Sex And Nudity: Are They Needed In Video Games?

Nudity in games has become quite a curious element. A lot of games feature it. But why is that the case? Is it because nudity adds a certain sense of realism? Or something else entirely? We think it’s up to personal interpretation. Whatever it may be, nudity in games exists.

Whether nudity’s needed or not is entirely subjective — maybe it’s not needed in games like Crash Bandicoot, as most people would agree. Some other games might need some bare skin to achieve certain effects they’re going for. Thankfully, you can always avoid those kinds of games.

Even though a little nudity never harmed anybody.

Video Games Are Both For Kids And Adults

Video games are extremely popular these days. They always have been, as far as we know. Not only do they make the perfect pastime for children, but adults alike.

Many people think that playing video games “at a big age” is childish. But is it really? You can learn a lot from video games that were created based on some facts. There are a variety of titles you can play. A variety of genres, too. There’s something for everyone, you could say.

Kids usually play things like Mario Kart (just think of the old-school Super Mario). After that, they move on to something like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. Whatever your preferences are, there’s a game you can play.

So, no. We don’t believe video games are for children only. Some, however, might be a little more explicit than they should. Viewer discretion is almost always advised.

How Have Video Games Evolved Over The Decades?

Gaming didn’t look the same as it does today. It took a lot of technological developments to get us where we are now. We went from Pacman to, let’s say, Assassin’s Creed: Origins. That’s quite commendable.

Believe it or not, gaming goes all the way back to the mid-‘60s. Of course, we’re talking about much simpler games, such as certain strategies and 2D space shooters. Either way, some 20 years later, gaming at home was finally a thing.

Developers didn’t take long to create the first erotic games, and the first one was available in 1982. What was it about? It was about a naked man chasing a naked woman through a labyrinth. Fun!

Ever since those times, nudity in games, and games in general, evolved. Now you can barely tell the difference between a video game and animated porn.

Why Do Games Have Elements of Violence, Sex, and Substance Abuse?

Unfortunately, violence is often something unavoidable. It’s a part of our daily lives. Therefore, there are elements of it in video games as well. They don’t always portray real life, but some do.

We already know that video games don’t only cater to children, but what does that mean? Games for adults need to have something to make things more fun or simply more realistic. Therefore, adding mature elements makes games more appealing to adults.

Video games often have incredible storylines. Some are based on actual events, and some aren’t, but they still seem like they could happen in real life too. That way, it feels like a player is playing out their own story.

Violence and substance abuse obviously aren’t good things. But they add that necessary element of realness to games. We’d all love our world to be pure and unstained by violence and hatred. However, sometimes, that’s not always how it goes.

Thankfully, all games have ratings that warn you about the content you’re about to witness. Thus, kids can know not to play the games that aren’t for them to begin with.

Game Rating Guidelines

We did mention game ratings, but let’s get more up close and personal with them. We doubt many people pay attention to them even though you can usually find them at the beginning of every game.

Game ratings include both rating categories and descriptors. Both of them serve the purpose of letting you know which games are for who. No official rating board includes the infamous X rated games. Why? These are usually just straight up sex games. That’s OK — you can play them too. But only if you’re an adult, though.

Other rating categories include Everyone, Teen, Mature, or Adult only. The ratings are always followed by descriptors such as violence, blood/gore, sexuality, language, etc.

These descriptors are helpful, and you should always look out for them. Not everyone likes to play games with nude scenes. It can be a real deal-breaker sometimes.

Video Game Characters Fetish

Yeah, OK. This is a real thing and, honestly, it’s no wonder. Games of all sorts and genres can sometimes actively cater to these fetishes. Generally, games often focus on the male side of the audience. You wonder how? Well, girls are almost always sexualized — that is how.

Let’s give in actual example. We’ll go with Quiet, a character from Metal Gear Solid V. She’s a super-strong woman who’s incredible with a sniper. So, what’s the catch? She’s wearing so little clothing she might as well not wear any at all. But why is it like that? The explanation is that she “breathes through her skin,” which is why she cannot wear clothes. Seriously?

All video game characters are designed to be perfect, at least according to what the devs had in mind. So, whatever your poison is, there’s probably something for you to drool over. If you have this kind of a fantasy fetish, you’re not alone. That’s why many people play games anyway.


Let’s finally answer the question in the title. Are sex and nudity really needed in video games? Maybe. Maybe not. But we definitely don’t see a problem with such things.

Games are a product of someone’s imagination. Consequently, there will be different games with different elements to them. Sexual content is available on the internet anyway, so why shouldn’t it be available in games too?

There’s a simple solution to your problem if these kinds of games aren’t your cup of tea — just don’t play them.

Nudity in Video Games

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Nudity is part of our everyday lives, and it is also quite present in video games. Whether we are talking about sexy costumes or full-frontal nudity, nearly every game today has something like this to offer.

Reasons for Explicit Nudity in Video Games

Nudity has been a topic of controversy for decades, and many ask what the reason for explicit nudity in video games is. It is not rare to find a game that offers full-frontal nudity and even sex scenes. Since the gaming industry is rapidly growing, it seems reasonable that some titles will have a wide variety of audiences.

Similarly to movies, each game will have an audience rating where the person buying it can see if there are profanities, nudity, violence, and such. Sometimes, sex scenes can be a reward, while in other games, they follow the story, and, let’s be honest, improve it.

Older video games based on puzzles had nudies as a reward for completing a level, for example. In other games, like the GTA series, it serves to make the story more realistic and add a degree of freedom.

Female Characters Usually Wear Sexy Costumes

If you’ve ever played an RPG (role-playing game), you’ve probably noticed how female armor seems a lot less protective. Women in video games often wear sexy costumes, and whether it is to complement the story or follow the source material, sometimes, it isn’t really PG-13.

Whenever you have the option of customizing your character, the choices can be interesting. Moreover, most female armors show curves and can be a lot more revealing than male ones.

Batman Arkham series games, for example, allow you to play as Catwoman, who is known for her tight, sexy catsuit. Furthermore, everyone knows (and loves) Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games for her tight-fitting clothes. Even though new games seem more family-friendly, everyone still remembers those triangular breasts that were the object of many fantasies during the nineties.

And even if you don’t have the option to pick your own clothes, female characters in games can be quite provocative. One of the popular examples is Bayonetta from the series of the same name, whose clothes are also her hairstyle. Bayonetta is entirely naked, but her hair covers her body, so you can only catch a glimpse of what’s underneath.

Sex Scenes in Video Games

Besides an occasional flash of nudity, some games offer a lot of sex scenes. Naturally, we should first mention adult video games that range from sex to dating simulators. To no one’s surprise, these have sex scenes in them. Leisure Suit Larry is just one of the examples of adult-themed games where the player can enjoy nudity and sex.

But there are also examples of titles where you can find sex scenes in otherwise not sexual games. The God of War series offered the player the chance to meet a lot of topless women and have a romance with them. Similarly, in the Witcher series, the player can visit several brothels in the game’s world. Aside from that, you can even enter a romantic relationship that can lead to sex with characters from the video game’s story.

In these games, sex is not the primary purpose, but it serves to deepen the story and enhance it. Sex scenes behave like the ones you can find in movies or TV shows. Even though they are present, that doesn’t make it porn. Instead, that segment of the game tells a story that the players would have otherwise missed.

Video Game Rating Guide

The most common type of video game rating system is ESRB, which was designed by a software board for video games. According to its guidelines, there are seven ratings that you can encounter.

Early Childhood or eC is the mildest type of game you can find. These titles have light elements, simple gameplay, and are designed for children over three years. You won’t find anything that might be questionable for the three-year-olds.

The second type is E, which is for everyone. Video games with rating E might have cartoonish violence but without real consequences. Similarly to Looney Toons cartoons, almost anyone can enjoy them.

The higher amount of violence leads to an E10+ rating, which is a bit more serious, but nothing controversial. The target audience for these games is over ten years, which means that they are suitable for all ages, but with parental guidance.

Teen rating is for children over thirteen years, and it can offer strong language, blood, gambling, violence, and more. The equivalent of teen rating would be PG13 for movies and TV shows.

Mature rating or 17+ is for older players, and the example is the God of War and GTA series we’ve mentioned. That means mature games can have nudity, violence, gambling, gore, strong language, and so much more. We recommend you inform yourself if you are looking to get an M-rated game for your children.

Finally, there is an Ao rating, which is for adults only. These games can have nudity and graphic sex as the central theme, but prolonged and gruesome violence can also earn Ao rating.

It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to find a game with a PR rating. That means the rating is pending or yet to be assigned.


Video games are fun, and, similarly to movies, they sometimes incorporate nudity or sex scenes to complement the story. However, there are x-rated video games that entirely focus on intercourse. Luckily, there is a rating system in place designed to inform you of the nature of the game before buying it. So, parents, make sure you check it before you buy your kid’s next Christmas present!


What Are Dragon Dildos and Why You Should Try Them!

Dragons can be beautiful, majestic, scary, and huge. That is why the popularity of dragon fetish is only rising. Many brands focus on creating adult toys based on fictional characters that will allow people to enjoy their unique fetish. These toys are high-quality and can offer you a rather exciting change from vanilla sex. At least if you dare to try to ride a dragon!

Sexual Fetish Toward Fictional Characters

One of the most obvious reasons people love dragon dildos is because they offer something new, unique, and kinky. Since it is quite hard to have sex with a real dragon due to the fact that they don’t exist, dragon dildos can do a terrific job as a replacement. You’d be surprised how many people have unusual fetishes and how popular fictional characters can be.

Fictiophilia is a popular term for lovers of fictional characters. Whether we’re talking about video games, comics, cartoons, or similar, one is likely to find fantasy dildos that represent their favorite character’s penis.

You can find fantasy toys in a variety of sizes. On top of that, you can come across tentacles, unicorns, and many other mythical creatures you can imagine. There are even dildos that glow in the dark!

Masculinity and Femininity of Fictional Characters

Since fictional characters can be quite unrealistic, with body parts that defy physics and logic, it can be quite exciting imagining their private parts. The characters in stories, movies, and video games can be a bit over the top. Male ones are unbelievably strong, while females possess incredible beauty and femininity.

You can imagine why many enjoy having this type of fantasy — because you can get unrealistically perfect specimens. One of the popular characters from Marvel comics — the Hulk — is eight feet tall, and many enjoy lusting over what hides in his purple pants.

Similarly, female characters are often gorgeous, with unrealistic body proportions, which had been the object of many fantasies for decades.

Dragons Are Portrayed as Strong, Mighty, and Beautiful

In mythology, there are so many types of dragons. Stories usually depict them as majestic, strong, and beautiful creatures. They can soar through the skies and defeat entire armies protecting their belongings and possessions.

But don’t think that the sexualization of dragons arrived with Game of Thrones and Daenerys. Dragons have been part of fantasies for centuries. In Japan, some paintings on woodblocks, known as Ukiyo-e, show ladies having sex with creatures with tentacles.

According to many mythologies, dragons used to capture princesses and virgins, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that their beauty and strength quickly became fetishized. In Slavic mythology, dragons often had sex with beautiful women, and those who experienced it were described as pale. Due to the dragon’s potency, the girl would usually lose interest in men. However, dragons were still majestic, strong, and caring, and they would remain invisible to the rest of humanity but the girl they fell in love with.

Dragon Dildos Satisfy This Fetish

Since dragons either don’t fall in love, stay invisible, or are non-existent, people had to find a different means of having sex with them. Dragon dildos are an excellent way to satisfy this fetish!

By having fun with a dragon dildo, you can be the next Targaryen and ride a dragon to your next orgasm. Bad Dragon dildos are one of the most recent additions to the sex toy repertoire, and the popularity of this brand skyrocketed.

They offer almost any type of dildo you can imagine, and you can choose anything from color to firmness. However, just because you are into dragons doesn’t mean that you are ready for a 17-inch toy. You can find smaller models that are around five inches and build your way up.

Dragon Dildo Description

Based on your level of experience, you can find mini or XL toys. The mini ones are usually around five inches, while the large ones can be well over thirteen. Furthermore, most dildos come with a suction cup on their base that allows you to attach them to nearly any surface easily. Most people aim for 7.5 inches or 8.5 inches, but you can settle for other sizes as well if you are feeling particularly adventurous.

When it comes to the shape, these dildos don’t have a standard shape. The idea behind them was to create something unique that was to represent the dragon’s genitalia, and not many stories revolve around the shape of a dragon’s penis. That means the designers had to be extra creative to deliver something unique and exciting.

Colors of these sex toys can vary. Usually, dildos come in either single- or multi-colored form. You can also find ones made from various materials and with different textures. Needless to say, all of these adult toys use body-safe materials, and the only concern you should have is allergies (if you have any).

You can also find an ejaculating dragon dildo, which may prove even more exciting. That way, you can enjoy yourself fully and fill up the toy with your favorite fluid.

You can also get smooth ones, ribbed, veiny, scaly, or anything else you can imagine. Some brands will even offer you the option to order and design custom hand-made dildos of your dreams.


Dragons used to be rulers of the sky, at least according to mythology. These serpentine creatures used to kidnap princesses, steal gold, and fight brave knights. But they used to do something else as well. Dragons often had sex with beautiful ladies. So if you are looking for your dragon, you should know that there are brands that create dragon dildos.

These toys come in all shapes and sizes and (hypothetically) mimic a dragon’s penis. So if you’ve ever dreamed of riding a dragon in a naughty way, now is the perfect opportunity!


How to Increase your Chances of Getting Laid

The rules of modern dating and hooking up are always evolving. If you’re single today, you probably know that there are tons of new ways to meet women. Dating sites and social media have made it incredibly simple for us to find people who are explicitly DTF and are looking for casual sex. Moreover, social norms have changed, which means random flings and one-night stands are no longer as taboo as they used to be. But even with that in mind, people still often encounter difficulties while trying to get laid.

Poor social intelligence and lack of sexual confidence can ruin your chances with women. It only takes a few wrong moves to send you home alone. Luckily, what we’re about to reveal below will show you the right approaches! Check out some expert tips that will increase your chances of getting laid!

Women Are Also Sexual Beings, and They Want Sex Too

Adult couple’s feet looking out of bed

While this feels like a blatantly obvious tip, most men will neglect it. Guys can sometimes forget that women are just as horny as they are. Ladies want to get laid, even if they don’t show it, and they want it for several reasons. These sometimes include intimacy, the desire to be wanted, proving something, feeling confident or attractive, and more. And at other times, they just want to get dirty and fuck.

However, men who fail to understand women and their sexuality will never find their ultimate slut. Firstly, you’ll need to accept that girls want to get lucky just as much as you do. That means that you have to learn how to talk to girls and relate to their sexuality. The worst thing you can do is to believe that the same turn-ons and sex tips work for all women. In reality, each girl is unique. A true loverboy knows exactly how to understand every woman he encounters. There is always a way to make her crazy for you, and you just need to figure it out.

The key thing to remember with sex and dating is always to take your time and actively interact with each woman you encounter. It doesn’t matter if your fling is a one-time thing or a long-term connection — you’ll have to express genuine interest as well as respect for her and maintain a positive attitude. While women want to get lucky as much as you do, they can easily tell if you’re faking it or not. That’s why you’ll need to be genuine, get to know her emotionally, and learn what fuels her sexual desires. If she’s DTF for the same reasons, you’ll definitely hit a home run, and you can go all out in seducing your girl.

Consent Is Essential

Sex between two people requires mutual consent. When hooking up, both of you must agree to it. It’s also essential to avoid manipulation or coercion and any other tactic that can mislead or force people to give their consent.

Always avoid all types of “tricks” that can manipulate women into sex. You have to get it freely and enthusiastically. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of talking about it before you slip into bed with someone.

However, consent doesn’t only encompass a yes/no answer. If you take your partner home, it doesn’t mean that she’ll instantly be up for a brutal anal pounding and “daddy” talk. Try not to pull out your leather masks, sex swings, or anything else before you discuss boundaries and rules! Even if she wants “no” to mean “yes,” you’ll have to communicate it beforehand.

Be Confident

How many times have you heard about guys staying in the friend zone forever and never taking a girl home? One of the primary reasons men fail with women is lack of confidence.

Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest things to focus on and improve while flirting. Being a strong and self-assured man is actually the simplest way to impress women and get their juices flowing. And that doesn’t mean you need to be a ripped and dominant alpha male with a massive DNA rifle hidden in your jeans. She’ll be able to sense if you’re confident by the things you do or say.

You’ll only have a few moments to prove that you’ve got enough game to take her home. You can use your masculine energy, body language, behavior, and conversation style to exert confidence and make her feel good.

Use the Power of Touch

Another huge mistake you can make is never to touch her while flirting. Touching is one of the best flirtation tricks because it sparks attraction and arousal. If you always avoid physical contact with your date, you won’t be able to build attraction.

The trick is to use physical contact and body language while interacting with her. Try a few subtle touches on the waist, shoulders, back, or arms. Moreover, physical contact is incredibly effective if you sit close to each other. You can try to join your thighs or shoulders while doing so. That will allow women to sense that you’re confident and that you’re 100% into them. Additionally, it will allow them to subconsciously feel what it’s like to be touched by you during sex. You should also combine touch with eye contact and flirty comments or similar.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t be afraid of finding any excuse to touch your date. It will rub them in the right way, and, depending on how things go, a simple touch could lead to teasing and a whole lot more.

Overcome Rejection

Another thing to stay away from completely is fear of rejection. If you’re afraid, just remember that life is just too short for all that nonsense!

Rejection is actually a natural part of sex and learning to get laid. You shouldn’t take it too personally if someone is not into you. So don’t try to label or judge yourself only based on your previous interaction with someone who has turned you down. Also, keep a positive attitude. Always look for rejection as an opportunity for something new. Moreover, everyone is different, and thousands of people are looking to get together with someone. If your date blows you off, simply move on to the next one with even more confidence. And the best part about all this is that women love a man who isn’t scared of being rejected!

Dress Up and Smell Good

Last but not least, thinking about your clothes and image is a deal-breaker. Your charm, humor, money, huge and glorious love rocket, or anything else won’t get you anywhere if you’re unkempt and scruffy.

A true gentleman knows how to dress adequately, so it’s time to unleash your inner James Bond. However, that doesn’t mean you have to load up on designer jeans, luxurious watches, and high-quality suits. Small changes will go a long way.

Try to keep your hair trimmed and tidy, wear clean clothes, smell fantastic, and learn how to dress well. Women will appreciate the effort you make to look good, even if that means you’ll be a bit late for your date. So always look your best!

Closing Thoughts

These simple dating and tips are only the beginning, and it’s up to you now to make the first step to getting laid. So follow the tricks we’ve revealed today on your next date and good luck with your naughty adventures! Of course, there may be some other better tips to have sex out there, and you can definitely combine those with what we have to achieve great results!


Only for Ladies — A Guide to Solo Play

Masturbation is a way we show ourselves some appreciation and love. Everyone needs to take care of themselves, express their sexuality, and explore their body’s responses to different stimulations. On top of that, masturbation is physically and psychologically healthy!

For that reason, having a solo session now and then is beneficial for our mood, sex life, and health. And there’s no wrong way of doing it! Everyone has their personal preferences and masturbation techniques. But if you’re looking for some new ideas on how to improve your solo sex, a woman’s masturbation guide is here to help!

Masturbation Goal

Every person who has ever masturbated knows that masturbation is a perfect way of relieving tension. There’s nothing better than coming home after a long and stressful day at work and treating yourself to a satisfying solo session.

Since it’s such a powerful anti stress activity, a lot of people like masturbating to fall asleep more easily, and it’s also a great cure for headaches and menstrual cramps. Moreover, masturbation can even help you build a stronger immune system!

And one more thing — when you know what you like, it’s easier to explain to your partner your needs and desires. Learning what your body responds to and what arouses you will guarantee you great sex with your partner!

Use Some Props

In case you have some sex toys for women, only the sky is your limit! And if you don’t, you should get yourself some tools for reaching the seventh heaven more easily. Having at least one dildo or vibrator will undoubtedly improve the quality of your solo play by a lot!

Depending on what kind of stimulation you prefer, you can find various sex toys designed to provide you with amazing sexual experience. So, if you’re more into clitoral stimulation, you can get a magic wand. But in case you like to stimulate your G-spot more, maybe you should consider getting yourself a pair of vibrating kegel balls.

And there’s always a lot more to add to your collection — butt plugs, bullet vibrators, anal beads, etc. The sex industry worked hard to offer a lot of options to help women all around the world reach mind-blowing orgasms.

Try Phone Sex or Sexting

Now, phone sex and sexting aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. However, these can help you a lot if you’re in a long-distance relationship. In that case, having sex via phone, Skype, or messages can help you in keeping your sex life and relationship interesting. But, keep in mind that if you want it to work out, you need to be comfortable with dirty talking!

On the other hand, you don’t need to be in a long-distance relationship to do phone sex or sexting. In case you want to spice up your sex life, you can try doing it with your partner for fun! And if you both like it, you can occasionally do it to keep things interesting and fresh.

Use Varying Masturbation Techniques

There are numerous ways to masturbate, especially when it comes to women. Many ladies out there have their own established technique and stroking motion. However, it’s not a bad idea to try out something new now and then, and to use different techniques simultaneously.

When it comes to clitoral stimulation, most women have that figured out. Circular motions or sliding your finger up and down are proven ways of reaching the orgasm pretty fast. But most women forget that there are also other ways to masturbate and that the stimulation of the G-spot will make them feel good too. So, why not explore that exciting area as well?

Play Some Music

One more important thing to do before starting your solo session is to set the mood. You can do so by turning off the lights, putting on the sexy underwear, and of course, playing some tunes. That way, you will feel much more comfortable and ready to relax and enjoy yourself.

And there’s another important benefit of playing music during solo play — it’s less likely someone will hear you! That is especially convenient for people who have roommates or live with their families. Moreover, once you play some music, the noises coming from the other room or the street won’t be a distraction.

Try Edging to Your Orgasm

Edging to your orgasm is a perfect way of exploring your masochistic side. All you have to do is to stop the action right before you cum. And it’s not the easiest thing to do in the world. The temptation to rub harder at that point may be too much for you. It’s certainly not for everyone.

But even if it may make you feel a bit frustrated, it will provide you with sweet and pleasurable sensations. And the best part is that the orgasm you’ll reach after edging will probably be much stronger than the regular one.

Involve Other Body Parts

As we mentioned before, the clitoris isn’t the only interesting part of your body you can play with. If you want to bring your pleasure to the next level, you should pay attention to other genital areas, like the vaginal opening and G-spot.

But there are other erogenous zones you can have fun exploring as well — nipples, tights, anus, ears, neck, etc. A woman’s body has many sensitive spots, and female sexuality has such a big potential that it’s a pity not to use it. So, why not try reaching a mind-blowing orgasm by involving stimulation of various parts of your body?

Watch Some Porn

The great way to get yourself ready for solo play is to watch porn. Of course, that isn’t every lady’s cup of tea. But in case you haven’t tried it in a while, you may consider giving porn another shot. There are numerous porn sites to explore, and most of them can offer you a lot of options.

And in case you’re looking for some other type of stimulus, you can search for erotic stories on the internet. Reading erotica is something a lot of women enjoy, so why not give it a try?

Reading and watching porn aren’t just great for female masturbation — these are also a source of ideas. Besides, who knows what you may discover while browsing the web in search of porn videos or erotic stories. Maybe you’ll learn that something you never knew existed turns you on!


What is a Sex Furniture and How Can They Help You?

If you’ve ever been curious about the world of sex furniture, welcome. This is a place where you find out all you want to know.

Sex furniture is beneficial in many ways. It spices up your sex life and helps you be more adventurous. Some of it can even make your home look more stylish. But, whether you want something that’ll fit in seamlessly or not, these are a worthy investment.

Trying new positions and reaching new orgasmic heights has never been easier. All you have to do is strap up.

Helps Achieve Different Sexual Position

So is your bed a part of sex furniture? Not quite. Just because you had sex on it, doesn’t mean it’s purpose changes.

The definition of sex furniture is any furniture that helps enhance your sex experience. It could help support you or help you achieve different positions. We all sometimes see a sexual position we’d like to try but don’t know how to go about it. We wonder if staying in it can be uncomfortable and if we could even do it, especially for longer periods.

That’s where sex furniture comes into play. Some have more than just an erotic purpose. Wedges, for example, can help support your body in your daily life too. And they’re just foam triangles so they won’t look suspicious to any onlooker. You can even make your own sex furniture if you’re creative and DIY oriented. We can’t promise that it is easy, though

Queening Chair

So let’s talk about different types of sex furniture.

First, the queening chair. It’s a low seat chair that allows one person to sit on top while the other lies underneath. The seat has a hole, so you’re not just sitting above someone’s face. That’s right: it’s designed for oral sex. Some models can look like regular stools, while others can look like burnished thrones.

Is that where the name comes from? The act of queening involves a dominant female and her submissive partner, usually a male. In this act, the dominant female can either assert her dominance or humiliate her partner.

The throne-looking chair can be used in role-playing too. But vanilla couples don’t have to shy away from it either. After all, its purpose is sexual play, so not everything has to be all BDSM-like. What’s more, these chairs and the surface underneath have cushions for extra comfort. It’s time to get your queen on.

Tantra Chair

“Oh, nice chaise lounge!” says your unaware house guest. Yup. Tantra chairs are a type of sex furniture you can put out on display.

Tantra isn’t a category of sex furniture, but the name of the company who started making them. And it’s all for testing out your favorite Kama Sutra positions. So, this lounge’s design makes it easy to fit in with the rest of your furniture. It looks like a fancy sofa, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

You can use it for different angles of penetration, and it’s comfortable too! Through some practice, using this chair means more G-spot/P-spot stimulation. What does that mean? To put it simply: more intense orgasms.

So not only will it add style to your house but also fun to your sex life. Sure, you can nap in it too and dream of what you want to try.

Inflatable Sex Ball

This type of sex furniture might seem like it could fit in your gym, for example. But you’re about to find out why that’s not the case.

Sure, these balls are much like the yoga balls that help you exercise or fix your posture. However, they have a fun attachment in the form of a dildo. See? Not really for everyone to see. Maybe if you sit on them and don’t move?

Inflatable sex balls come in different sizes too. While they can be as big as yoga balls, they are usually much smaller. They’re more your average cushion size. Dildos attached are usually realistic-looking ones. Some of them can even vibrate for extra fun. Who knew you’d be able to bounce and vibrate at the same time?

However, don’t think you can just bounce around the house on this thing. Try to keep it steady.

Sex Swings

A sex swing is what you imagine it would be. A swing you can have sex on (in?). But don’t think you can swing around and suddenly slide onto your partner’s penis. It’s not quite like that.

Anything with a harness that has some type of suspension can be a sex swing. Maybe don’t DIY it if you don’t have the experience, just in case. There are several varieties of sex swings: those that can stand independently and those that must be attached to door frames or ceilings. There are even body sex swings where you’re essentially “swinging” on your partner. Not recommended unless you’re dating the Hulk.

Swings are a great way to incorporate lots of fun into your sex life. You’re floating in the air, and the only thing touching you is your partner. Sounds romantic, if you ask us. It also looks like having sex in space. Fulfill that fantasy.

Bondage Frame Table

Oh yeah, bondage sure is fun. Bondage doesn’t only mean you like to be completely restrained. If you enjoy being in some handcuffs, for example, then congratulations. You’re into some light bondage, and it’s okay. No shame in that.

A bondage table can be just about any flat surface on which you can restrain someone. Yes, it’s that simple. Of course, there are pre-made bondage tables, but if you’re on a budget, you can DIY it. You can either play Bob the Builder and make your own or just use a sturdy coffee table. Or a kitchen counter.


Use these tables to keep your sub still while you tease them. However, how can vanilla couples use this? Sure. Even if you are proud of being a prude, being into bondage won’t ruin that. If you’re not sure you like it, you can always just give it a try and find out


The world of sex furniture isn’t limited to a few objects. Look at how many sex chairs there are alone. Queening chair, tantra chair – there are many options. There’s no shame in enjoying any of these things.

Some of these can be pricey if you’re on a budget. But you can always make do with what you have. Bondage table? Find a flat surface. Queening chair? Make a hole in a small chair you don’t need and add a cushion. Everything is easier when you have a little imagination.


Anal Sex: What Does It Feel Like?

Fascination with butts is as long as humanity itself. It seems that everyone at least considered it at some point. According to research, 30% of women had anal at least once. For some, it is a pleasure and experience like no other, while for others, it is still a taboo and something they wouldn’t try.

But what is so exciting about anal? What does it feel like? Here, we will go through everything you need to know about it, how to prepare for it, and what you should consider when it comes to this type of sex.

Why Do People Engage in Anal Sex?

There are so many reasons why someone might engage in anal. For some, they are looking to achieve an orgasm that’s more intense and more likely to occur. For others, the very idea of it being taboo or even forbidden will make it more exciting and thrilling. Also, anal sex can stimulate the prostate easily, allowing the receiver to experience an intense anal orgasm. Similarly, anal penetration can stimulate and put pressure on the inner wall of the vagina, causing a vaginal orgasm.

Besides stimulation of various spots (indirectly stimulating the G-, A-, and P-spot, the last of them being the prostate), some enjoy the feeling that comes with the initial penetration and taboo feeling that is different from the vanilla sex.

While nearly fifty percent of women in the U.S. have had experience with anal, for others that is still a hard no. Some believe that the very act of anal play requires more trust between the partners, making it almost like the next stage in the relationship.

Whatever the reason may be, some people simply love anal. That applies both to those giving and those receiving. It can also be a great way to experiment with a variety of toys and double penetration. Needless to say, anal sex eliminates the possibility of pregnancy.

The Feeling of Anal Sex for Both the Giver and Receiver

For someone who never had experience with anal and only enjoys regular sex, explaining the feeling might be difficult. For the receiver of anal sex, the main question is whether they have a prostate. If you do, the feeling of anal can be rather intense and allow you to experience an orgasm like never before. The reason for this is that penetration will stimulate the prostate, allowing you to ejaculate more and achieve (what some described as) a full-body orgasm.

There is also the feeling of initial penetration that is the same for both males and females, and it can be both pleasurable and satisfying.

On the other hand, the person giving might enjoy the tightness of the anal sphincter similarly to wearing a cock ring. Unlike vaginal sex, there won’t be a feeling of tightness on the entire length of the penis. Furthermore, it’s neither soft nor wet since the anus is not self-lubricating.

For some, of course, it might feel similar to vaginal sex, and it’s not a big deal. But for most, the main flavor is dominance and complete surrender. The very act of giving anal can make someone feel special and powerful, which can be arousing as well.

Safety Precaution Before, During, and After Anal Sex

There are several things you need to know if you are looking to have enjoyable anal sex. Before the sex starts, you should think of your hygiene. It is highly recommended to take a shower before sex, and empty your bowels at least an hour before sex (if possible). However, if the shower is not an option for you, simple neutral baby wipes can do the trick.

Some people use an enema to ensure that everything is spotless before the fun starts. You should also consider preparing yourself both mentally and physically. If the person is tense, the muscles will be tense as well, which can lead to a painful experience.

For physical preparation, butt plugs are always a good idea. They will allow your anus to prepare for penetration and allow you to have only good experience with anal. Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find one that’s perfect for your butt.

That will allow you to feel good and enjoy all the fun anal has to offer. After sex, another shower is a great idea. Since anal sex can cause microscopic tears in the rectum, bacteria can enter it and lead to an infection. Properly cleaning yourself will lower the chances of something like this happening.

Needless to say, the person giving anal should also take care of their hygiene. For people with foreskin, bacteria can hide in it, and thoroughly cleaning everything with water is something they should always do.

Finally, to ensure that everything is smooth and pleasurable, the couple should use a lot of lube. There are special lubricants for anal sex that are thicker and will last longer.

When Should You Stop Doing It and See a Doctor?

You should see a doctor if any irregularity happens. Whether you are having a painful experience, a rash, ich, or infection. The first thing on your mind should be yours and your partner’s health. While anal sex should be painless, sometimes complications may occur.

For example, there may be blood during your first anal experience. However, it should stop in the next couple of sessions. If the bleeding doesn’t stop or if it becomes more intense, that is more than a clean sign to visit a doctor.

Using protection can lower the risk of getting an STI. If you are having unprotected sex, regular visits to your doctor are the best possible idea.

How the Use of Anal Training Kit May Help

Anal training kits are designed to help people enjoy anal sex. Their goal is to help beginners become more accustomed to this type of sensation. Similarly to the way butt plugs can help a person relax and stretch their anus, training kits will do the same. They also allow you to go slow, increasing in size over time. Furthermore, the kits usually have a lubricant that is designed for this very purpose.

The first rule of anal sex is to start slow. It could be helpful if you tried playing solo before you start with your partner. That way, you will get to know your body better, see what you like, and have a brief idea of what’s coming.

If you’re interested in buying anal training kits, as well as any other kinds of butt plugs you want, why don’t you go over at loveplugs and try to see the various products they offer.

Anal vs. Vaginal Sex

Some people spend their lives never having anal sex, and for some, it is a necessary part of the relationship. There are both men and women who prefer anal to vaginal, and there are others for whom it’s neither pleasurable nor satisfying.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference, and you should decide whether this might be your cup of tea.

Uncovering the History Of Sex Toys

Get ready to play a little sex historian. In this article, we’ll find out all about ancient dildos. What was their purpose? What materials did ancient people use? Why so much stigma around them?

So many questions and we’re ready to answer them all. Sex toys, dildos, in particular, have a long history. A history that precedes other histories. One that is 30.000 years old. The survivability of these toys is insane!

But they weren’t sex toys back in the day. They were charms, amulets, and, okay, sometimes sex toys too. Some of these claims scientists cannot back up with facts. But what else would you use a nearly 8-inch long penis-shaped rock? Not for gardening, that’s for damn sure.

Moving away from ancient times, sex toys went through a lot of changes. Changes in appearance, materials, and purpose. Today, they are tools that anyone can experiment with.

What Does the Oldest Dildo Look Like

How far back do you think when you think of the oldest dildo? We’ll spare you the trouble and let you know that the oldest dildo dates back to 28,000 years BC. That’s 30,000 years of dildo history. Quite impressive.

The discovered dildo is made of siltstone, and it’s highly polished. It’s 7.8” long (20 cm) and found in the Swabia region, in Germany. Some say it’s been used for flint knapping due to marks of use and fragmentation. However, that high polish can tell us a whole different story. Ancient people knew how to have fun.

Materials Used for Ancient Dildos

Some of these materials will shock you, but people had to use what was available back then.

Needless to say, women (and men) back in the days were no different from us. Having fun during sex wasn’t out of the question, even though sex had other, more important purposes.

Reports say that ancient Egyptians and Greeks had been using sex toys too. They used unripe bananas and even camel poop covered in resin. We can imagine that was the dildo of health death. Other materials included stone, leather, wood, and even tar or chalk. Basically, if you could mold it, you could use it.

Most of those toys weren’t very comfortable to use, so what about some form of lubrication? People were using olive oil. At least those who knew about and had access to it. As for the rest of them — no pain, no gain.

Origin of the Word Dildo

In the style of Carrie Bradshaw, we can’t help but wonder where the word came from. There’s no actual fact about it, but theories say it originated either from Latin or Italian.

Reports find the word “dildo” was coined around 1.400 AD. If it came from Latin, it’s from the word “dilatare” which translates as “open wide”. In case it came from Italian, it’s from the word for “woman’s delight” which is “diletto”.

You’ll agree that either of these words can serve as the origin of our term “dildo.” As you do open wide and it is indeed many a woman’s delight.

Some Ancient Sex Toys Were Used to Ward Off Evil Spirits

Yes, you did read that right. Sex had many meanings in ancient times. A woman’s orgasm was an offering to the fertility gods. So it’s not unusual for sex toys to have this purpose.

Phallic sculptures were popular during ancient Roman times. Romans sure did love their ancient dildos. They were even found in the Pompeii ruins because phallic symbols had special powers. That’s how people had to make sure evil spirits are at bay.

So here’s what you can take away from this: your dildo will make sure you don’t get possessed. And it will give you some good luck too.

The Arrival of Rubber Sex Toys

Moving away from ancient and medieval sex toys, we’re reaching the semi-modern times. Here we have more records of what people thought of sex aids and if they were sex aids at all.

First rubber dildos appear around the 1850s, and nearly 100 years later, in the 1930s, they appear in movies. They weren’t known as sex toys but as marital aids. You know, if your husband goes to war and you want an orgasm, we assume. There was a strong belief that they could cure “hysteria” in women. But, we’re pretty sure it was just sexual frustration that’s in question.

Reasons Why Modern Dildos Are the Best

This part of the article is a no-brainer. There are a variety of sex toys on the market today: dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, beads, etc. They all contain good and, unfortunately, bad materials, especially dildos. However, using them safely has never been easier with the existence of proper lube. They come in a lot of different sizes and colors too. Anybody can find a dildo that will suit their exact needs and wants.

Moreover, the stigma around dildos and anal toys, in general, is not that strong anymore. It’s so much different than it was in the past. Now, they have a different purpose, and it’s to explore your body and have fun. They no longer just “cure hysteria” in women. Okay, maybe they do make frustrations go away, but nobody is hysteric.

Can you believe people used to think that women have no libidos?


We’ve gone through a dildo timeline, and now we know what the dildo history entails. A lot of stigma and a lot of very wrong materials used. But people only did what they knew best, within their time.

Some were seeking a cure within dildos, some protection in phallic-shaped statues and charms. They had a marital, instead of sexual, aid status, but that’s very different now. Sure, you can still use them as marital aid but sexually. You and your partner can both enjoy and have fun with them. There’s no need for one of you to go missing so the other can use a dildo.

Of course, long-distance relationships are a thing, but you know what else is? Having a dildo that looks exactly like your partner’s penis. Could the ancients do that? Also, a stone dildo exists today too. But the execution is so much better.

Sex Doll Care Guide

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Probably everyone thought about buying a sex doll at least once. But getting one is just the first step of the way. You will need to know how to take care of it, clean it, and maintain it to ensure that you have only pleasure from using it. Besides, you will probably want it to last for a while. To ensure that you won’t have any health issues and that your doll will last for years, we highly recommend following this sex doll guide we created.

Consider the Size Before Buying One

First things first, before you buy a toy, you will need to know the right size. As you can imagine, a full-size love doll will take quite a lot of space, and you need to prepare for it. As with other sex toys, adequate storage is quite important. You shouldn’t leave it out in the open where it can collect dust, pet hair, and whatever.

That means if you don’t have proper storage, you should consider getting a smaller doll. That is especially important if you are going to be storing it for long stretches of time. So be sure to consider where you will place your doll for the time you’re not using it to reduce health risks and any potential damage to the toy. Another solution is to purchase sexual inflatable dolls, so you can efficiently keep them, when you are done having fun with them.

Before Use

Once you have bought your sex doll, you will need to know how to maintain it. That applies both to before and aftercare. Also, buying a new doll is imperative since, otherwise, god knows where it was stored before you purchased it. Anyhow, you will still need to clean it thoroughly before it is ready for use. The same goes even if you already own it for a while.

Fortunately, cleaning sex dolls is easy. You can wash them in the shower using light soap and warm water. One of the things we can recommend is washing the doll’s head separately. For hair, you can use shampoo and conditioner, and the wig should always be washed separately from the rest.

After you finish cleaning the entire doll, you should let it dry. Avoid using blow dryers since they can often damage the doll’s skin. Similarly, you can use clean towels for drying and wet cloth for removing makeup (if there is any). Finally, you can use baby powder to remove any moisture and keep the skin soft.

After Use

Cleaning the doll after use is equally important. The principle is the same as when preparing it for play. While you can use mere wipes, it is more effective to take it into the shower and wash it adequately. It is always an excellent idea to treat your doll like a real person and take care of it, especially if you get a realistic sex doll. That doesn’t mean that you should take it to dinner or anything, but to make sure that it’s clean and safe to use.

The last thing you need is for your doll to start to smell since it can really be a mood-killer. Your goal is to ensure that there are no bacteria left and that you removed bodily fluids. When drying the doll’s wig, it’s always better to leave it to air-dry since blow dryers can damage the hair.

Cleaning the Cum off the Doll

Using a sex doll goes hand in hand with lubricants, and you should remove them as well after you’ve had your fun. That also applies to bodily fluids like cum. You don’t want to leave it to dry, and you should clean your doll as soon as you’ve finished with your session.

You can use wipes and antimicrobial soap combined with warm water. The process is no different than when cleaning the doll before and after use, but it is essential to wash it thoroughly and remove cum as soon as you’re done.

After you’ve made everything spotless, you can proceed to dry the doll with towels and wipes, as we previously explained.

Never Share Your Sex Doll

Sex dolls can be fun, and you might even feel an urge to share this lovely experience with your friends. However, you should never share your toys with other people! Antibacterial soaps are effective, and they will do an incredible job, but to be 100% sure that there are no health risks, simply never share your doll with other people!

Needless to say, sharing is unhygienic, even if you take extra care and precautionary measures. It can also cause an infection, which is the last thing you need in your life.

Look for a Place to Properly Store Your Sex Doll

After you’ve had your fun, you will need an adequate place to store your love doll. This storage should be dry, cool, and away from direct sunlight. Furthermore, avoid leaving your doll in a place that’s either too hot or too cold. When storing your toy, you should also remove its clothes.

That way, you will avoid any damage to the toy, especially if the clothes are too tight. Wearing too tight clothes can lead to an indentation that may never return to the original state. If you store it while nude, there won’t be any restrictions or color transfers. However, if you really want to put your doll aside with clothes, you can do that. Just make sure that the clothes are loose and that there is enough space for the toy to “breathe.” Also, occasionally checking up on your doll is a smart idea.


Getting a sex doll is fun. But you should consider several things before you buy one, the first being storage. You will need to ensure that you have a place where you can store the toy when you’re not using it. Moreover, cleaning your love doll both before and after your sexy session is imperative. You can use warm water and mild soap, and you can wash it in the shower. Usually, manufacturers recommend to clean the head separately and never to use blow dryers.

Finally, whatever you do, never share the doll with anyone. If you follow the steps we’ve outlined for you, you will have a fantastic time, and your doll will last for years to come!


Reaching Orgasm Through Urethral Play

All good things take some practice, right? Well, that statement could not be any more accurate when it comes to urethral play. It is one of those sexual activities that can give you insane pleasure, but you have to be patient and learn how to do it properly.

When guys start to think about trying cock stuffing (much better term, don’t you think?), most wonder if you can reach an orgasm through this form of sexual play. At the risk of killing the suspense, the answer is yes.

However, that does not mean that everybody will come during urethral stimulation. The best way to deal with this topic is to delve into the matter and see how it works. Although all men’s experiences with urethral stimulation are different, most of them fall in love with this sensation.

How Does Penis Sounding Work?

Just like Female urethral play, the technique is relatively straightforward. You (or your partner) insert a special sex toy into your urethra, which, in turn, gives you sexual pleasure. For most newcomers to the world of kink, this probably sounds scary or disgusting, but it absolutely isn’t.

The urethra is packed with nerves, and their stimulation is a surefire way to arousal or even orgasm. Also, it starts from the bladder and passes the prostate on its way to the pee hole. In other words, it goes right through your P-spot, so urethra sounding can make you feel like you have never felt before.

Nevertheless, it is not all just fun and orgasms. You need to be very careful while you perform urethral stimulation as there are potential dangers. And they are not your average kink risks. Some refer to this particular type of play as medical kink, so take it seriously.

There are two things to consider before filling your soldier — the proper gear and technique. So let’s dive right in!

Urethral Toys

When it comes to the equipment, the essential piece of advice is to get the stainless steel stuff. This material is body-friendly, it’s easy to sterilize, and it is the safest for urethral sounding.

Once you start doing your research, you’ll realize that there are many shapes and sizes to choose from. What to pick depends on your preferences, but the material should always be surgical steel.

OK, now that we cleared that up, let’s check these nasty boys out and see what they can do for us.

Penis Plugs

This term is a general one for all toys that you would use for cock stuffing, but in this case, it refers to what we call “the beginner’s toy.” A penis plug is a hollow steel rod, usually pretty short, sometimes with a ring at the end. If you are new to sounding, start with one of these. It is the least extreme option, and it will give you an excellent idea of the whole process. These are also called Lust Plugs by some enthusiasts for a reason, so you would be missing out a lot if you do not get to try it.

Urethral Sounds

Once you learn to love urethral insertion, you can progress onto these miracle workers. They come in different lengths and girths, some of them long enough to reach the bladder. Mind you, not every guy is into deep stuffing, hence the different girths. Maybe you will just take pleasure in stretching the urethra. Extra pressure on those nerves can lead to some intense orgasms!


The technique is pretty straightforward if you follow these rules:

  1. Always use surgical lube. It is sterile and the only one suitable for penis sounding. Check the label and make sure that there is no glycerine in your lubricant because it can cause urinary tract infections.
  2. This kind of play is delicate, so no pushing, pulling, pressing, or doing anything forcefully. You have to listen to your body and go slow. If you come across any “roadblocks,” stop immediately and try again later.
  3. No experimenting with the toys you use. To have a safe and pleasurable experience, stick to the specialized urethral play items.

With the above in mind, the proper way to insert a penis plug is easy to replicate. Apply lube to your dick and the toy. Spread your urethral opening with one hand and gently insert the plug. It should slide in on its own. Then, just go as deep as you want, but never too hard.

If there is pain or severe discomfort, it means that you are doing something wrong. Unless, of course, you’re into pain. Just be careful because the urethra is sensitive, and you don’t want to damage or fracture it. That would cause a whole lot of medical and absolutely no kink!

Does a Sounding Orgasm Feel Different?

Well, orgasm is an orgasm, and this one is no different. But the intensity can be spectacular. When you stimulate the urethra, you touch on nerves that simply cannot be touched in any other way. It opens the doors to a world of pleasure that is unavailable form the outside.

Also, while sounding, you get an opportunity to stimulate the prostate directly. You can literally touch your P-spot with the rod. The feeling is over-the-top as it is something you simply won’t achieve through anal stimulation.

What feels peculiar is that you don’t have to masturbate hard. Very light strokes will feel like your whole body is in ecstasy. Everything gets super sensitive with the plug inside. When you reach the prostate, even stroking can be obsolete.

Can You Have Sex With the Plug Inside?

You could, but that is really for more advanced users. It is vital to get used to the feeling and master the technique before you set out on this adventure. To be honest, having sex is unnecessary when you are indulging in urethral play.

The feeling is so special and overwhelming that there is no need to do anything else. If you want to share the experience with your partner, it may be a better idea to let them perform the insertion or stroke you while the plug is inside.

However, if it comes to sex, make sure you go very slowly and use a condom to avoid injuries and infections. And make sure to abort the action at first signs of discomfort or pain. No amount of pleasure is worth fracturing your urethra.


Hopefully, our urethral sounding guide inspired you to try this highly pleasurable form of kink. The question is not if you are going to like it, but how deep you will want to go. In any case, follow these rules to stay safe and get ready for an orgasm of a lifetime!