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Only for Ladies — A Guide to Solo Play

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Masturbation is a way we show ourselves some appreciation and love. Everyone needs to take care of themselves, express their sexuality, and explore their body’s responses to different stimulations. On top of that, masturbation is physically and psychologically healthy! For that reason, having a solo session now and then is beneficial for our mood, sex life, and health. And there’s… Read more »

What is a Sex Furniture and How Can They Help You?

If you’ve ever been curious about the world of sex furniture, welcome. This is a place where you find out all you want to know.  Sex furniture is beneficial in many ways. It spices up your sex life and helps you be more adventurous. Some of it can even make your home look more stylish. But, whether you want something… Read more »

Uncovering the History Of Sex Toys

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Get ready to play a little sex historian. In this article, we’ll find out all about ancient dildos. What was their purpose? What materials did ancient people use? Why so much stigma around them? So many questions and we’re ready to answer them all. Sex toys, dildos, in particular, have a long history. A history that precedes other histories. One… Read more »

Sex Doll Care Guide

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  Probably everyone thought about buying a sex doll at least once. But getting one is just the first step of the way. You will need to know how to take care of it, clean it, and maintain it to ensure that you have only pleasure from using it. Besides, you will probably want it to last for a while…. Read more »

Choosing Your First Yoni Egg

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Yoni eggs are unique gemstones intended for vaginal insertion. They contain healing and energizing properties. The practice of using Yoni eggs is said to have originated several thousands of years ago in Ancient China. These egg-shaped gemstones are similar to kegel balls, and women can insert them into their vaginal canals. With regular use, the eggs can increase the intensity… Read more »

The Perfect Sex Swings for Beginners

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Many people are somewhat intimidated by sex swings, and that’s entirely understandable due to their look and setup. However, this type of sex furniture is becoming incredibly popular in recent years, and the truth is that you don’t need to be a porn star to enjoy one!  Swings can spice up your sex life immensely, and you can use them… Read more »