometimes proposed in patients with rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma when the latex is suspected, they consist in handling washed gloves (without powder), then unwashed, of different brands because of the variability antigenic. In case of asthma, in addition to these manipulations, the patient is made to breathe in an inhalation chamber containing powder from gloves.


The latex industry is looking for ways to make the latex “hypo-allergenic”. Caution should be exercised in terms of “hypo-allergenic” names: it is shown that these products can give positive tests.

There are surgical gloves or examination without latex commercially available as vinyl, polyurethane, neoprene, and nitrile. Several obstacles hamper their use: their cost is high; they have less flexibility that can hinder the surgeon, for vinyl the barrier against germs is less good, for elastyrene gloves a risk of dissolution by solvents is possible.

In case of latex allergy these gloves are currently the only alternative, it is even recommended to ensure a latex-free environment: all operating room staff should use latex-free gloves to avoid releasing allergens that will be airborne. Transported by the powders contained in the gloves and thus trigger inhalation reactions. It must also be ensured that the remainder of the operating room equipment does not contain latex (catheters, catheters, infusion tubing, infusion fluid bags, and anesthesia equipment). Allergic patients should be warned of risks when performing dental, gynecological, proctologic, or other diagnostic tests where latex can be used.